Yeshua is telling us the saving truth

                                       Updated: 14th July 2024

Please America, liberate us yet again
(and yourself in the process)

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Richard Schoot, I'm a Dutchman, born in 1958 and I am living in The Netherlands, in a town adjacent to Den Haag (The Hague). In 2001, I came to believe in Christ.

My country was liberated by the U.S. Army and the other Allied forces in 1944-1945, after five bitter years of occupation by Hitler's military. So we Dutch owe the freedom of 1945 to you, the Americans, and to the British, the Canadians, the free Poles, the free French and many others.

Indirectly, the Dutch and the other Western European peoples also owe their liberation to the Soviet Union, as that country emerged victoriously from four years of titanic struggle with Nazi Germany. Regrettably however, that outcome also meant that the peoples of Eastern Europe were to live under Communist dictatorships for decades to come.

Yet now, in the 21st century, it is of the essence that the American people becomes aware of a number of very important facts. They are stunning and highly disturbing facts, but they are facts you can check for yourself. These facts will point out that it is as good as certain that America is being oppressed by a very intelligent and determined minority that disguises its oppression as democracy. Their oppressive rule however is only meant to serve their own appalling interests, and definitely not to help make the world a better place for everyone.

Fortunately, their rule, for all its might, has one major vulnerability: it is based on ignorance. It's based on deliberately keeping the American people uninformed. Yet an uninformed person can easily become an informed person. Someone who doesn't know important facts, can within a minute become someone who does - and become someone who can suddenly gain insights he or she never had before.

So if the American people would inform themselves about the essential facts the oppressive minority deliberately never tells them anything about, its rule will become untenable at one point in time. In other words, once millions of Americans know and understand the things their oppressors don't want them to know and understand, America (and the other Western nations, like mine) can think of ways to peacefully free themselves from that minority's yoke.

Before I go on, I want to emphasize that in all stages, the minority has to be treated understandingly. It may sound odd to say that about oppressors, but this minority has a unique background. It actually can hardly help it that it is behaving in the way it does, and its recent history is marked by unimaginable suffering, leaving traumatizing memories in very many families belonging to this minority. ( 12TH AUGUST 2020 )

This minority, the minority most people know too little about, are the Jews, and by 'the unimaginable suffering in its recent history' I mean the Holocaust.

Please note, if you're now thinking: "OMG, this is just anti-Semitism", I can understand that. All I can do is ask you - beg you, if you like - to hear me out, and then judge for yourself whether or not my appeal is indeed anti-Semitic. I've been reading, thinking and writing about this subject since 2000, so please, give me a chance to make myself clear. It's a very sensitive subject, I know that very well.

Now, let's take off.

There are two kinds of facts about the Jews. There are facts about the Jews that television, film, radio, newspapers and schoolbooks tell us everything about.

And there are facts about the Jews that television, film, radio, newspapers and schoolbooks never tell us anything about. I will go into both sets of facts.

So what are the mainstream media telling us about the Jews? Let's begin with the most disturbing fact: the rise of violent anti-Semitism, manifesting itself in attacks on synagogues and other centres of Jewish life. Two examples. There has been a gunman who in 2018 went into a synagogue in Pittsburgh and murdered eleven people. In 2019, in the German town of Halle, someone with a machinegun tried to enter a synagogue to massacre the people there. He couldn't get the door open however, and killed two passers-by in the street out of frustration. Appalling events.

The media show us interviews with Jews telling that when they are walking down the street, their skullcap makes them the target of Jew-haters, Arabs and whites alike. The media show us the cowardly deeds of vandals who sprayed swastikas on Jewish tombstones. There is hate of the Jews on the internet, and the mainstream media tell us everything about that. They zoom in on computer screens to show us the most repulsive language that anonymous people use. ( 15TH AUGUST 2020 )

When it comes to history and the Jews, the mainstream media tell us that throughout the centuries, Jews have always been made the scapegoats in times of plague, famine and economic crises.

Called an anti-Semitic prejudice by the media, Jews were rumoured to squeeze the last few dimes people had after lending money to them against exorbitant interest rates.

The media tell us that Jews were bizarrely accused of having killed Gentile (= non-Jewish) children for their blood, to use that blood for macabre religious rites. Jews have been accused of poisoning the water wells, of originating and/or spreading the bubonic plague that killed millions of Europeans in the 14th century.

And all these wild accusations, this scapegoating, the old media continue to tell us, have led to persecutions, pogroms, mass murders, and, from 1941 to 1945, to the Holocaust, the genocide of the Jews in Nazi-ruled territory.

The Holocaust is mentioned by the mainstream media many times. The National Geographic Channel for instance is constantly re-running their 'Apocalypse World War Two' series, about the rise of Hitler, the Second World War, the occupation of most European countries, and then, the isolation, hunting down and deportation of the Jews, the mass shootings, gassing and lethal neglect that killed an estimated six million of them.

The media print or broadcast interviews with those who miraculously survived the death camps. One surviving Jew once said: "When I was in the camp, a German guard said to me: you will never get out of here alive, but even if you managed to escape, no-one would ever believe you when you would tell what my people are doing to yours." The Jew escaped nonetheless and could share his story with a TV audience many years later.

The media inform us about memorials that are erected to remember the Holocaust and to learn lessons for the future. I once saw this headline in Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung: "Finally, Zürich is getting its Holocaust museum." Please note that Switzerland wasn't occupied by National Socialist Germany and that the Swiss Jews were therefore not persecuted.

The media pay a lot of attention to monuments with the names of the victims. The media have focused the attention of today's Europeans on memorials in the shape of small metal plaques with Jewish names on them, put in the sidewalks, opposite of the front doors of houses where Jews used to live until the year in which they were deported.

Every January the 27th, the media pay attention to the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp and let us listen to the speeches or fragments thereof of presidents, chancellors and prime mininsters, warning against resurgent anti-Semitism.

The mainstream media tell us about paintings and other artefacts, once in Jewish ownership, then stolen by the Nazis, to be followed by successful Jewish efforts, decades after the war, to retrieve the valuables. Hollywood has made films about this, like 'The Monuments Men' and 'Woman In Gold'.

So only if you live under a rock, like, you never read a newspaper, never watch TV, never go to the movies or never go to a bookstore, you can live in the West without being reminded of the Holocaust many times a year - and don't get me wrong, I find the remembrance something very positive and necessary, the Holocaust should indeed never be forgotten and never happen again; it was an abysmal low in human history. ( 19TH AUGUST 2020 )

Now, for that other category of facts: the facts about the Jews that the mainstream media never tell us anything about.

The Torah is the cornerstone of Judaism, the main faith of the Jewish people. The Torah consists of the first five books of the Old Testament.

The media never tell us that the Torah holds a number of commandments and instructions with regard to the non-Jews that make for some appalling reading.

The media never tell us that the Torah is being hammered into the defenceless minds of Jewish children as from the age of five.

The media never tell us that those who are doing the indoctrinating, the parents and the rabbis, have on their turn been indoctrinated in the same way by théir parents and théir rabbis.

The media never tell us that the Torah is growing an awful mentality within Jewry.

The media never tell us that this has already been going on for 3,500 years.

And the media never tell us that this is going on in every country where Jews are living.

I will go into all of this more specificly later on, but for now, I must emphasize that not every Jew is born in a Torahist environment. ( 23RD AUGUST 2020 )

I also have to point out that the things you are about to read - if you go on reading - are very unpleasant things to know. Please realize there is no way to 'unknow' something once you know it.

You can't push anything out of your memory.

So you might decide, right now, not to continue reading this website. I am aware that I am contradicting myself here, as only a few weeks ago I begged you to read on! Yet I feel I have no choice but to write down these warning words.

I mean, if you love your country, if you are the type of person who feels committed to the prosperity and the wellbeing of your country, if you can't stand stony-faced liars, if you can't stand oppression and injustice, if you can't stand underhand people, if you are the kind of person who feels he or she has to come into action once the country is in serious trouble, you'll probably become angry when you find out about the facts that the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media are always deliberately silent about - and this anger, as understandable as it may be, as logical as a first reaction it may be, will not be helpful for America. Absolutely not. Especially not in these days, when anger already seems to be in ample supply throughout the country!

The no-frills question is this: can you wisely handle having knowledge of terrible truths? There is no shame in admittingly saying 'no' to that question. There can be comfort in choosing for ignorance, certainly. So I'll respectfully leave you alone to think this over, for the next few days. If we part company here: God bless you. ( 31ST AUGUST 2020 )

3,500 years ago, the Jewish leader Moses wrote the Torah, believing it was dictated to him by the Lord. 'Torah' is Hebrew for: the things that must be learnt. It has become the most revered text of Judaism, the religion that I prefer to call Torahism. The chapters of the Torah are called Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy; they became the first five chapters of the Old Testament in the Bible. To give you an idea of the holy status the Torah is enjoying within Jewry, some facts.

Every synagogue holds a Torah, kept behind a curtain if it's not studied. When the rabbi is reading or teaching texts from the Torah, he is not allowed to hold his finger close to the text; he uses a stick with a finger-shaped end instead. The human finger is considered too ordinary, too earthly, to be allowed in the vicinity of such holy a text.

The Torah is a scroll written by hand. Producing it is a nerve-racking task. If the writer makes only one mistake, even if it's in the final paragraph, he has to start all over again on a new roll of parchment.

I once paid a visit to the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. It had a painting of a Jew writing a Torah. The painter had been very successful in depicting the passion, if not fanaticism, in the eyes of that Jew, bent over his demanding work. Small wonder that buying a Torah is a very costly affair. When it arrives, it is a festive day for the Jewish community concerned.

And speaking of festive days: every year, religious Jews celebrate 'Simchat Torah', translated 'The joy of the law'. In the synagogues, the Jews will sing and subduedly dance in a procession behind the first man carrying the Torah.

Now, let's have a look at what's in it. I will begin by focusing on some verses in Deuteronomy 7. In Deuteronomy 7:10, Moses threatens the Jews that the Lord will take horribly revenge on every Jew who rejects him. A Jew who rejects the Torah, with all its instructions and commandments, rejects the Lord and will therefore bring - one day or the other - misery and death upon himself. This verse shows that fear is one of the pillars under the Torahist faith.

In Deuteronomy 7:12-15 however, Moses is writing that if the Jews live according to the Lord's instructions loyally, the Lord will bless them. The Jewish families will have many children. Their fields will yield rich harvests. Their cattle will produce much offspring. In today's terms, their economy will boom. The Jews, once on the run for the army of Egypt's Pharaoh, will enjoy all of this in the land that the Lord has promised to them.

Why would Moses's Lord do that? Well, in Deuteronomy 7:6, Moses reveals how the Lord truly feels about the Jewish people, despite his merciless threats to the odd disobedient Jew: the Lord has lovingly selected the Jews above all other peoples. The Jews are, according to Moses, the Chosen People. ( 8TH SEPTEMBER 2020 )

The question now is: what does it mean that Moses's Lord has chosen the Jews above all other nations?

The Torah gives the answers; a flurry of extreme hostile answers. It means that the other peoples of the world have to make way for the Jews. In every respect, to an extent hard to imagine.

The non-Jews are not the Chosen People. The Jews are, so the non-Jews are inferior to the Jews. That's why the non-Jews must bow for the orders of the Jews. Only the wishes of the Jews count, theirs don't. The non-Jews don't count at all. Even their lives don't, so they must be massacred in bloody genocide if necessary.

The non-Jews are inferior and actually quite stupid beings, so they have to be misled to accept false ideas by which they will slowly destroy themselves, over a given period of time. Their land is then for the Jews to take over.

Jews don't have to show any gratitude for the hospitality of the non-Jews, on the contrary. Jews must ceaselessly create unrest and trouble in the host country, and make money out of the empoverishment of the host country. In fact, once these non-Jews let the Jews enter their country, the Jews must never stop trying to become the rulers of that country, as it is an abomination for Jews to be ruled by non-Jews.

It shall be the other way around. The superior Jews will rule over the non-Jewish peoples through the power of money. Nations that are not willing to obey and serve the Jews, should and will be utterly ruined.

Step by step, we'll see that these instructions and predictions are indeed all in the Torah and in the other holy books of Torahism. Books like Ezra, Nehemiah, Isaiah and Jeremiah were written in later centuries, but sprang from the same fatal mindset as Moses had.

Please note: texts are not people. Your Jewish neighbour, colleague or local shopkeeper can't be held accountable for the appalling texts in the holy books of Torahism, and Christians know that Christ and his apostles, who sacrificed themselves in order to enrich all mankind by Christ's message, were Jews too. ( 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 )

In Numbers 21:1-3, the Jews promise the Lord to wipe out Canaanite cities and their inhabitants, if the Lord delivers them to the Jews. He does, and the destruction and massacre follow.

In Deuteronomy 9:1-3, Moses predicts for the Jews that the Lord will go out in front of them in order to destroy the descendants of Anak, a people with a terrifying reputation.

In Deuteronomy 20:10-15, we are in a part of the Torah where the Jews are instructed to offer every besieged city a choice: either the inhabitants will serve the Jews in return for peace, or all their male inhabitants will be slaughtered, and their women, children, cattle and everything else in that city will be at the free disposal of the Jews.

In Deuteronomy 20:16-18 however, an exception is made for six peoples in particular. Once the Jews have conquered their cities, nothing that breathes is allowed to be kept alive. It's the lifestyles of these six peoples that make them extra inferior, according to the Torah.

The tenor is getting clear. Bow for the Jews or die, or die anyhow - and there are more verses like these throughout the Torahist part of the Bible, better known as the Old Testament. ( 15TH SEPTEMBER 2020 )

Besides the instructions of bloody, 'quick' genocide, the Torah also holds instructions of 'slow' genocide. In Exodus 23:27-33 and Deuteronomy 7:17-26, Moses passes on this message from his Lord to the Jews: the Lord will confuse every people the Jews will encounter. The Lord will make all the enemies of the Jews flee away. He will expel the non-Jewish peoples out of their own countries (!), but not in a hurry: the number of non-Jews should only decrease slowly, for two good reasons.

The land, the fields, must still get the necessary care to prevent them from turning into a desert, that's one, and the number of non-Jews must still be just high enough to keep the wild animals at bay, that's two.

Yet, as the number of the non-Jews slowly decreases, the number of Jews must slowly increase, on the long term even so much so, that the Jews can actually take over the very country they once entered as a minority of foreigners.

Now, how must Moses's Lord and his Chosen People go about it to make the number of non-Jews slowly decrease?

To understand that, we have to realize that it isn't a matter of course that a people - any given people - exists. It's not a given that a people will alway continue to exist. In order to maintain itself, a people has to observe certain wisdoms of life. It has to uphold moral values that stood the test of time. It has to be selfconfident. It has to cherish a sense of vitality, it has to embrace the love of life. ( 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 )

A wise people teaches its young men and women the importance of commitment, responsibility and moderation.

There are damaging lifestyles that may be fun for a short while, but these will always present the bill one day in the shape of health problems, of mental health problems, even of premature death, or in the shape of a bad reputation that leads to contempt and mockery, to the loss of selfrespect and to loneliness.

A wise people teaches its young men and women to shun the treacherous seduction of such lifestyles.

One of the rewards of a constructive opinion climate in a country is the flourishing of family life, with stable marriages and many children. Its youth is the treasure of every people, as they offer strength, vitality and working energy to that people; they are, quite literally, the future of that people.

Moses's Lord however is commanding the Jews to confuse the non-Jews. The non-Jews must be alienated from their deepest beliefs, from the values and moral standards they have been holding in high esteem, perhaps for many centuries on end.

The Jews are under no circumstances allowed to adopt the faith of the host country. On the contrary, the faith and traditional values of the non-Jews have to be questioned, in order to cast doubt on them, to undermine them (Exodus 23:24, Exodus 34:12-14 and Deuteronomy 12:3).

That faith and those values have to be ridiculed or presented as inhumane. The non-Jews must be estranged from their own traditions, so that later on, those traditions can be presented as obsolete, then attacked, then abolished.

This means that the Jews must find and occupy those positions in the non-Jewish society from where they can do the confusing, the alienating.

Slowly but surely, the non-Jews will come to believe in phoney values. The non-Jews will be made parroting the deceptive slogans the Jews are feeding their minds with. The non-Jews will be made to look with revulsion at their own country's past. The non-Jews will be made to view damaging pleasure-seeking as relatively innocent, as an interesting experiment, or even as something liberating, something modern and positive.

For those non-Jews who hold on to the traditional ideas, a whole range of negative words will be invented for the purpose of trashing them in the eyes of the other non-Jews.

Virtues like manliness, femininity, being fatherly, being motherly, caution, commitment, loyalty and monogamy will go down the drain, and the nation's family life with it. Lesser and lesser children will be born.

And so, the number of non-Jews will decrease.

According to the Torah, it's simply the destiny of the non-Jews to perish in their own country and thus make way for ever more Jews and their thriving families. The Torah has been dehumanizing the non-Jews for 3,500 years now; the Hebrew word that Jews use for 'cattle', goyim, is the same word they use for non-Jews. ( 27TH SEPTEMBER 2020 )

You don't compromise with people far beneath you, the Torah is very clear about that. In Exodus 34:12, the Jews are ordered never to make a covenant with the original inhabitants of the land.

Only three verses down, in Exodus 34:15, the Lord's order is repeated: no covenant! You can almost see Moses before you, anxious, wringing his hands, out of fear of the prospect the Jews will mingle with those non-Jews.

Instead, the Jews must create their own indoor world in the land of the goyim. An indoor world that consists of synagogues, of schools for Torah and Talmud study, of their homes where they welcome and entertain other Jews, and of every boardroom in the land where a Jew is in charge of the organization.

They must create their own indoor world where they meet, gather, talk, discuss, have arguments, settle arguments, celebrate their festive days and plan.

The Jews must keep to themselves, no matter what. It's just one of his convictions that Moses believes are the Lord's holy instructions.

"The first thing that a Jew will think when he meets another man, is: is he a Jew? The second thing that the Jew will think is: does this man recognize me as a Jew?" I read this some 20 years ago in the Nieuw Israëlietisch Weekblad, a Jewish magazine in The Netherlands.

So Jews are constantly scanning who is a Jew and who isn't when they are meeting other people. ( 2ND OCTOBER 2020 )

The order not to associate with the non-Jews becomes nowhere as clear as in the Torah's instructions that the Jewish sons should never marry the other nations' daughters, see Exodus 34:16 and Deuteronomy 7:3-4.

(Just a reminder: we are still looking at facts about the Jews which the mainstream media never mention.)

I once read that in Jewish neighbourhoods the following custom existed (or still exists): if a son told his Jewish father he fell in love with a non-Jewish girl and that he was going to marry her, period, then the father would fill a bucket with water and place that bucket outside his front door. The neighbours could then see what a tragedy that family was going through - the water in the bucket was a symbol of the tons of tears the Jewish father had shed over his son's decision to marry a shiksa. That's Hebrew for 'stain'. In Torahism, a mixed marriage is considered a stain on the pure Jewish people.

One of the texts in the Old Testament is the book of Ezra. It was written about a thousand years after the Torah, but when it comes to marriage, it holds the same instruction and something more.

In Ezra 9, the writer is complaining to Moses's Lord that the Jews have ignored the Torah's instructions for a long time and that they are now in a wretched situation because of it. In Ezra 9:12, the saddened writer reminds himself of the Lord's ban on intermarriage, knowing the Jews have ignored that too.

That trespassing against the Torah has now resulted in the presence of a large number of non-Jewish women and half-Jewish children among the Jews. You can read in Ezra 10 how the Israelites - desperate to regain the sympathy of Moses's Lord - have solved that problem. ( 7TH OCTOBER 2020 )

In the countries of the non-Jews, the Jews don't have to be thankful for having been allowed to immigrate and they don't have to behave constructively in return.

The very idea is preposterous in Torahism.
The opposite applies.

When we return to Ezra 9:12, we see that Ezra impresses it on his fellow Jews that they should never seek the peace or prosperity of the non-Jews.

It's an echo of the instructions in Exodus and Deuteronomy to confuse the non-Jews. They can't be allowed to enjoy a quiet and happy life in their own country. The life of the non-Jews has to be burdened by stress. By discord. By bad manners. By rows. By frustration and jealousy. By crime. Their certainties must be undermined. Common sense must be attacked. The wrongs in their history must be made bigger than life. Their achievements must be belittled.

The non-Jews must lose every sense of orientation. The goal must be to leave them looking utterly puzzled at what's going on in their country, and they must blame other non-Jews for it.

Life must become a torment for the non-Jews in their own country, while the Jews are chosen by Moses's Lord to grow in numbers in that same country. The secretive Jewish indoor world must grow stronger and stronger at the expense of the non-Jews, the cattle.

The 'good' example of subverting a non-Jewish society is set by the Lord of Moses no less. In Isaiah 19:2, he announces that by sowing dissension and hatred among the Egypteans he will weaken Egypt to the point of defenselessness.

Again, the Torahist texts are not people. I mentioned your Jewish colleague, neighbour and local shopkeeper earlier. Don't take it out on them. Never. Better still, defend them when you hear others talk abusively to them. Civilized selfcontrol is one of the key ways of succesfully dealing with the Torah problem.

I suddenly realize that for me, knowing these texts for some 20 years now, it's kind of familiar stuff to me, although I never really get used to it.

I can however imagine that if this is the first time you learn about Torahism, it must be quite bewildering and perhaps even upsetting for you. So let me just say that I'm with you, in sympathetic thought, and that I am very grateful you are still reading me.

I can also imagine that readers have been thinking: "I actually don't have time for this, when I look at the news I see more urgent issues going on: Covid, the threat to the economy, the race-related violence, who to vote for on November the 3rd..."

I understand that and I will surely tell you how I think about current affairs later on, but bear with me for the time being, please. I think in all modesty you won't find it a waste of your time.

Perhaps you've seen the 2014 series 'Brain Games' on the National Geographic Channel, it was broadcast in The Netherlands too. In the program's intro, Jewish presenter Jason Silva always said: "Nothing is what it looks like until you see the whole picture." He's right. ( 11TH OCTOBER 2020 )

Never seek the prosperity of the non-Jews, is what Ezra is dictating as well, and there too, he is totally in line with the repeated instructions and predictions in the Torah.

In Deuteronomy 6:10-11, Moses demands from the Jews to show gratitude to their god, once they have taken over great and good cities the Jews didn't build themselves, once they have taken over packed warehouses they didn't fill with the goods themselves, once they have taken over orchards and olive trees they didn't plant themselves.

There is something triumphant in those lines, I find, an air of self-congratulating, an air of: the non-Jews may have worked hard to gain their economic assets, but we Jews tricked them out of it, we expelled them and now it's all ours.

The non-Jews can and will be dispossessed. Of their own land, and of everything on it, see also Deuteronomy 7:1 and Deuteronomy 12:29.

Verses like these show that the Torahist religion, besides being genocidal, is materialistic to the degree of predatorial. We'll come across more of such verses later on. ( 15TH OCTOBER 2020 )

The Torah instructs it is intolerable that non-Jews rule over Jews, see Deuteronomy 17:15.

So a Torahist Jewish community in the country of another people must try to get so much political power, that at one point in time, that community will become the actual ruler of that country. Like the other ill goals of Torahism, this too has to be pursued with fanaticism and patience.

It will not be the millions of non-Jews who will rule themselves in their own country, in a democratic way, and who will decide by which laws they themselves and the minorities in their midst must live, no, it must be the other way around - it will be the Jewish minority that one day will decide what becomes law in the country, and it goes without saying that those will be laws that give Torahist Jewry all the legal possibilities it needs to realize its other goals, at the expense of the goyim.

It's in the Torah, in Deuteronomy 28:13. In there, the Jews are promised that in the country in which they live, they will become the head, that is: the ruling elite.

The head, not the tail, Moses explicitly wrote, to give the promise more impact. Moses is making a comparison with an animal here. Powerlessly, the tail just has to follow where the rest of the animal goes. It is the head that determines in which direction the animal will move.

So operating from their indoor world, the Jews have to take over as many key positions in society as time allows. If that succeeds, Torahist Jewry will have created a network that outpowers everyone and everything else in the country, including that country's Parliament (or, um, Congress...).

From then on, it's the Israelite minority that will boss about the non-Israelite majority.

Moreover, the Torah teaches the Jews there is an instrument of power that has worked its magic for thousands of years.


In Deuteronomy 15:6, the Jews are promised that if they live by the laws of Moses's Lord, he will make them so rich that they can lend money to other nations. The interest they get will make the Jews even richer of course, so much so, that the Jews will end up ruling over many other nations. These nations will not rule over you, Moses emphasizes, you will rule over them.

Deuteronomy 28:12-14 holds the same promise (we've already seen Deuteronomy 28:13).

To fool the non-Jews - you know, those people that have to be confused - their country will still be called "a democracy" of course, once it is under Jewish rule.

The non-Jews will be soothed by the illusion that they are their own masters. Every four or five years, they will be told that "the next election will make all the difference in the world". They will be lied to that they are a free people, but in reality they will not be.

By the way, you promised yourself not to get angry, right?
I'm glad you did. ( 21ST OCTOBER 2020 )

And mind you, the world's nations better know what's good for them. Suppose, they do not want to serve the people of Israel... In Isaiah 60:10-12, it's not left to Moses, to Isaiah or to any other writer to convey a very clear message. Now it's the Lord of the Torah himself who speaks and he is addressing his Chosen People.

"Yes, I treated you roughly during the times you deserved it", he acknowledges, "but at the end of the day, I have taken pity on you all, and I will make it up to you.

So foreigners will rebuild your walls and their kings will serve you, while the fortune of the nations will be brought to you, for the nation and the kingdom that is not willing to serve you, will perish; those nations will be utterly ruined."

You read it and you think: "Imagine a people walking around on the face of the Earth with 'holy' texts like that, for centuries and centuries.... is it any wonder they've encountered profound suspicion and hatred so many times?"

It's surely what I have thought. Yet, Isaiah 60:10-12 is still a bit of a bargain for the non-Jews, compared to the genocidal outburst of Moses's Lord in Jeremiah 30:11. The Jews will be punished for their spikes of disobedience, he announces, but he will once exterminate all the nations where the Jews have migrated to (!)

And so we are right back at the same abhorrent world view of Torahist Jewry we looked at in the text of September the 15th, 2020.
The world view according to which the non-Jews have to bow or to die for the Jews - or have to die anyhow.

We're back full circle!
So it seems, at least.
Yet are we?
No, we are not, thank God (the real One, that is).

After the Torah got its dominant place in Jewish life, Jewish thought has evolved over time. Of course it has, and it has led to a few yet splendid visions of a bright peaceful future for all mankind, Jews and non-Jews alike.

In Isaiah 2:1-4 it is predicted that the nations of the world will once live in peace. In Isaiah 9:6-7 it is predicted that one day a Promised Son will be born to the Jews, a Messiah who will found a peaceful reign based on law and justice. The prophet Daniel foresees the birth of a man whose glorious reign over the nations will be everlasting (Daniel 7:13-14).

To Christianity, these are awe-inspiring predictions, as it is clear that these Jewish prophets have foreseen the time of Christ and His timeless legacy. So these visions of a God and a Saviour for all nations, these visions of hope and peace for all mankind, these warm lights at the end of the cold and dark tunnels of systemic lies, corruption, tensions and wars, are visions that have a Jewish origin.

But then again, the wonderful prophecies in Isaiah and Daniel are not the texts which singing and dancing Jews are carrying around in the synagogues, during their yearly celebration of Simchat Torah.... ( 29TH OCTOBER 2020 )

To Torahism, Jesus ('Yeshua' in Hebrew) was and is a traitor to the cause; Torahist Jewry believes the true Messiah has yet to come.

We have now looked at a number of texts, considered holy in Torahism, written down thousands of years ago, revered to the present day, in every place where a Torahist Jewish community is present, and that's all over the world.

The Torah even nearly made it to the Moon, as it was aboard an Israeli moon lander that was launched in February 2019. The spacecraft however crashed on the silent companion of Earth, and the thought has occurred to me that God was perhaps considering: "One celestial body with a Torah and Torahism on it is more than enough, thank you very much."

The important question now is: how is it possible that these texts have been holding such a powerful grip on a considerable part of Jewry to the present day? I think that the answer to that consists of several parts.

1) One part of the answer is the fact that within Torahist Jewry, every new generation is obliged to learn the Old Testament as from the age of.... five. In that most peculiar indoor world, toddlers are forced to drum all those texts we've seen in the previous into their heads; all those appalling instructions and commandments, including the threats to them from their own god.

Within the span of exactly one year, they begin with Genesis 1 and they end with Malachi 4. The next day, they'll begin all over again as from Genesis 1, and the whole course is being repeated for a number of years. I don't know for how many years, but I assume it is way into the adolescence of the pupils.

The main thing to realize is that five-year-old children have no way of resisting any set of ideas the grown-ups around them are imposing upon them in the shape of obligatory lessons.

Children that young can in no way resist this kind of brainwashing, because, well, that's what this is, this is sheer indoctrination. This is what sects do. This is what totalitarian dictatorships do: poisoning their youths by a fatal ideology.

Yet you can hardly blame the toddlers' parents and rabbis for doing so, as these parents and rabbis began to go through the same experience when they were five-year-olds.

No Torahist Jew ever got the chance to have a first look, as a grown-up with an independent mind, at those texts in Exodus, Deuteronomy, Ezra and so on.

In Torahism, every generation is indoctrinated to indoctrinate the next generation with the same texts. ( 3RD NOVEMBER 2020 )

2) Speaking of the threats of Moses's Lord to his own Chosen Five-Year-Olds, I mentioned Deuteronomy 7:10 earlier, but there is a lot more where that's coming from. Brace yourself:

In Exodus 32:25-29, Moses ordered loyal Jews to slaughter those Jews who worshipped an idol - the golden calf - instead of the god of Moses.

In Exodus 34:7, Moses's Lord assures he will avenge the wrongs of the grandfathers and the fathers on the children and on their descendants, to the fourth generation.

In Deuteronomy 13:6-11, the Jews are commanded to kill their own loved ones, if these would take it into their heads to entice their family to worship other gods.

The grand finale of these threats however would even shame the best paid screenwriters of horror movies who ever walked the streets of Hollywood. Both Leviticus 26:14-39 and Deuteronomy 28:15-68 are long lists of curses and disasters, to happen to a disobedient Jewish people.

So the fear of their own god, impressed into them as from early childhood, is also part of the answer to the question how the Torah's ideas have been clasping the minds of Torahist Jews in an iron grip for so long, for 3,500 years.

3) Then, there is the fact that the Torah is the scripture that holds the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17), the short list of ethical rules that comprises timeless wisdoms. It teaches the Jews deference to their wrathful Lord as well as respect for their parents, and the Ten Commandments are meant to free Jewish society from the misery that comes from killing, adultery, theft, lying and jealousy as much as possible. Please note: the commandments instruct the Jews how to behave among themselves. The salutary influence of the Ten Commandments on Jewish society has understandably contributed to the holy status of the Torah.

4) Another part of the answer is that treating the non-Jews in the way the Torah orders, has indeed brought all the financial and political successes that Moses's writings have predicted. Torahism has worked for Jewry, when we for a moment put aside the vast misery this must have meant in terms of slaughtered, expelled and oppressed non-Jews.

Enter Nehemiah who lived about a thousand years after Moses. Nehemiah was a Jewish governor; he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in the 5th century BC. In Nehemiah 9:22-25, he gives a firstclass eyewitness account of the formidable political power his fellow Jews have managed to obtain.

Humbly, he speaks to Moses's Lord and he gratefully mentions the big families and the riches the Jews got, thanks to obeying Moses's laws - and then, Nehemiah mentions that the Lord has given kingdoms and nations to the Jews, who can now do with those non-Jewish countries whatever they like.

"That they might do with them as they wished", it says. ( 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 )

5) In an odd way, Torahism even works for the Jews in times of adversity - and the Jews have gone through times of long and bitter adversity in their history.

The Holocaust was the worst man-made catastrophe that happened to the Jews by far, but it was not the only one. In the 6th century BC, the Jewish Kingdom of Judah was occupied by the Babylonian armies of King Nebuchadnezzar. The Israelites were then forced to leave their country and live in exile in Babylonia.

70 years after the crucifixion of Yeshua, the Romans too forced the Jews to leave their land. It would then last 1,900 years before they could call Israel the land of the Jews again.

Bloody persecutions of the Jews had already been flaring up throughout the centuries long before the Holocaust.

Yet the Torah always gave the same answer to the desperate question 'Why?!', asked by the scourged Jews, every time such a terrible thing happened.

In Deuteronomy 28:47-48, Moses's Lord announces that in order to punish the Jews for their disobedience, he would even go so far as to give mighty foes of Israel a free hand to humiliate, torment and massacre the Jews.

Now, there have always been aggressive peoples that had their own foul motives for attacking the Jews. Yet on the other hand, much of the anti-Jewish hostility has of course been rooted in the indignation and rage of the non-Jews over Torahist thuggery.

By means of his Torah however, Moses wanted the Jews always to think it had been their own offenses towards Moses's Lord that caused their agony.

In that way, the Jews would never question those instructions in the Torah that are so hostile towards the non-Jews, and precisely that was Moses's infamous goal.

Moses obsessively wanted the Jews to go on building an empire he was denied himself, he, the ousted Prince of Egypt*, and he didn't care how many lives his ambition would cost, Jewish and non-Jewish lives alike. (*Exodus 1 and 2)

And horrendous as their situation has been sometimes, the sun was always going to shine for Torahist Jewry again one day, and that too is predicted in the Torah. We've already seen in several passages that no matter what, at the end of the day the Jews remain the favourites of Moses's Lord, and it certainly looks like that.

Just look around you in today's world....
What's left of the Babylonian Empire? Nothing.
What's left of Saddam Hussein, who liked to view himself as the new Nebuchadnezzar? Nothing.
Is there still such a thing as the Roman Empire? No.
What's left of the Third Reich that at the height of its power dreamed of world dominion? Nothing.

Yet, Jewry is alive and kicking like never before.

In case you are wondering what all of this has got to do with America, I'll come to that soon. ( 20TH NOVEMBER 2020 )

6) We're about to have a look at the sixth factor that makes the bond between the Torah and a considerable part of Jewry seemingly unbreakable. It's the sixth factor and it's also the most important one.

But before that, let's recap the previous five:

1) the brainwashing as from the age of five;
2) the brainwashing with fear of their own god;
3) the wise do's and don'ts of the Ten Commandments;
4) the experience that living by the Torah can indeed bring the Jews unchallenged supremacy over other nations, as Nehemiah testified;
5) the passages in the Torah that even explain for the disasters happening to Jewry and that are yet also promising better days.

Interestingly, the sixth factor is something we have already encountered many times in the earlier texts between the lines.

Because what does it take for a people to be able to confuse other peoples? To think of deceptive nonsense that sounds like good ideas in the ears of millions of people?
What does it take to get a hold of the key positions in any given country?
What does it take to become very rich, even so incredibly rich that you can found banks that impose their will upon governments?
What does it take for a group of people to arrive with only a few suitcases per family in any given country, and then climb to the top of that society within a few decades time?

You have to be the smartest. What it takes, is superior intelligence, and its superior intelligence has always been Jewry's main asset. The Jews are the most intelligent people of mankind.

When Moses got this idea, 3,500 years ago, that there was something very special about the Jews, he wasn't fooling himself. Long before anyone ever talked about IQs, he and the other Jewish thinkers at the time noticed it was their own people that, one way or the other, outsmarted the other peoples, the neighbouring nations, in matters of philosophy, trade, politics, war. So Moses was right in observing that there was indeed something superior about the Jews: they were and are the cleverest.

Yet two fatal things happened after that. Moses wrote the Torah in order to turn the Jewish superior intelligence into a terrible weapon that would either subjugate or destroy any other nation, and he or someone else then said: "The earlier our children learn this, the better." ( 28TH NOVEMBER 2020 )

The Jews are mankind's most intelligent people. Just look at the famous tech giants of our times, whose companies and foundations have tremendous power and influence.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Larry Brin & Serge Page of Google, Bill Gates of Microsoft, the late Steve Jobs of Apple, Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook - it's no coincidence that most of them are Jews (I'm not sure about one of them). I want to be careful, so I'm not saying: Torahist Jews.

Recognizing Jews is something I learnt involuntarily.
I'll come back to that later.

Speaking of recognizing Jews, I hereby challenge broadcasters VPRO in The Netherlands to rerun the program Wat is nou... een Jood? (So what makes... a Jew?), made by Peter van Ingen and Frans Bromet. It was aired in the second halve of the 1990s, if I'm not mistaken.

And please, don't edit out the part in which a rabbi has an investigative look at the face of one of the presenters, to establish whether he's a Jew or not. (There are indeed certain features that are typical of Jewish faces.)

At the time, I knew nothing about Torahism and I was amazed to see a rabbi in the 1990s carry out what was sarcasticly called "een Jodenpeiling" (a 'Jew scan') during the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands fifty years earlier. Such a scrutinous look by a Nazi could mean the difference between life and death.

My readers outside The Netherlands will hopefully forgive me this little detour. Where was I? The superior intelligence of the Jews. It has also been put forward by scientists. In 1994, Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray published The Bell Curve. In it, they addressed a lot of subjects, but one raised much controversy. They had found that the Jews are the most intelligent, then the Asians, then the whites, then the negroes.

Herrnstein and Murray got a lot of flak for their publication, not in the least from the man who held the highest office in the land at the time. President Bill Clinton denounced their findings, saying that America was founded on equality and that he wouldn't allow any undoing of that. I'll come back to that later too.

In today's world, it's absolutely forbidden to say that this or that race or people is less or more intelligent than another. Yet I believe that in the Torahist indoor world, it isn't a taboo at all. After all, calling the non-Jews 'cattle' isn't either. I think that Torahist Jewry is full aware of its higher intelligence and, logicly, full aware of the lower intelligence of the non-Jews around them.

So the sight of the goyim around them, trying to achieve their goals in ways that make Jews often think: "They are not going about it very cleverly", that sight is confirming Torahist Jews in their feelings of superiority, of 'Chosen-ess'.

That sight is confirming them in their idea that the Torah is right. Day after day after day. ( 7TH DECEMBER 2020 )

And so, we have come across a lot of facts everyone can check for him- or herself: the quotes from the Torah and the quotes from Ezra, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah.

Together, these and other lines are feeding the Torahist mentality of a considerable part of Jewry to the present day. These texts are the roots of the Torahist obsession with acquiring as much living space, money and political power as possible, at the expense of the wellbeing, of the prosperity, yes, even of the freedom and the lives of the non-Jews.

Alarmingly, these are facts which the mainstream media never tell America and the other Western countries anything about, although they should.

They should inform America about the sinister side of Jewry, but they only tell stories about Jews as the victims of non-Jews all the time.

Yet America needs to know about Torahism, because as from the 1880s, two to three million Jews migrated from Russia and Eastern Europe to America, and that migration had and has enormous consequences, for America herself and for the wider world. ( 15TH DECEMBER 2020 )

I wonder if you recently borrowed a book about the Jews from your local library. Did it have beautiful pictures of the interior of a synagogue? I guess it did. Did it have fascinating pictures of Jews wearing traditional garments, sunk in prayer or studying texts? I think it did.

Yet did this library book also mention Moses's instructions about the confusing and the expelling and the slaughtering and the subjugating of nations by the force of money? My guess is that it didn't. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Do you know this book series 'For Dummies', you know, with their typical covers in yellow and black? I once read the Dutch translation of 'Judaism For Dummies'.

Loads of details about Jewish customs, Jewish festivities, Jewish recipes, Jewish games. Not one word whatsoever about Exodus 23:27-33, Deuteronomy 28:12-14, Ezra 9:12, Isaiah 60:10-12 and all the rest of it. The authors of that book must really have been taking their readers for dummies. ( 18TH DECEMBER 2020 )

I wish you a merry, an inspiring and a thoughtful Christmas. He whose birth is celebrated each Christmas, holds His arms reaching out to all mankind. The more people Yeshua embraces the better, as His lessons make the best side in every human being blossom. Yet the people who knowingly reject Christ, also reject His self-sacrifice on the cross, and since He gave up on His life to pay for everyone else's sins, those who reject Him will therefore have to pay for their sins themselves dearly one day. God didn't let His Son sacrifice Himself for nothing. He didn't let Yeshua - blameless Himself - go through His agony for nothing. We should take God as seriously as He does take us seriously. ( 25TH DECEMBER 2020 )

My best wishes for 2021 to you.

Given what we now know about Torahism and the migration of millions of Jews to America, the important question now is: have the Torahists among these Jews succeeded? Have they become the rulers of America?

Has Torahist Jewry managed to build a network, invisible to the general public, that commands the decisive power in the country, so that at the end of the day, that decisive power is actually not being held by the visible representatives who are being voted into office by America's voters?

Are these representatives on the side of Torahist Jewry only or on the side of the whole of the American people?

Is it Torahist Jewry, rather than the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. President, that rules America? And if so, is Torahist Jewry using that power to realize its dark goals and to consolidate what already has been achieved?

Well, as far as I am concerned, the answers to those questions are three times a "yes, it most probably is". After all, on August the 15th, I wrote "that it is as good as certain that America is being oppressed by a very intelligent and determined minority that disguises its oppression as democracy."

I also wrote "that in all stages, the minority has to be treated understandingly. It may sound odd to say that about oppressors, but this minority has a unique background."

Then I made it clear that I was referring to Torahist Jews. So yes, I for one think that they are America's real rulers, and in the coming weeks, I will make my case on the basis of several matters that I am sure most Americans have strong feelings about.

I will look at the issue from the viewpoint of democracy, from the viewpoint of racism, and from the viewpoint of the Constitution of the United States of America, and perhaps from some other viewpoints as well.

But first things first: I will share with you what I know several U.S. Presidents have said as a criticism of Torahism in the past century. ( 2ND JANUARY 2021 )

The first quotation is not the most convincing one, I have to admit. It's from the book 'The New Freedom', written by Woodrow Wilson, who was America's President from 1913 to 1921. The book was published in 1913. I found out about this quote via a documentary on the Russia Today website.

President Wilson wrote:

“Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it”

It's a serious observation of course, but it is not convincing because Mr Wilson didn't mention Jewry or the Torah in this. So he saw an ominous power that was intimidating people, it was even frightening some of the impressive personalities that belonged to America's captains of industry at the time, but people can argue that that power could also have been freemasonry, the Ku Klux Klan or something else.

I am nevertheless mentioning this quote here on the basis of - for what it's worth - my gut feeling. I just think Woodrow Wilson was alluding to Torahist Jewry here. ( 6TH JANUARY 2021 )

Four people died and multiple police officers got wounded as a result of the violent entering of the Capitol by Trump supporters. The pointless deaths sadden me, and I wish the wounded people a full recovery. I hope that those who placed bombs near the headquarters of the Republicans and Democrats will be tracked down and prosecuted. I have always added calls for non-violence to my texts, precisely to help prevent this sort of thing from ever happening. If you press Control-End, you'll come in the middle of that call. ( 7TH JANUARY 2021 )

Later it emerged that the mayhem had claimed a fifth fatality, a police officer. May his killers be found and brought to justice.

Back to presidential criticism of Jewry. There may not have been any mentioning of the Jews in President Wilson's quote, but there surely is in a conversation between President Richard Nixon and prominent evangelist Billy Graham. The talk took place in the White House in 1972.

Mr Nixon had been taping his Oval Office meetings for two years and this one was recorded too. In 1973, Mr Nixon reluctantly released the tapes during the Watergate investigation, under a court order if I'm not mistaken, and so the content of the tapes became publicly known.

At one point in their conversation, both men agree that the Jewish domination of the U.S. media is total, and this is what they say about it:

BG: "This stranglehold has got to be broken or this country's going down the drain."
RN: "You believe that?"
BG: "Yes, sir."
RN: "Oh boy, so do I. I can't ever say that but I believe it."

With everything that can be said about Mr Nixon's record, I have to say that when I read this, I believe I am hearing two men with genuine concerns about the future of America, and that I am hearing two men who know that when the media of a country are in the wrong hands, that country could be ruined.

The malicious ingenuity by which the media can incite groups of people against each other knows no bounds, and that's only one way how the media can be misused.

It's obvious that when the media of a country get controlled by Torahism, those media have definitely fallen in some wrong hands. I mean, what better way is there to confuse a nation than by getting control of its media?

There is no doubt in my mind that both men knew about Torahism, although the world view of Moses isn't specificly mentioned.

I copied the quoted fragment from a 2002 article in the UK-based newspaper The Guardian. The headline is: The tape of revelations. That headline is a snub to the Christian faith of Richard Nixon and Billy Graham: the last chapter of the New Testament is called the Book of Revelation.

The editor wrote his piece in a very negative tone, but didn't mention Torahism, like, I have to say it again, the old media never do.

In other words, while keeping its readers uninformed about a faith annex ideology of genocide, oppression and exploitation, The Guardian was kicking against two deceased men (Nixon and Haldeman) and it was sarcasticly mocking Mr Graham, an old and ill man at the time.

Sooner or later, the dark 'ethics' of the old media are always self-revealing.

Laughably, The Guardian suggested that the Republican Party has indeed done something against what Mr Graham called "the stranglehold", by allowing one Rupert Murdoch from Australia to start the Fox News channel and other media in America.

Well, it may have been in the interest of the Republicans to see the start of a TV channel that seemed to be on their side, but the rise of the Murdoch media empire has certainly not been in the interest of America, as the Murdochs are Jews who to the best of my knowledge never informed their viewers and readers about etc., and when I watch 'The Handmaid's Tale' on Fox, I see a lot of anti-Christian and anti-white scenes in it. ( 29TH JANUARY 2021 )

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who entered the White House in 1933, was America's President during the Second World War, although he didn't live to see the end of it. Japan surprised the U.S. Navy by the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor on December the 7th, 1941 - "a day that will live in infamy", as President Roosevelt called it - and Hitler declared war on America four days later.

President Roosevelt ordered that America's priority was to defeat National Socialist Germany. In 1943, he demanded the unconditional surrender of the enemy in Europe. America's atom bombs, still under secret development at the time, would have been thrown on German cities, had the Nazis still not been crushed by the summer of 1945. (They were in May of that year.)

So the anti-Nazi record of President Roosevelt is impeccable. Yet a man can perfectly be anti-Nazi and still not want his country to be hurt by those obsessed by the Torah. President Roosevelt seemed to have been such a man, when we read the article What FDR said about Jews in private in The Los Angeles Times of April the 7th, 2013.

Knowing or not knowing about Torahism makes all the difference in the world, when you read an article like this.

Someone who doesn't know will read it and think: "I never had FDR down for an anti-Semite, but what this newspaper is telling me now is pretty awkward. This is anti-Semitism. This is racism."

Yet someone who does know about Moses's doctrine will read it and he or she might think: "Here is a Democratic president who feels committed to the wellbeing and prosperity of all Americans, who sees that Jews are dominating in certain high-end professions, who of course knew about Torahism too, like I do, and because of all of that, he wants to take some moderate measures to contain the appalling ambitions of Torahist Jewry, he wants to raise a dam against it. Why doesn't The Los Angeles Times write that?" ( 4TH FEBRUARY 2021 )

As opposed to the few snippets of presidential criticism stand a host of speeches given by U.S. presidents and other prominent politicians, at conferences organized by a Jewish organization like AIPAC or during the visits of Israel's presidents and prime ministers.

The buzz words in those speeches are always things like the "unbreakable bond" between America and Israel, the "shared values" between the two of them, "the common destiny" of their countries etc. etc.. It's always a bit more intense than the usual diplomatic stuff.

These nauseating displays of adulation and artificial camaraderie are in and of themselves strong indications already that Torahist Jewry is ruling over America, but it remains hard to conclude that with certainty.

That's because Torahism must go about achieving its goals behind the scenes, out of sight of the general public. When Jews in large numbers enter a country, they'll of course never organize a press conference, put a Torah on the table and tell their new host country all about their terrible goals, while pointing at the Torah as their source of holy inspiration.

Once they have achieved the goal of ruling over the host country, you again can't expect them to organize yet another press conference to boast of that success.

It actually goes the other way around. Seizing control over a country's media is a necessary stop-over for Torahism to seize control over the whole country itself. Torahism must be able to play the hearts and minds of the population to get there and to stay there.

So if you want to know if your country is either a true democracy, or a democracy in name only yet covertly ruled by Torahism, the only thing at your disposal is circumstantial evidence.

It's a bit like in astronomy, when scientists are looking for a black hole. It's by definition impossible to see a black hole itself, as even light can't escape from its unimaginable gravity. Its presence can only be demonstrated by the devastating effects on everything in its vicinity. ( 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 )

One such an effect can be seen when it comes to democracy. Both the Republicans and the Democrats really seem to love democracy. It's on their lips constantly. Over here in Europe, it's exactly the same.

The wellknown politicians at both sides of the Atlantic praise America and the other Western countries for being democracies, and they show a lot of concern about countries that are not democracies in their view.

The governments of those countries are called autocratic, despotic or dictatorial (and probably rightly so, in some cases). Poland and Hungary are frequently criticized in Europe, because they have other ideas about democracy than what the EU is prescribing.

Now, Torahism sneakily aims to put a minority of say 0.5% of the population in power, to which the other 99.5% of the population has to submit itself - forever and unknowingly. Yet the wellknown politicians of the West never even mention Torahism, let alone criticize it.

So Torahism is the one threat to democracy you never hear the politicians warn against. You hear them about the jihadis, you hear them about the far right, you hear them about online disinformation, but you never hear them about the ideology of Moses.

If the politicians were on the side of the 99.5%, they would speak out, but they don't. So apparently, they're on the side of those 0.5%. Let me rephrase that, because now it seems as if the politicians and Torahism are allies on an equal footing, and I don't think that's the case.

I think that when someone wants to have a career in politics, and applies to become a member of one of the wellknown parties, he (or she) finds out very soon, through talks with senior members, that there are subjects he should never mention, if he still wants to have that career. Young talents who don't understand that or have objections will be filtered out.

The media form the next filter. The media chiefs decide which politicians get their faces on the TV screen and in newspaper articles, and which politicians don't. People with serious objections against the overall content of the media can forget about media support for their political career. (Yelling 'fake news media' all the time, like Trump did, is not what I call a serious objection.)

So only those who submit to the might of the media, will pop up on television and in the newspapers one day. They will get the publicity they need to get votes (people don't vote for those they've never heard of), and in return, the career politicians will loyally do their best to keep the ruling position of Torahism intact.

In August 2020, I highlighted that not every Jew is a Torahist, but it is also true that not every Torahist is a Jew.

I think that's how it works. I think there is a thick shield of non-Jewish servants around the Torahist core of power in every Western country, and I think that that shield even includes presidents, prime ministers and chancellors.

To change that seems like a hopeless task indeed, but if you believe in God, like I do, you know you can rely on His miraculous interventions, at points in time of His choosing. ( 20TH FEBRUARY 2021 )

There is other indirect evidence that Torahism is the real ruler of the West instead of the politicians we see on TV every day.

There are a number of parties in the West that seem to have a secure place in the political landscape for a long time. These parties have been in government many times.

In America, these are the Republicans and the Democrats. In the UK, it are Labour and the Conservatives. In Germany, it are the CDU (Mrs Merkel's party), the FDP and the SPD. In France: the gaullist party, derivatives of it, and the socialist party. French president Mr Macron fabricated his own party in 2017.

In my country, we have had coalition governments in a variety of combinations, but two or more of the parties called CDA, D66, PvdA and VVD are always involved.

My political memory goes back to the 1970s and as long as I can remember, the politicians on TV have always denounced racism and discrimination, and that's totally understandable. After all, the hate and the racism of the Nazis were so intense that they committed genocide, the murder of millions of defenceless people. That has left a profound impression on the minds of the post-war politicians, who rightly argued that that horror should never be repeated again.

It is however a fact that Hitlerism was crushingly defeated more than 75 years ago, and it is also a fact, as we've learnt from the Torah quotes in the above, that Torahism is a doctrine of discrimination and racism - genocidal racism, that is.

Yet Torahism is never even mentioned by the wellknown political parties, let alone condemned.
That doesn't add up.
That doesn't add up at all.

If the wellknown political parties were serious and sincere in their aversion of racism, you would expect them to speak out against all forms of racism, including Torahist racism, especially since their nations are a target of Torahist racism. Yet those parties don't. They never do. Instead, you frequently hear them warn "against racism and anti-Semitism".

So if you feel displeased by the immigration of Africans, Arabs, Latin Americans and Asians, and more immigration, and even far more immigration, what the United Nations, president Biden and the European Union are planning for, the politicians want you to feel bad about yourself.

So if you realize that the mainstream politicians always condemn "anti-Semitism", but never talk about Torahism, you'll understand on whose side they are, and that is not yours.

Please realize how absurd it is you had to learn about this insane ideology from a guy you never heard of, living at the other side of the Atlantic.

You're however well-advised to keep your mouth shut all the same, or you'll be silenced, or trashed as an "anti-Semite", as a "conspiracy thinker" or as both, as far as the dominating political parties are concerned.

And if someone doesn't even know there is such a thing as Torahism - and that's the overwhelming majority of the people - the mainstream politicians surely are not going to inform him about it, and that's why I wrote, in the very beginning of this text, of my hopes about Americans informing themselves, difficult as that may be.

The wellknown political parties are simply not serious and sincere in their calls against racism and discrimination. It's only meant to intimidate the whites in America and Europe into accepting ever more immigration.

When I listen to these parties, they always give me the feeling as if racism is something only white people can be guilty of. ( 9TH MARCH 2021 )

More indirect evidence of who's really in charge in the USA: Torahism is conflicting with America's most important texts, but neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are ever drawing America's attention to that. Let me clarify myself.

The following is the first part of the Unanimous Declaration of The Thirteen United States of America, the 4th of July, 1776, in which the young nation announced its independence of the British Crown:

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, having its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. (...)"

How do the Torahists relate to this? They fanatically reject the idea that all men are created equal, as they are convinced that the non-Jews must serve the Jews, the Chosen People. They feel Moses's Lord has not endowed the non-Jews with the rights of life and liberty at all. The Torahists think that only their pursuit of happiness matters, and that their happiness can only be based on the misery of the non-Jews.

Now, let's have a look at the Preamble of the 1787 Constitution of the United States:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Torahism is also conflicting with this text. The Torahists are not interested in contributing to the perfecting of any people's union. They don't care about justice for other peoples. They want to confuse the host nation and thus disturb its domestic tranquility. They want to destroy other peoples' defences, both moral and military defences. They are only interested in their own welfare and they don't want other peoples to enjoy the blessings of liberty, but subjugate them on the contrary.

So once the mass migration of Jews to America began, 1880s Washington had many reasons indeed to make it clear to them that the U.S. would not tolerate Torah-inspired wrongs. The U.S. Government never did however and therefore gravely forsook and is forsaking its duty towards the American people.

The conclusion is quite shocking, especially if you realize that worldwide, the trumpets of Washington are sounding on 'democracy' indefatigably: for more than a century now, the U.S. Governments are acting in defiance of the Declaration of Independence and of the Constitution, in favour of Torahism.

The only possible explanation is that at the end of the day, it is Torahist Jewry - and not the U.S. Governments - that holds the decisive power in America. ( 16TH MARCH 2021 )

Six weeks went by since my last publication. I'm glad you haven't lost interest in what I have to say.

Let's now look at some Washington policies that strongly indicate Torahism is indeed ruling over America.

1) In the autumn of 2004, the U.S. Congress passed a law that brands fourteen kinds of remarks as anti-Semitic. This law is called the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act. I'll limit myself to two of the forbidden remarks:

Any assertion, “that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world.”

Please let this sink in for a moment. Apparently, the U.S. Congress doesn't care whether it's true or not. The only thing that matters to the U.S. Congress is that Americans don't say it.

Any criticism of the Jewish religion or its religious leaders with its emphasis on the Talmud and Kabbala

Imagine, you know of the repulsive 'teachings' in the Torah meant to brainwash the Jews, and you think: I don't want these people to do harm to my country, to my people, and you go a step further, you will publicly say it, then you will not find the U.S. Congress on your side. Worse even, the U.S. Congress will call you an anti-Semite, a law-breaker.

Let's break this down to the core: so you find out about instructions for a group of people to misbehave terribly, you speak out against that, but you become the bad guy then, according to those in Washington DC who are supposed to represent you and all the other Americans.

It's really injustice and absurdity competing for the first place here. This socalled 'Global Anti-Semitism Review Act' is nothing else but an oppressive law that exclusively benefits Torahism. I don't know what the sanctions are on violating it. ( 27TH APRIL 2021 )

2) The American and European governments are doing what the banks want them to do. It should be the other way around, in a true democracy, but it isn't. Remember 2008? By luring countless American families into mortgages they actually couldn't afford, the top bankers made fortunes for themselves, as their banks rewarded them with bonuses for that.

The whole scheme however slowly but surely turned the foundation of America's finances into quicksand, and things came to a head in 2008, when the bank of Lehman Brothers in New York went bust. The bank's modest nickname was 'Masters of the Universe' by the way.

Since all the major banks are strongly interconnected, suspicion and fear of bankruptcy rose among the other banks. They were all afraid that Lehman's junk would poison their own assets, if that hadn't already happened without the board of directors noticing it. That fear and suspicion had a crippling effect on the daily run-of-the-mill lending and borrowing between the banks mutually,

That lending and borrowing however is the 'heart and arteries system' of any nation's economy.

Yet fear not, noble bankers, because then the governments quickly showed up, buying countless worthless assets from the banks and lending them billions, just to kickstart the 'heart and arteries' again. Resignedly, the media explained this to the general public by saying that the big banks were simply "too big to fail". In other words, the media said: that's just the way it is, people. With this unjust outcome: the tax payers get the bill when the banks mess up, yet the public don't get a share one dollar's worth in times when the banks are making fortunes.

In the days of the Wild West, the robbers shouted "stick 'em up" to the villagers and took their dough, but then the sheriff would chase and arrest them to get justice done. In our times however, it's the sheriff who shouts "stick 'em up" to the villagers, then grabs the loot and hands it over to the robbers.

Remember Deuteronomy 15:6?

The crisis became so serious that according to financial experts, we came this close to the dreadful moment that the ATMs wouldn't have produced banknotes anymore, and that the checkouts in the supermarkets wouldn't have reacted to people's pay cards anymore.

So the unchecked greed of the major banks has almost led to the nightmarish scenario in which people in their millions would have been forced to get their groceries, their daily food, their baby milk, their mother's medication, by means of violence, on a scale never seen before.

This situation hasn't really changed. Our societies are still running that risk. Why? Because the banks are still more powerful than the governments. Big bucks are still making the difference. After 2008, the Wall Street banks have been donating carloads of money to the campaigns of both the Republicans and the Democrats, just like they did before 2008.

The banks are of course only doing that in exchange for the assurance of those parties that the existing system will not be changed fundamentally.

Neither president Obama (2009-2017) nor president Trump (2017-2021) has taken decisive action here, although both promised "change" during their campaigns, each with his own focal points. Yet different as their political views may be, on this one vital issue they both showed passivity.

Democracy in my view however means that a government must have the legal possibility to prevent greedy banks (or any other special interests group) from destabilizing or even ruining the whole country.

Today's man in the White House is as passive as his predecessors on the issue, but president Biden is very actively increasing America's debt - already monstrous - by about 4 trillion dollars more.

That amounts to selling entrepreneurial law-abiding wanting-to-work-for-its-money America as tax slaves to the East Coast banks, as some things never change: loans have to be repaid.

Yet this is a slavery you will never hear the mainstream media tell dramatic stories about. Expect enthusiastic stories about "the America that is being built back better" instead.

On YouTube, Elizabeth Warren is "kindly" making it clear that that will be an America in which Christian people and white people must be more careful what they say than ever before. Isn't that ironic? The people who cough up the most taxes, are the same people who will be pressurized the most to watch their step. ( 19TH MAY 2021 )

3) Washington's attitude towards Israel is another strong indication that the U.S. is ruled by Torahism. Israel can do whatever it likes, America will not object, but rather heap praise on Israel, or do the dirty work herself to Israel's advantage. Some examples:

3a) America always takes sides with Israel in the country's many stand-offs with other nations, especially with Iran. President Obama may have deviated from this by the deal on Iran's nuclear program, a deal that was begrudged by prime minister Netanyahu, but under president Trump, things again became like they should be, from Israel's perspective: America weakened Iran by murdering military commander Soleimani, a deed that was described by Israel as "the U.S. exerting its right on self-defense".

3b) When an Iranian atom scientist was murdered, Israel didn't either confess or deny being the perpetrator. No pressure from America on Israel to give clarity.

3c) America was okay with Israel's appropriation of the Golan Heights, a Syrian territory that was occupied by Israel in 1967. Such an annexation is breaching international law, but Washington, so often pretending to be the champion of the rule of law, looked the other way. By naming a Golan settlement after Trump, the grateful Israelites paid homage to the generous president Trump, who gave away a piece of land that wasn't his.

3d) A dream of Israel of seven decades became reality when president Trump ordered the U.S. embassay be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A slap in the face of the Palestinians who view East Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian state, but a boost for Israel that views Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the Jewish state.

3e) Israel has declared itself to be the state of the Jews, regardless of the one million Palestinians who also live in the country. No protest from America. Imagine a European politician would publicly declare that in his or her country the original people - the original white people that is - should be and remain the dominant people, Washington would then immediately denounce that politician as a "racist", a "xenophobic demagogue" and a "white supremacist".

To clarify my own convicton in this matter: I am not a politician, and I doubt I ever will be, but I am in favour of a true public debate about whether or not the socalled "multicultural societies" in Europe should be continued. I would argue against it, and I would argue in favour of repatriation of the foreigners, with a few exceptions on humanitarian grounds.

It is a fact that those political parties that have usually been in government, never informed the original peoples about, for instance, what the Koran stands for. That fact alone, that political silence on such an important matter, is in and of itself as good as proving the underhandedness by which the "multicultural society" has been pushed through.

In countries like Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and my own, there has never been any public debate whether or not the people wanted their societies to become "multicultural"; the immigration and the "integration" have been rolled out over the nations by the rulers in a very pushy manner since the 1960s, with the propagandistic aid of the media, from the schoolbooks on primary schools to the box office hits in the cinemas.

3f) Back to the Middle East. A longterm plan in execution, Israel is annexing the occupied West Bank territory bit by bit for decades now. The Palestinians who live there, see themselves fenced in by ever more new roads that the Israeli army is controlling, and they see ever more new Jewish settlements rising on the ground that once belonged to their families.

Yet more than once, the world has seen how America's representatives came to Israel to object to that, only to be followed by Israel announcing new plans for settlements, while the American diplomats, leaving after the talks, hadn't even arrived at the airport yet, as a figure of speech.

The European governments don't perform much better. They always pay lip service to the socalled 'two state solution', but it is clear that Israel doggedly persists in building a reality on the ground that will make that outcome impossible on the long run.

Presumably, the capitals of Europe are making their statements more for the sake of soothing the Muslims in their countries, who logically feel connected with the oppressed Palestinians, rather than because these governments would genuinely believe that the 'two state solution' will ever see the light of day.

I deplore the casualties on both sides during the recent wave of violence between Israel and Hamas. ( 12TH JUNE 2021 )

One day I expect to continue publishing. Thank you for your patience. ( 1ST OCTOBER 2021 )

In November 2016, the U.S. election was held that made Donald Trump president. Two months before that, I wrote this letter to him and to the Democratic contender for the White House, Mrs Clinton:


Rijswijk, The Netherlands
Sunday, 4th September 2016

Dear Mrs Clinton, dear Mr Trump,

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Richard Schoot, I was born in 1958 and I am a Dutchman. Since the spring of 2001, I am profoundly impressed by the teachings, acts and sacrifice of Yeshua, the Jew mankind has come to know as Jesus Christ, and by the hope He is offering.

In 2000, I became aware of the existence of the stunning Mosaic doctrine, as worded in the Torah, by which mentally defenceless Jewish children, as from the age of five, are indoctrinated to develop a supremacist, even genocidal mentality towards the non-Jewish peoples, and by which they are indoctrinated with the fear of their own (!) god, who is said to punish the Jews ruthlessly, if they won’t live by this Mosaic doctrine.

I am extensively going into this and other subjects in my internet text ‘Britain faces the threat of Anglocide - Britain and the other European nations might perish in what looks like a lengthy psychological war. How to survive in a Christian-patriotic manner’.

This text can be found at

Torahist texts like Deuteronomy 15:6 and Isaiah 60:10-12 make it clear that the Torahist minorities in the West have always been bent on using mega-financial methods to gain rule over entire nations. In my internet text, in chapter 5.14, I am unfolding the theory that as from the 1950s, 1960s, America has become a country under Torahist rule and that the socalled European Union is the concealed pursuit of Torahism to obtain absolute and lasting rule over the peoples of Europe. In chapter 5.15, I am substantiating this theory with circumstantial evidence. Furthermore, the theory is partly based on the facts I am mentioning in chapter 9.2 and partly on my personal observations, see Appendix: the names in 5.12.

The Jewish pain and sensitivities, due to the unimaginable losses and wounds, inflicted by Hitler’s murderers, are never far from my mind, whenever I write about these issues. The Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust, remain a warning in six-millionfold, to be heeded forever, against blind and hateful anti-Semitism.

I e-mailed my internet book to about 7,400 academics in Britain at the end of 2003, early 2004. As yet, none of them has been willing or able to refute my theory, or sent me even one counterargument that could undermine it.

I have also drawn my publications to the attention of heads of state, prime ministers, parliamentarians, political parties in the whole of Europe, and to chief editors of TV newscasts and newspapers.

And what goes for the UK academics, goes for them too – none of them has been willing or able to refute my theory, or sent me even one counterargument that could undermine it, although I’m always inviting people to do so.

It may interest you as White House hopefuls that in June 2012, I also drew my initiative to the attention of President Obama and Republican nominee Mr Romney. I didn't receive a reaction from them.

In October 2012, I wrote an internet letter to the following U.S. news media: ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, Newsweek, The Nation, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Time and USA Today. I haven't received a reaction from any of these media either.

My letters to President Obama and to the aforementioned media can be found at

I would like to ask you the following question. If you become president, what are you going to do against Torahism to prevent it from harming the interests of the American people (any further)? I am curious to learn the answer, because I am sure that your reply will be important for the politics in other countries, including mine, as well.

I will publish your reaction, for which I would be most grateful, on my website.

Yours respectfully and sincerely,

Richard Schoot

P.S.: I'll send you this letter by mail; to the NY P.O. Box 5256 and to the Trump Tower respectively. I published the letter on my website on September the 4th (2016). The text in italics below is the standard article by which I close all my major website texts.

Britain, The Netherlands, the other European countries are in very big trouble, in my opinion, as there are solid reasons to assume they’ve turned into Torahist dictatorships. It’s very important to know what Torahism is. Please read my main text at

If you come to agree with my views, please remember that the only way out is a patient and peaceful way. Not a single person can be held solely responsible for the present situation. It looks like we are ruled by people who actually can’t help themselves they are misleaders, and we are letting them mislead us on and on.

Avoid confrontations that can easily turn overheated. Don't react to provocations. Please don't view the avoiding as cowardice. It isn't. Be strong, be calm and calm down others, before their anger causes them to do foolish things.

Our countries urgently need new political parties, Christian Patriotic parties, and so the more people will get to know about this initiative, the greater the chance some true, constructive change in politics will ever come about.

So your drawing this website to other people’s attention would be very welcome, but now a warning is due. Since the 2013 revelations about the secret surveillance of our e-mails, phonecalls and internet surfing, sending an e-mail or calling someone up has become something you should think twice about. That’s the bitter and disgusting reality the Western world descended into, in the past half of a century, despite the sacrifice of nearly a hundred million lifes in two world wars, and despite the huge defence costs it took to hold our own against Communism.

So I am a bit between a rock and a hard place here. On the one hand, I don’t want to see people land in trouble, and resisting malevolent rule has always been a very short road to trouble for people’s personal lifes.

Yet on the other hand my initiative needs people to spread the word about this website, because the old media ignore it, and not for noble reasons, I fear.

If you are in a dilemma, my best advice to you would be to pray, and to ask God to help you choose between passivity and activism.

In my article Suppose, the reversal takes place next week. Then what?, as well as in the main text, I am exploring how the political change can be brought about, once the nations have become aware of Torahism.

Torahism is the forgotten evil in politics. It is forgotten because the Nazis were terribly aware of it, and Hitler’s crimes against the Jewish people were abysmal enough to make everyone with a heart ignore Torahism, let alone criticize it. That however created a unique window of opportunity for Torahism, and it is most probably exploiting that to the full, from the 1960s to the present day.

I sent my digital book to the academic world of Great Britain instead of my own country, for the reasons I put forward in the text ‘It is time to introduce myself’, 9th June 2005, on the initial page.

I am trying to conduct this initiative in the spirit of the Jew I am mentioning in the first line of this website.

Long live the Jews, down with Torahism.

So that was the letter I sent in 2016, and it included my full address. I didn't receive a reaction from either Mrs Clinton or Mr Trump. They kept as silent as the two other politicians did, and as the news media did, in 2012.

Now, there is no way I can prove to you that I actually sent those letters. Yet I am mentioning it anyhow, because I am not some sort of anonymous internet troll, who is being paid to spread online baloney or who is doing so for his own kicks. I know I sent those letters, Mrs Clinton, Mr Obama, Mr Romney and Mr Trump know I sent those letters, the media know I did, and God knows that I did, and that's good enough for me.

This is the letter I sent to the media:



Rijswijk, The Netherlands,
Tuesday, 9th October 2012

Dear Madams, Dear Sirs,

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Richard Schoot, I was born in 1958 and I am a Dutchman. Since the spring of 2001, I am profoundly impressed by the teachings, acts and sacrifice of Yeshua, the Jew mankind has come to know as Jesus Christ, and by the hope He is offering.

In 2000, I became aware of the existence of the stunning Mosaic doctrine, as worded in the Torah, by which mentally defenceless Jewish children, as from the age of five, are indoctrinated to develop a supremacist, even genocidal mentality towards the non-Jewish peoples, and by which they are indoctrinated with the fear of their own (!) god, who is said to punish the Jews ruthlessly, if they won’t live by this Mosaic doctrine.

I am the author of the internet text ‘Britain faces the threat of Anglocide - Britain and the other European nations might perish in what looks like a lengthy psychological war. How to survive in a Christian-patriotic manner’. This text can be found at I am also a contributor to the British internet forum In its section ‘Introduce Yourself’, I have been posting texts there as from May 2010.

Torahist texts like Deuteronomy 15:6 and Isaiah 60:10-12 make it clear that the Torahist minorities in the West have always been bent on using mega-financial methods to gain rule over entire nations. In my internet text, in chapter 5.14, I am unfolding the theory that as from the 1950s, 1960s, America has become a country under Torahist rule and that the socalled European Union is the concealed pursuit of Torahism to obtain absolute and lasting rule over the peoples of Europe. In chapter 5.15, I am substantiating this theory with circumstantial evidence. Furthermore, the theory is partly based on the facts I am mentioning in chapter 9.2 and partly on my personal observations, see Appendix: the names in 5.12.

I have also reasons to believe that the media of the pre-internet era (TV, film, radio, newspapers etc.) are already for a long time being misused by Torahist Jews and their non-Jewish helpers to wage a psychological war against the Western peoples, in order to lead these peoples into moral and ethnic confusion, to their ruin.

Torahist texts like Exodus 23:27-30 and Deuteronomy 7:22-24 literally speak of “confusion” as a long-term strategy to make non-Jewish peoples extinct in their own countries.

Seldom is the Christian commandment to love your enemies more significant than on the moment one fully realizes what Torahism stands for, and the Jewish pain and sensitivities, due to the unimaginable losses and wounds, inflicted by Hitler’s murderers, are never far from my mind, whenever I write about these issues. I’m saying: ‘Long live the Jews, down with Torahism’

I e-mailed my internet book to about 7,400 academics in Britain at the end of 2003, early 2004. As yet, none of them has been willing or able to refute my theory, or sent me even one counterargument that could undermine it.

I have also drawn my publications to the attention of, among others:

the then UK Prime Minister Mr Blair (2004);
the chairman of the BBC Mr Davies (2004);
Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands (2004);
the then Dutch Prime Minister Mr Balkenende (2004);
the chief editors of ten prominent media in The Netherlands (2006);
the presidents of the national parliaments of the twenty-seven EU countries (2010);
UK Prime Minister Mr Cameron (2010);
the ten main candidates of the Dutch elections (2010);
the chairpersons of the UK’s three main political parties (2010);
U.S. President Barack Obama (1st June 2012);
U.S. Presidency candidate Mitt Romney (13th September 2012).

And what goes for the UK academics, goes for them too – as yet, none of them has been willing or able to refute my theory, or sent me even one counterargument that could undermine it, although I’m always inviting people to do so.

I would like to ask you the following. Would you please read my internet book? If so, in case you can think of counterarguments that undermine my theory, would you confront me with those arguments? I will react to them. In case you can't think of counterarguments, would you ask President Obama and Mr Romney how they think about the Torahist docrine and about the size of its harmful influence on American society?

Would you please render your viewers or readers a great service anyhow by producing an eye-opening broadcast or article on Torahism?

Let me quote Walter Cronkite (1917-2009) here:

“The profession of journalism ought to be about telling people what they need to know, not what they want to know.” (Source:

America’s military are frequently sent overseas to liberate other peoples’ countries (including mine, once), risking life and limb, leaving their loved ones behind in permanent anxiety and hope for their safe return. So the realistic possibility that America itself has become a dictatorship, cleverly camouflaged, is undoubtedly something that the American people need and want to know everything about.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Schoot

P.S.: I published this letter on the British Democracy Forum on October the 9th. I will also send it to contact options I found on your websites.

Britain, The Netherlands, the other European countries are in very big trouble, in my opinion, as there are solid reasons etc. (see the previous letter)

Like I said, no reaction from any of these media. The 'British Democracy Forum' in the shape that it had when I posted texts on it, has long gone. ( 8TH NOVEMBER 2021 )

In the margin of my somewhat desperate internet letter to the American people, I want to pay attention for a moment to today's date, November the 9th. It was on that same day in 1938 that Hitler's government staged a night of death and vandalism against Jewish lives and properties in Germany, after a young Jew had murdered a German diplomat in Paris.

This excessive reaction of the National Socialists turned out to be foreshadowing the Holocaust.

To me, this date will always remain a strong reminder that the conflict with Torahism must always be non-violent, it must always be a battle of ideas only, not of stones or bullets, no matter how hard Torahism will try to provoke those who challenge it. Iron self-control, that's one of the key requirements here. ( 9TH NOVEMBER 2021 )

I wish you a merry Christmas.
( 24TH DECEMBER 2021 )

A new year with new hopes for new times.
My best wishes to those who sympathize.
( 1ST JANUARY 2022 )

To the editors of the Mail Online: On your home page, I think you put the wrong picture next to the headline 'Dutch publisher APOLOGISES for book accusing fellow Jew of betraying Anne Frank to the Nazis and stops printing it'. I believe the portrait you chose is Margot Frank's, the sister of Anne Frank. ( 1ST FEBRUARY 2022 )

This morning, UK newspaper The Times had an article with this headline:

Defence secretary warns of 'whiff of Munich' in Ukraine
Wallace likens western efforts to appeasement

How dares he!
How dares he, this Benny Wallace!
Is this the reward Russia is getting for trying to engage in partnerships with the West for the past 20 years? This is what they get out of it? The ultimate insult of getting compared with Nazi Germany? The very power that brought immeasurable losses and suffering over Russia and the other Soviet countries?

This transgresses far above how you think about Putin.
This is intolerable war mongering and it cannot last!

Ukraine chose a Jewish comedian for president. Let it sink into your heads very well what that says about the level of political knowledge the Ukrainians had standing in the voting boots. It's about the same sorry low level most of us Westerners have, when we go voting...

My God! I don't know what's gone into the heads of the West's rulers - well, um, let me rephrase that: for a good part I do know what's gone into their heads - but this pushing everyone to the brink of World War III testifies of the same warpedness, of the same gaga-ness that's also visible in the 'cancelling' of those who don't subscribe to the gender madness which is bound to confuse Western youths in their millions, it's visible in the hardly concealed hate of Christianity, in officialdom's lies about race and Islam, in the unlimited migration to white countries, in the theft of the savings of people who worked all their lives, and so on.

This will not go on forever, this will once end.
The persecuted of yesteryear are the oppressors of now, and even their ingenious oppression will not last. ( 13TH FEBRUARY 2022 )

A big country attacks a smaller country. We see tanks and trucks on the move, we see helicopters carrying troops, we see missiles fly and explode. We see wounded people, desperate people, we see angry people on the run, without really knowing where to run to. The first figures about the casualties are told by the newscasts: 57 dead, 150 wounded. We see devastated residential blocks, rubble, fires. Television shows us people who used to live in the smaller country, in the attacked country. We see people who have relatives there and while they talk to the reporter or talkshow host, you can see they are upset, concerned, angry, sad or defiant.

When you look at all of that, it's hard not to get angry at the big country, the invader, the bomber. And yet, understandable though our emotions are, we have to realize that we are looking at one half of the story only. The other half is not shown by the media, or only mentioned sparsely and still incompletely.

What is that other half?

NATO was founded in 1949 as a defence alliance against Communism, against Stalin's Soviet Union. Six years later, the USSR founded the Warsaw Pact as a counterweight. In 1989-1991, the Communist bloc collapsed and with that, the threat of a Soviet attack on Western Europe. So for more than four decades, NATO stood its ground on a territory much and much smaller than it holds now. In Central Europe, it only had West Germany. Countries like East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and others all belonged to the Communist side, to the Warsaw Pact.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union however, after the Eastern European countries saw the Russian troops return to their fatherland, NATO didn't discontinue itself. Far from it. It went on existing for no clear reason and it began to expand for no clear reason. And so, in the course of the next 25, 30 years, one Eastern European country after another, or sometimes a bunch at a time, joint NATO - in eastward direction, so, closer, ever closer, to Russia, to Moscow.

Now, President Putin has been trying to be friends with the West for the best part of the more than 20 years he is in office, but in all sorts of ways (probably including some very nasty ones) he has made it clear Russia cannot accept this eastward NATO expansion forever. He can't allow neighbouring Ukraine to become a platform for NATO tanks, NATO troops, NATO planes, NATO missiles and NATO nukes. He is the head of state of Russia, a country with over 170 million inhabitants, and he has to look ahead, that's his duty, and he realizes that the decisions he makes now, or fails to make, will secure or risk the safety and independence of generations of Russians to come.

The West however doesn't listen. To be more precise: the rulers of the West don't listen. They pretend they do, oh yes, they smile at him, shake hands with him at summits, but whatever concerns he vents go from one ear to the other. Imperceptibly, NATO changed from a defence alliance in 1949 to an organization of intimidation and imperialism in 2022, an organization which the President of Ukraine, the Jew Volodymyr Zelenskyy, was itching to join. NATO is the armed force of the most unreported world power ever, and that world power wants to see Russia and her president bow.

And so, seeing no alternative anymore, President Putin has decided to undertake the military action that began on February the 24th.

But please note, Mr Putin has signalled he still wants to negotiate with the West. The signal is the word "denazification" in his speech on the eve of the attack. He wants to do something about the anti-Russian neo-Nazis in Ukraine, but obnoxious and thuggerish as these groups may be, they are not in charge in Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, as the Kremlin knows very well.

So I think that in a subtle, silent way, Mr Putin is signalling to America's Torahist rulers: "I know you are behind this, but I am and always will be anti-Nazi, so we can still talk." And that concludes the other half of the story, the half which "our" media don't tell us.

My sympathy and thoughts go out to all Ukrainians who now suffer and mourn, as always it are the innocent and the powerless that do the bleeding in this sort of thing, the sooner the operation is ended the better, and I hope Russia will do her best to heal the wounds and help repair the damage, once Ukraine has a government that won't create a great strategic threat to Russia anymore. ( 25TH FEBRUARY 2022 )

The media are full of the war in Ukraine, but these are some of the things they forget to tell us:

1) President Zelenskyy fails to man up and admit he miscalculated the reaction of Russia to his enthusiasm to join NATO, although President Putin made it crystal-clear in the preceding months that the matter was of supreme urgency to his country.

2) Once a member of NATO, Ukraine would have tried to conquer the Crimea, betting Russia wouldn't risk World War Three over it. The determination to conquer the Crimea, rightly reclaimed by Russia in 2014, is an official state policy of the Kyiv government.

3) Russia is responding in exactly the same way America would have responded, if it had been America facing the same threat - nuclear missiles on your doorstep - and I also think that America would have reacted violently in a much earlier stage.

I am as much convinced Moscow had to intervene militarily as I was on Day 1 of the war. If President Putin had sat idly by, Ukraine would have become a NATO member one day, waggonloads of heavy arms, including 'the big ones', would have been flown in, driven in and installed, and the whole country would have become like a magnetic mine stuck on the gates of Russia, with someone in America having his finger on the switch.

Subversive groups in Russia, buoyed by that knowledge, would from then on have intensified their sordid undermining work, with the sole aim of replacing Russia's current government of steadfast patriots by a government of Torahism-serving puppets.

For the present day, the important thing is that the talks between Kyiv and Moscow are continuing, and let's hope that the horrible hostilities will make way for a stable peace.

In case you're thinking I am an uncritical fan of Mr Putin, please read The tensions between Washington and Moscow over the INF treaty. It's a text I published in 2018; ask yourself whether it will have made me a lot of friends in the Kremlin, if they've read it. ( 15TH MARCH 2022 )

On the home page of today's NRC (a national newspaper in The Netherlands), a columnist is asking:

"In a world full of big problems, you wonder: how could this be different, better?"

Unfortunately, the right answer is the last answer the media want to hear, namely: by returning to the values taught by Yeshua and His Apostles.

I believe that most of the world's problems can be traced back to the ignorance and/or abandoning of the Christian values.

Not all problems of course - even a thoroughly evangelized world will be battered by natural catastrophes every now and then.

Yet human-made disasters like the provoking of wars, the succumbing to committing cruelties, the disrespect towards life, social and racial tensions, the hyperconsumption that ravishes the Earth's riches, they can all be traced back to man yielding to the cardinal sins.

The Divine remedy is called Yeshua.

Yeshua is telling the universal beneficial truth, in the New Testament, and every soul who knowingly, deliberately rejects Him, does so at his own peril, as any such a rejection is a slap in the face of God, who after all gave us His dearest Yeshua as the final gesture of reconciliation between Himself and mankind, His weak and stubborn creation, and that's the long and short of it. ( 21ST APRIL 2022 )

I am not doing well, but my dedication to the Christian Patriotic cause and my hope for better times are intact. ( 9TH JUNE 2022 )

I am watching CNN.
Carl Bernstein on "the crucial role of the press in defending democracy".
Don't make me laugh.
( 21ST AUGUST 2022 )

Those who commit war crimes ought to be punished severely, and I don’t rule out that at least a part of Ukraine’s allegations about Russian war crimes are true, but from this place, I nonetheless want to pay tribute to the Russian soldiers, fighting, dying and getting wounded, while defending the vital strategic interests of their country. Russia was provoked into this military action, and I find it a disgrace, an indigestible scandal, that the Russian army now has to bleed in the same cities and areas that became notorious for the huge losses they suffered in World War 2, battling the Nazi invaders.

It are the Russian soldiers, and not the Ukrainians, who are fighting for righteous ideas and principles, for national independence and constructive values.

The problem is that "our" media make it look like the other way around. They misrepresent Washington's puppet regime in Kyiv as the protagonist of civilization and the Russians as the new Barbarians, and too many Westerners let themselves spoon-feed the standard lies and manipulative distortions of the media.

That fatal media influence is the problem, the main problem, of the West. Not only in this matter, but also in all other big matters, like faith, race, ethics, democracy, history, everything.

I am writing 'puppet regime', because Washington officials like Victoria Nuland were recorded on tape while deciding who would get this-or-that job in the Ukrainian government and who wouldn't.

And, from this place, also my sympathy for the many bereaved Ukrainian families - of course. They and their lost loved ones are victims of a huge political tragedy.

The majority of the Ukrainians don't seem to realize what actually happened during the Majdan revolution. They don't realize which dark force came into power in Kyiv then. They don't realize what a disaster it actually was in 2019 to vote for a crotch-grabbing comedian who made politics out of a TV show, and who makes a TV show out of war all the time, helped by the media of his fellow Israelites worldwide.

Am I to believe that Ukraine really backs the agenda of Mr Zelenskyy, promoting the LGBT nonsense that disturbs people in the most insecure stage of their lives, their adolescence? Am I to believe that the Ukrainian people really backs the "relaxing" of laws regarding that slow brain-killer called cannabis? Am I to believe that Ukraine really backs "liberalizing" prostitution? Has Mr Zelenskyy already told Ukraine's young women that "sex work", that nauseating euphemism, extinguishes grace, elegance, self-respect, inner beauty and the ability to love in a woman?

The Christian roots of the Ukrainians go back one and a half thousand years, if I'm not mistaken. As a great center of Christianity, Kyiv was once named "the third Rome", next to Rome and Constantinopel (today's Istanbul). Am I really to believe that the Ukrainians want to become a copy of the average post-1968 Western country with its anti-Christian media influence, its broken families, its drugs, its crime, its decreasing birth rates, its filth? Get out of here!

Mr Zelenskyy has the Western politicians kneeling down at his feet continuously, like Mrs Von der Leyen, dressed in yellow and blue, in the 'Europarliament' recently. They may pretend they have Ukraine's best interest at heart, they may fool millions of Westerners into believing so, but their real No 1 goal is most probably to serve international Torahism, its political power, its media, its money and its expansion plans, no matter how many more Russians and Ukrainians have to die for it.

To return to the subject of the war crimes: Dmitry Peskov is President Putin's spokesman. A few months ago, he was interviewed by a Western journalist about the war crimes said to have taken place in Bucha and elsewhere. Mr Peskov then said that Russia had the greatest of difficulties to get its views across to Western audiences, including its refutation of the accusations.

He's right. Why did the European Union ban Russia Today and other Russian media? I want to listen to both sides of the argument and try to draw my own conclusions. Apparently, the EU doesn't feel comfortable with EU citizens doing their own thinking. Brussels rather sees them sit upright like obedient puppies in front of the TV while the EU does their thinking for them.

And why was the Amnesty International report on Ukrainian war crimes torn apart by the media as soon as it was published? ( 20TH SEPTEMBER 2022 )

When President Zelenskyy addressed the General Assembly of the U.N. recently, one of the things he said was that Ukraine hadn't provoked Russia. It's one of the standard lines I've heard a parade of Western presidents and prime ministers say, including the PM of my own country. Ukraine did not provoke Russia, Russia began an unprovoked war against Ukraine. It's Putin's war, they say, it's Putin's war against Ukraine.

One political figure of note however said something quite different about this. It was in fact so different that he was shocked by his own moment of candour and then hastily returned to the prescribed official line, namely that it is all Putin's fault.

It happened in an interview, broadcast by the Dutch TV program Nieuwsuur on May the 17th, 2022. The interviewer was Arjan Noorlander and the man he was interviewing was no-one less than Dmytro Kuleba, the Foreign Secretary of Ukraine.

The following is a fragment of that interview:

AN: "Our prime minister Mark Rutte made a speech in your parliament last week and he spoke about 'family is family', we will support the Ukrainian people, but he didn't say anything about an EU membership."

DK: "I did not come to a country that is openly embracing the perspective of granting Ukraine the candidacy status, it's true, but I came to a country that changed its position dramaticly since the 24th of February [the invasion date - RS]. It's not an exaggeration, trust me, but Ukrainian-Dutch relations are at the best level ever."

AN: "But if you ask our prime minister Mark Rutte, he says: of course we will help Ukraine like everybody in the West does at this moment, but we have to be cautious as well, because we don't want it to be our war, so we don't want to provoke Putin by granting a membership or a membership candidacy to Ukraine. Is he too cautious?"

DK: "I think we crossed the Rubicon when it comes to provoking Putin. It's not about whether we provoked Putin or not, he does what he wants, what he believes is right. And this cautiousness from the European side doesn't help to stop the war, to stop or prevent the atrocities that were committed by the Russians."

AN: "But these are atrocities in Ukraine, not in Holland, and he is cautious in order to prevent war coming to Holland."

DK: "This is exactly what we are talking about. The best way to contain Putin is to help Ukraine to defeat him. The fair deal that Ukraine proposes to the entire world is very simple: you give us everything that we need, you support us by all means and we will stop Putin in Ukraine so that your people will never face the tragedy of the war."

End of fragment.

So there you have it. Three months after the beginning of the armed conflict, the Foreign Secretary of Ukraine says:

"I think we crossed the Rubicon when it comes to provoking Putin."

Only to immediately shift the blame on Russia:

"It's not about whether we provoked Putin or not, he does what he wants, what he believes is right."

So, put in other words, Mr Kuleba believes that Ukraine was deliberately looking for trouble and thus triggered Russia to invade.

Now, this is quite a newsworthy statement: it goes to the heart of the question who was mainly or solely responsible for the war, and good heavens, think of the ramifications of this war up to now already.

It has already cost tens of thousands of people their lives, considerable parts of Ukraine are in ruins, NATO expanded, the war seems to escalate every week that goes by, and the Westerners see billions of tax dollars, tax pounds and tax euros disappear in the direction of Kyiv in the shape of predominantly military equipment, whereas ever more European households and businesses are running into financial trouble due to the grossly rising costs of gas and electricity.

And please note, Nieuwsuur, the news program in which this interview was shown, is the kind of program that is watched every day by the other Dutch media, by Dutch politicians, by the staff of the embassies in The Netherlands, and by the international press correspondents stationed in The Netherlands.

Mr Kuleba's accidental candour has however been totally ignored - by his interviewer to begin with. I mean, credit where credit's due, good job of Nieuwsuur that they didn't edit the Rubicon remark out of this pre-recorded interview, but Mr Noorlander didn't go into it, when he absolutely should have.

He didn't ask: "What do you mean, crossed the Rubicon when it comes to provoking Putin? What happened? What did your government do then? And who do you mean by 'we'? The Ukrainians? Or Ukrainians together with Westerners?"

The many media who must have seen the interview also kept silent about the Rubicon remark. Nowhere I've seen an article with a headline that went:

Ukraine's Foreign Secretary: we crossed
the Rubicon in provoking Putin

I haven't seen Dutch members of Parliament ask questions about this at Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Foreign Secretary Wopke Hoekstra or Defence Secretary Kajsa Ollongren, nor have I seen media of other NATO countries ask their politicians some necessary questions.

It's simply hushed up. The wellknown story has to remain intact: Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine was forced to change from an innocent peace-loving nation into a heroicly fighting nation, and that story has now permeated into every corner of the Western countries.

And for whatever reason the story must remain intact, it can never be a positive reason. It isn't a reason that will bring an armistice any closer, that will bring peace talks any closer. On the contrary.

The fact that I have now paid attention to Secretary Kuleba's remark will not have much impact on the general public, I am afraid. Last time I looked at my provider's statistics page, in July of this year, my website had an average of 23 visitors per day.

For my Dutch readers: Prime Minister Rutte may not have regarded the war as Holland's war at the time of the Kuleba interview, but one month later, he told the press people gathered in Nieuwspoort that it is "also our war, but not in a formal sense".

Exactly the kind of wishy-washy statement a two-bit politician might need in the future to free himself from any blame, if his bungling has led to a disastrous consequence for the country.
( 2ND OCTOBER 2022 )

Internet letter to Dutch Foreign Secretary Wopke Hoekstra regarding ‘the Rubicon remark’ of the Ukrainian Foreign Secretary.
In Dutch and in English.
( 30TH OCTOBER 2022 )

I sometimes send in comments on YouTube clips, but they're not always accepted. On October the 25th, I watched the CNN video Tapper: What Trump said to make Woodward 'break glass in case of emergency', and I posted the following:

America's tragedy is that the average American is not aware of some terrible ancient facts which are not disclosed to him by either the politicians or the media.

This lack of knowledge is the reason why 95% of all the heated political discussions about society's big issues are a waste of time, why 95% of the comments on this CNN clip are pointless and why any row over the choice between the Republicans and the Democrats is useless and unnecessarily divisive.

The lack of knowledge of the ancient terrible facts is trapping America in a constrained world view, in some sort of virtual prison cell without a window.

People don't realize that the facts handed out to them through schoolbooks, TV, newspapers, film, radio broadcasts etc. are in fact a limited number of facts, not enough to really understand what's going on in the world, not enough to realize what trap America is actually living in.

And the Tappers, the Trumps and the Woodwards of this world, they know of the ancient terrible facts I am not specific about, they do know what the average American does not know, and they want to keep it that way, each for their own little egoistic agenda.

In the unlikely case you are still with me: this might sound like a gloomy comment, but I believe in God and that's why I believe He will once help America out, the most deceived country in world history, and it will be a liberating blessing, for America and many other countries too, including mine, I am from The Netherlands.

And then, we can start thinking about REALLY solving the big problems.

      (End of my YouTube comment.)

The comment was placed, but when I look it up, sometimes it appears and sometimes it doesn't. From a communication point of view, the comment is not very good, as I kept it emphaticly vague about some "ancient terrible facts", by which, of course, I meant the texts, self-indoctrination and anti-goy behaviour of Torahism.

I wrote it on the spur of the moment and while doing so, I left out the bits that I assumed would make the comment unacceptable in the opinion of the channel's editors.
( 8TH NOVEMBER 2022 )

I wish you a good Christmas and I believe that, thanks to the almighty Christ, the world is heading to something far better than what we have now.
( 25TH DECEMBER 2022 )

My best wishes for 2023 to those who sympathize.
So far, sending my internet letter to Foreign Secretary Mr Hoekstra only resulted in a confirmation of receipt from his department.
In any case, the plan is to continue with writing this text, which is still meant as an appeal to the American people.
I want to complete it, regardless of the very small number of views it gets.
( 9TH JANUARY 2023 )

Earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria demanded over 1,300 lives and wounded thousands. From this place my condolences, my sympathy with the wounded and my hopes for the rescue of as many trapped people as possible. May the rescue workers and other emergency services keep finding the strength to do their very difficult work. ( 6TH FEBRUARY 2023 ) The astonishing death toll has now risen to over 24,000, may God have mercy on their souls. ( 11TH FEBRUARY 2023 ) More than 50,000, it is estimated.

For my Dutch readers: on, I just saw the video 'Hoe Jodenhaat maar niet weggaat' ('How Jew-hating just isn't going away'). Please watch it and draw your own conclusions. The video can also be seen on YouTube, with thousands of comments of well-meaning people. They obviously don't realize what the NOS is not telling them in this, um, "explainer".
( 11TH FEBRUARY 2023 )

I just heard the speech of Russia's President, broadcast by BBC World, and although I feel reservations about some of the aspects of Russia's warfare in Ukraine, and although I raised an eyebrow over one or two sentences in the speech, it is clear to me that when you listen to Vladimir Putin, you are listening to a man who truly loves his country, who is aware of the huge responsibility that both Russian history and being a world leader are laying on his shoulders, and whose allegiance to Christian family values is a welcome antidote to the poisonous "LGBT" propaganda which the "Western elites" are pumping 24/7 into the Western homes, schools, universities, parliaments and even churches. See it through, Russia, let the iconic defenders of Stalingrad's Volga west bank continue to be an inspiration to you.
( 21ST FEBRUARY 2023 )

My congratulations to the people and government of Israel on their state's 75th anniversary, yesterday.
( 15TH MAY 2023 )

Internet letter to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
In Dutch and in English.
( 20TH MAY 2023 )
I received a reaction from the Government Information Service.
( 24TH JUNE 2023 )

As from last Saturday, a cocktail of the nastiest of human thoughts and emotions has yet again led to mayhem in the Middle East, resulting in the violent death of over 1,300 Israelis and Palestinians so far, which I profoundly deplore, and more pain and grief can be expected to come, in Lebanon too. Contempt, deliberately inflicted injustice, oppression, despair, vindictiveness, cruelty and raw murderous hate, stemming from the lowest, most animal-like regions of the human mind - alas they are stimulated by the Torah and the Koran. It does not need to be like this, and as someone who believes in Christ, I am convinced that it will not be like this forever.
( 9TH OCTOBER 2023 )

Internet letter to demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
In Dutch and in English.
( 28TH NOVEMBER 2023 )

I haven't yet received a reaction to the letter to the demissionary Prime Minister. To my first letter, sent in May, I got a reaction within three weeks, although it didn't hold an answer to the important question I had asked. If this doesn't work out, I have a next step in mind. My faith keeps me going, as well as my assessment that people I hold in high esteem are harbouring good hopes for my effort. Their cautious supportive hints fill me with profound gratitude. I wish you a merry Christmas and a good 2024.
( 20TH DECEMBER 2023 )

Additions to my second letter to Mr Rutte:
a letter dated December the 21st from the Government Information Service (RVD) and my comment.
In Dutch and in English.
( 24TH DECEMBER 2023 )


Last Sunday, Rob Oudkerk was one of the guests in the morning talkshow WNL Op Zondag (here on NPO Start). Mr Oudkerk, a former MP for the PvdA, has recently been presenting the TV series Na 7/10, antisemitisme in Nederland. That is an EO production, see their webpage here.

In the talkshow, Mr Oudkerk said that he only started feeling really Jewish after that October the 7th.

That is not a credible remark, in my opinion. Let me take you back to an episode of the Rondom Tien talkshow (NCRV) in 2002. At the time, the actions of the then Israeli PM Mr Sharon against the Palestinians were so violent that there was a call for protests of Jews outside Israel, and it was also said that Jews in Europe felt fear of a backlash. Mr Oudkerk said something interesting then:

"De belevenis van onveiligheid, of die nu objectief is of subjectief, is een feit."
"The experience of unsafety, whether it's objective or subjective, is a fact."

Now, when you make yourself a spokesman for the Jews in Europe in 2002, you can twenty years later hardly claim you were never really aware of your Jewish identity, in my opinion. But okay, Mr Oudkerk claimed so nonetheless.
( 1ST FEBRUARY 2024 )

Hajo Meyer was a German Jew who in his childhood fled to The Netherlands before the Second World War. During the Nazi occupation he was deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. He survived it and lived till 2014, having made the most of his many talents. In 2002, he was a guest in the same episode of the Rondom Tien talkshow that also featured Mr Oudkerk, see in the above. At one point, Hajo Meyer said:

"Als een Jood bedriegt of een moordenaar is, dan mag je hem daarvoor uitschelden, dat is geen antisemitisme. Maar wie ziet dat een Jood een bedrieger of een moordenaar is, en dat toch niet durft te zeggen, uit angst voor statusverlies, dat is pas een echte antisemiet."
"When a Jew is cheating, or when he is a murderer, it's okay to scold him for that, that's not anti-Semitism. However, who sees that a Jew is a cheat or a murderer, yet is afraid to say so, for fear of loss of social status, then that person is what I call a real anti-Semite."

His remarkable statement was totally ignored by presenter Cees Grimbergen.
( 6TH FEBRUARY 2024 )

The other evening I saw the documentary 2Doc: De erfenis van Els Borst (The legacy of Els Borst). She was once Holland's health minister and deputy prime minister, and the program went into her personal life, her medical and political career and her violent death in 2014. In the program, former politicians Roger van Boxtel and Alexander Pechtold - members of D66, like Mrs Borst - now call her assassination a political murder.

In 2014, D66 refused to call it that, but Mr Van Boxtel and Mr Pechtold now told the Dutch TV viewers why. At the time, they said, D66 was afraid to be accused of trying to profiteer electorally from the dismay and the sympathy with the next of kin that the hideous crime did arise within the Dutch people.

That is not a credible explanation, in my opinion. Accusations like that, contemptuous and erratic though they may be, just belong to the run-of-the-mill misconstruing, squabbling and bickering aka "the political discourse" of the last few decades, an environment in which the aforementioned gentlemen have always been holding their own excellently, given the nice careers they have made.
( 9TH FEBRUARY 2024 )

Donald Trump has allegedly told an unnamed president of a European country that Russia can do whatever it likes to that country, if it doesn't pay its due NATO contribution, in case he is president again.

Now, I am sure a parade of Western politicians and media will now tell their audiences that this is exactly the kind of thing President Putin loves to hear.

Yet I remember the time that Mr Trump, when he was president, at one point told a press conference something that implicitly meant he was putting more trust in what Mr Putin told him than what America's intelligence services were telling him. Mr Trump clumsily backed down on that statement one day or a few days later. It was as grotesque a moment as this one.

My assessment is that President Putin isn't happy with such bizarre statements at all. I think he's worried about what on Earth has become of America, once a formidable power that had rationally thinking men at its helm. Rationally thinking non-idiots, I mean.

I haven't seen Tucker Carlson's interview with Mr Putin in its entirety yet, but in the part I have seen, I heard Russia's president say that the world is going through some sort of a disease. Totally agree with that.

My compliments to Mr Carlson for this interview by the way. And if you don't like compliments from me, Mr Carlson, I am sure you'll find a way to make that clear.
( 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 )

I just heard Sven Kockelmann on NPO Radio 1 say about the war in Ukraine: "That this is our war, is something we are hearing two years now." No, that's not true, Mr Kockelmann.

At first the Dutch cabinet told us: "This is not our war", and only as from June 2022, so four months after the beginning of the armed conflict, only then the Dutch cabinet began to tell us: "This is also our war, although not in a formal sense."

And they did so in spite of the revelation of Ukrainian foreign minister Kuleba that Ukraine had crossed the Rubicon in provoking Russia, a revelation he immediately tried to back down on (Nieuwsuur, May 2022). At that point in time, Mr Rutte's cabinet could and should have said something like: "This shows that we have done wisely in February to keep The Netherlands at a safe distance of the conflict", but they didn't, they said the warlike thing, a month after Kuleba's Rubicon remark.

That new position has brought The Netherlands closer to a war with Russia, disturbingly enough, whereas a different statement could have kept The Netherlands at a safe distance. A different statement could have contributed to a constructive consent of opinion in the West to urge Ukraine to accept mediation and to participate in peace talks with Russia; a different statement like: "The revelation of the Ukrainian minister proves that Ukraine carries a part of the responsibility for the outbreak of the war too, to say the least."

Yet no Western head of state, government leader, newspaper or radio and TV interviewer like yourself, Mr Kockelmann, ever spoke one word about minister Kuleba's unintentional yet very important moment of candour, like no-one of the Dutch main media ever pointed out to the Dutch people how disturbingly strange the change of position of the Dutch cabinet actually was, between February and June 2022.
( 19TH FEBRUARY 2024 )

Yesterday in Moscow, heavily armed cowardly murderers took the lives of more than 110 innocent unarmed people in an entertainment building, they wounded very many others and they plunged very many families in grief and pain. My condolences to the next of kin in particular and to the people and government of Russia in general, and I hope that the perpetrators and their accomplices will get what they deserve.
( 23RD MARCH 2024 )

Earthquake hits New York and New Jersey
I read it about an hour ago on BBC World News.
Heed my words: it's a call from God to all mankind to repent and to convert to Him, our Creator.
To acknowledge that our ways are sinful.
To restart our lives, now on the basis of the time-tested values of the New Testament.
On the basis of the gratitude we owe to the guiltless Yeshua for His self-sacrifice, when He paid the price on the cross two thousand years ago, for our sins.
It's a call from the Heavens to open our hearts to Yeshua Christ, the Son of God.
Perhaps you don't like what you read on my website.
Perhaps you don't like me.
It doesn't matter.
What matters is this warning. This sign. This appeal.
Earthquake hits New York.
New York, people, for crying out loud.
Money's own metropolis.
The Mammon's main lair.
The core of the gore.
The worshipped centre of the East Coast Empire, the empire that is as invisible as it is powerful.
That city, that monument of human hybris like world history has never seen before, has now been hit by an earthquake.
Coincidence doesn't exist.
God does.
Ignore the mockery that inevitably will be broadcast widely as a response to every Christian who says the same thing as I do here now.
Convert to God, please.
For your own sake, for your family's sake, for your posterity's sake.
For the sake of their souls and your soul in the afterlife.
If you want to find Him, you will find Him.
Praise the Lord. Amen. ( 19:14 DUTCH TIME, 5TH APRIL 2024 )

Today the BBC is broadcasting the WW2 movie The Eagle Has Landed (1976). It's about a platoon of German paratroopers, secretively dropped in 1943 Britain, who are planning to kidnap prime minister Winston Churchill and abduct him to Berlin. If it's the BBC's intention to plant the idea in British heads that Nazis from abroad could land in the UK, I guess they must have succeeded plentifully by now, as they have been broadcasting this film every other year in the past two decades or so.
( 6TH APRIL 2024 )

They seem to want a world war, our rulers.

U.S. President Biden sounded desperate when he reacted to Congress refusing to go along with his Ukraine aid plans in December 2023: "Otherwise U.S. troops could end up fighting Russian troops." In that way, he already planted the possibility of that deployment in the heads of the Americans.

Recently, French President Macron has again said that sending Western troops to the front in Ukraine shouldn't be ruled out. In February, the British media were full of politicians panicking that the British army isn't ready for war, and the British Foreign Secretary has recently given London's permission to Kiev to use British weapons for hitting targets in Russia itself.

In November 2023, Germany's Defense Minister proclaimed he wants the German army to become "kriegstüchtig": disciplined for war. In December 2023, he announced Germany might introduce general conscription again. The media in Germany keep pressing Chancellor Scholz (SPD) to supply Ukraine with devastating Taurus missiles, something he has refused to do so far. The same media, in acted bewilderment, are grilling politicians who are wondering why there seems to be no room for pleas for peace negotiations, like Münzenich and Steger (both SPD) and Sahra Wagenknecht.

In April, the NATO secretary general asked the member countries to cough up a grotesque 100 billion dollar to buy weapons for Ukraine.

In my own country, one prominent figure after the other is mentally preparing the Dutch for a possible or even probable war ahead. The members of the cabinet, the commander of the Dutch forces, the chairwoman of the Dutch employers, a former NATO secretary general, an array of talkshow guests, and so on.

And if the day comes that Western politicians will actually appear in the media to say that troops of NATO countries will be sent to Ukraine, I almost can already hear how they will justify that to the general public. They will say:

"Isn't it high time to take up arms next to the Ukrainians? Isn't that long overdue? Shouldn't we be ashamed of ourselves for having lived our relaxed lives in the past two years, while Ukraine was going through the ordeal of death and destruction, caused by the Russian agressor? We are going in now and we are finally going to help those who have been helping us tremendously since February 2022. We can no longer ignore the call of our moral duty. In fact, our soldiers should have joined the heroes of Ukraine much earlier."

Perhaps you are wondering why I think I can by and large predict that. That is because of a line that is being pumped into our heads by the media and the politicians for the past two years now, and it is this line:

"Ukraine is not only fighting for its own survival and freedom, Ukraine is also fighting for our safety and our values."

Sounds familiar, huh? And it's this countlessly repeated message that over time has made our minds susceptible for the statement I described in the above.

Just look how the two become a logical whole when you combine them in the right order:

"Ukraine is not only fighting for its own survival and freedom, Ukraine is also fighting for our safety and our values. So isn't it high time to take up arms next to the Ukrainians? Isn't that long overdue? Shouldn't we be ashamed of ourselves for having lived our relaxed lives in the past two years, while Ukraine was going through the ordeal of death and destruction, caused by the Russian aggressor? We are going in now and we are finally going to help those who have been helping us Westerners tremendously since February 2022. We can no longer ignore the call of our moral duty. In fact, our soldiers should have joined the heroes of Ukraine much earlier."

This, in all likelihood, will be their two-leg propaganda, playing at people's emotions. It will talk hundreds of millions of Westerners into a world war that is not fought in the interests of the Western nations - although "our" media will portray it as such 24/7 - but that is exclusively fought in the interests of the rulers of the West, and that is something entirely different.

Between 1941 and 1945, the Russians have gone through too much mourning, too much suffering, too much hardship, to accept any BS from any other power ever - and drawing Ukraine into the Western power range, making Ukraine a new NATO country, then stationing tanks and jet bombers and nuclear missiles next to Russia's borders, is exactly the kind of BS that the Russians will prevent from happening by all means at their disposal.

Rational people who know the important facts realize that, they can understand that, and respect that - our rulers however are not rational people. You know I believe they are brainwashed power-hungry supremacists. They think: we seized power over Russia once already, in 1917, and we can do it again, and having Russia within firing range from Ukraine will help us get there. Fact: 80 percent of the officials in the first Soviet government were Jews.

The present situation is very serious, I think.
Do you agree with me?
Please keep your cool and stay friendly and polite to every Jew you come across.

From this place, my congratulations to President Putin on his fifth inauguration. ( 7TH MAY 2024 )

As from November 2023, four political parties are engaged in an attempt to form a coalition government in The Netherlands. These parties are the BBB, the NSC, the VVD and the socalled Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders.

The PVV won the 2023 elections and now holds 37 seats in the 150-seats Dutch Parliament. Polls show that support for the PVV has grown further.

Remarkably, Mr Wilders is the only member of the PVV; it's rather a strange political contraption than a genuine political party with members who can hold the party leadership to account.

Mr Wilders said something very disturbing in 2004 or 2005. If memory serves me right, it was at a time of great dismay and turmoil in my country. Film and TV maker Theo van Gogh, a fierce critic of Islam, had just been murdered by a revengeful Moroccan in the streets of Amsterdam in broad daylight.

Mr Wilders said this:

"Might it ever come to race riots, something I really do not want, then that would not necessarily have to emanate a negative effect."

"Mocht het ooit tot rassenrellen komen, wat ik dus echt niet wil, dan hoeft daar niet bij voorbaat een negatieve werking van uit te gaan." (Bron: Nieuwsuur, 8 oktober 2010)

I found and find this an underhand statement. When someone says that, he is stealthily condoning political violence on the one hand, yet trying to uphold the image of a law-abiding and democratic politician on the other hand, while others - incited by his words - could end up getting convictions and life-troubling criminal records.

I mean, it's either this or that.

Either you abhor race riots (like I do) and in that case, you don't even remotely suggest that race riots may well have a positive effect - or you do find that race riots can work out positively, but in that case, you must have the guts to abstain from a hypocritical disclaimer like 'something I really do not want'.

So, Mrs Van der Plas, Mrs Yesilgöz and Mr Omtzigt - they are the other party leaders in the coalition talks - have I told you something new here, and if so, will it influence your ideas about the desirability of forming a cabinet together with Mr Wilders?
( 11TH MAY 2024 )

On May 14, Jan Paternotte (D66) tells in the Op1 talkshow that Ronald Plasterk (PvdA) is being put down in het Torentje by Geert Wilders (PVV) as a temporary substitute for him. (Het Torentje, the Little Tower, is the seat of the Dutch prime minister.)

Mr Wilders had said in March that he surely would become prime minister one day, after it became clear he wouldn't get the job this time, in the new cabinet that's now being formed.

On May 14 however, the four parties engaged in the process still hadn't designated anyone as prime minister (and still haven't). The name of Ronald Plasterk was only circulating as a rumour among journalists.

More peculiar still, on May 14 the negotiators had not even agreed on the new cabinet's policy program yet. So how can Mr Paternotte, at that particular moment in time, already be so sure about Mr Plasterk becoming the next prime minister?

And why on Earth would millionaire Ronald Plasterk, a member of a leftwing party, want to play a servile role for Geert Wilders of all people, vehemently denounced by the left a million times?

Definitely a matter for conspiracy theorists to focus their mind on. Hey wait a minute, that's me, I'm a conspiracy theorist! Now, let's see.... what is it that Jan Paternotte, the Op1 presenters, Ronald Plasterk, the journalists in Den Haag, Geert Wilders, the other three negotiators and in fact the entire Parliament, have in common....?
      Mr Paternotte's original text:
      "Hij (Ronald Plasterk) wordt nu eigenlijk neergezet door Wilders om de
      stoel, of eigenlijk het hele Torentje, even warm te houden voor Wilders."

( 17TH MAY 2024, 14:55 DUTCH TIME )

"Gosh", Mr Sunak, the prime minister of In... um, Britain, was thinking, "I promised the people a general election in the second half of 2024, but what day shall I choose?" Then he realized there is no better way to symbolize Britain's subservience to Washington DC than to pick the 4th of July.
( 22ND MAY 2024 )

I'm afraid I again have to tell something that only my Dutch readers can understand.

How times can change, how people can change....

Jacques Wallage was the parliamentary party leader of the PvdA in the 1990s. TV journalist Fons de Poel once made a Netwerk item in that period, in which he was bemoaning Mr Wallage's position in Dutch politics. Mr Wallage always ended up in a second-best position, Mr De Poel was sorry to observe. Never a prime minister, never a minister....

Yet fortunately, a cheerful Mr Wallage was able to comfort Mr De Poel by pointing out that as the leader of the PvdA, he did yield a lot of influence in The Netherlands.

After this introduction, let me now take you to another time somewhere in the 1990s. Mr Wallage and Frits Bolkestein (VVD) are engaged in a parliamentary debate. At one point, Mr Bolkestein casually mentions Mr Wallage and Mr Janmaat in one sentence. Hans Janmaat was an anti-Islam and anti-mass immigration MP - and merely to be mentioned with Mr Janmaat in one sentence leads Mr Wallage to fumble for words with rage.

And now, more than 20 years later, lo and behold, Mr Wallage has called upon Mr Wilders to become prime minister, although since 2004, Mr Wilders is as much an anti-Islam and anti-mass immigration politician as Mr Janmaat was (!)

Mr Wallage's appeal was aired in the Sven op 1 radio program yesterday.

Now I come to think of it, why wouldn't Mr Wilders in turn propose that Jacques Wallage become the new prime minister, since Mr Plasterk withdrew his candidacy? It would certainly make Mr De Poel happy, for one.

See Part 2 of my digital book Britain faces the threat of Anglocide, Control+F 'Wallage', for more quotes of Mr Wallage that make you wonder why he wants to see Mr Wilders in het Torentje.
( 23RD MAY 2024 )

When I think of D-Day, I think with gratitude and respect of the brave young Americans, Britons and Canadians who successfully attacked the Nazi fortifications and troops in Normandy, and I think of their losses and casualties. Reflecting on that, you're soon confronted with questions too big to find an answer to.

Yet I also think of the wartime generation who with amazement, concerns and sometimes anger saw how society was making strange turns as from the 1960s.

I find that their opinions and feelings come to the fore excellently in an article that was published in the Mail Online in 2009 with the headline: 'This isn't the Britain we fought for', say the 'unknown warriors' of WWII

Leaving the author's "political correctness" aside, there stands a compelling account of many eyewitnesses of a Britain that should never be forgotten, better still, of a Britain that can serve as an inspiration for the future. The only thing that makes this piece a bit outdated is that it is pre-Brexit.

I am also referring to this Mail Online publication in my text 'I will never say that everything in society was better in the past, but a lot of important things were', please click here, Control+F: 21-12-2011
( 9TH JUNE 2024 )

This day I am entering the 26th year of my activism.
A salute to those who sympathize.
Putting my pamphlet online on June 9, 1999, and placing advertisements for it in the NRC and De Telegraaf newspapers were the beginning.

I re-read the pamphlet, a couple of years after I had e-mailed my digital book to academic Britain.
What struck me then, was the undertone of amazement in the text, as if I was wondering: surely, the negative developments in my country don't have to be like this? Why isn't it obvious to everyone that The Netherlands are going downhill on this course?

I was clueless about Torahism at the time.
Finding out about thát came in the years that followed, and so did my first real understanding of the New Testament.
After an overwhelming moment of insight of what was going on in the West since the 1960s, I started to write the e-book in June 2001.

Now, so many years later, my website attracts an average of 40 views per day.
"Not a very satisfactory state of affairs", like Sean Connery said in A Bridge Too Far.
I still believe in the miracle that will kickstart the reversal, but it has to be a big one, that's for sure.
( 9TH JUNE 2024 )

As announced in December 2023, I have sent an internet letter to the parliamentary party leaders in the Tweede Kamer (Dutch Parliament) about the Rubicon remark of the Ukrainian Foreign Secretary. In Dutch and in English.
( 18TH JUNE 2024 )

Shocked over the assassination attempt on Donald Trump's life at the rally in Pennsylvania, glad that it failed, yet saddened over the loss of life and serious injuries among the members of the audience. As a Christian, I know I should feel sorry for the death of the gunner too, but I find that hard, I have to admit. At this point in time, neither his/her identity nor the motive has yet been established. My best wishes for Mr Trump's recovery.

Down below, you'll find everything I have published before August 2020:


Welcome to the initiative for the British Christian Patriotic Party
From 25th December 2003 to 3rd March 2004, the text 'Britain faces the threat of Anglocide' was randomly e-mailed to more than 8,000 people working in British universities (about 7,400 academics and 600 support staff). To the present day, none of them seems to be willing or able to refute this text. It is dealing with the gravest of subjects and it is, if judged by current standards, breaking down taboos. Down below you'll find links to the main text, then a list of my articles and internet letters, then a series of shorter texts. It's in chronological order, so you'll find the latest almost at the bottom of this page, above the standard closing text.

The universities were those of Aberdeen, Bath, Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Durham, East Anglia, Edinburgh, Essex, Exeter, Glasgow, Huddersfield, Hull, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Lincoln, Liverpool, London (Imperial College, Metropolitan), Loughborough, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nottingham, Oxford, Plymouth, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton, St Andrews, Staffordshire, Surrey, Sussex, Swansea, Warwick and York.

Britain faces the threat of Anglocide (1/2)
Britain and the other European nations might perish in what looks like a lengthy psychological war. How to survive in a Christian Patriotic manner. please read on (December 2003)

Britain faces the threat of Anglocide (2/2)


Address to the few upon whose choices depends so much: adolescent Jews, growing up in a Torahist environment
"... In 2001, I re-read the New Testament and I was profoundly touched by it. I came to understand the essential difference between the Mosaic and the Christian faith. What do you do with the things you know but others don't? Do you use your 'knowledge surplus' against them in order to get on top of them, even to harm them, to ruin them? Or do you share your surplus with them, for the benefit of both parties? Is knowledge to be used as a weapon or as a tool? ..." please read on (December 2003)

Fourteen questions to myself
The BBC, The Guardian, The Independent and The Times show no interest in talking to me, but a number of my readers are perhaps wondering how I would answer some critical questions. So let's imagine that I am a journalist working for the old media, set to interview, well, myself.... please read on (9th April 2005)

A review of frequently broadcast opinions after Muslim terrorism hit London
"... Terrorism is a matter of life and death. The people have every right to live in a country that isn't pestered by it. So to solve that problem, a cool calculated exchange of sound arguments is required. Are the British witnessing such an exchange, looking at the BBC? No, they are not. ..." please read on (9th September 2005)

25th and 26th November 2005: the BBC twice airs a Timewatch documentary about Hitler's mind
"... All the facts about Hitler's atrocities, neutrally told, provide for more than enough material for the education of present and future generations to prevent Nazism from ever reviving. It are precisely the omissions and distortions in programmes like these that confront us with the necessity now to challenge another demolishing world view. ..." please read on (22nd December 2005)

Internet letter to ten chief editors in The Netherlands
IN DUTCH AND IN ENGLISH "... A new Dutch parliament will be elected on November the 22nd and prime minister Balkenende, the other party leaders and the interviewers are talking about several problems and solutions, as the old media show, but not about the problem of the Torahist influence. I feel committed to the well-being of the people to which I belong and I would therefore like to ask you the following. ..." please read on (9th November 2006)

Internet letter to Nick Griffin, chairman of the British National Party
"... This BNP comment clearly demonstrates a lot of enthusiasm over the NPD's electoral victory. Now, it's very well possible that the facts I mentioned above are new to you. However, now that I've been sharing these facts with you, how do you look back on this enthusiastic comment now? ..." please read on (10th January 2007)

The old media are full of this one too:
"In America, it are the evangelical Christians, the religious right-wingers, who are the big pushing force behind President Bush and his disastrous wars." Are they indeed? I don't think so. please read on (9th May 2007)

How to neutralize the well-known words of mass intimidation
"Racism". "Xenophobia". "Hate crime". "Discrimination". "Prejudice". For decades now, the old parties and old media have been hurling these words at us, and because of it, many people feel insecure to speak their mind, when their hurted sense of justice fills them with annoyance and indignation. So it's time to learn to say something back. please read on (9th May 2007)

I believe
"... I think that bad ideas have been given - and are still being given - the image of being good ideas, and that good ideas have been given the image of being bad ideas. ..." please read on (9th December 2009)

Internet letter to the presidents of the national parliaments of the twenty-seven EU countries
"... Imagine the people you are representing were properly informed about Moses's astonishing doctrine of confusing, dispossessing, expelling, subjecting, even ruining the non-Jewish peoples - they would surely demand from their parliament to undertake action against it. ..." please read on (9th April 2010)

Internet letter to Prime Minister Mr Cameron
"... Britain is one of those countries the choices of which have had great consequences for the entire world. ..." please read on (18th May 2010)

Internetbrief aan tien lijsttrekkers
This is an internet letter in which I am addressing ten No 1 candidates of the old parties in The Netherlands, where on June the 9th general elections will take place. The text, in Dutch only, is almost identical to my letter to the national parliaments in Europe.
      Geadresseerd, en tevens als 'echte' brief verzonden, aan de dames en heren Cohen, Halsema, Pechtold, Roemer, Rouvoet, Rutte, Van der Staaij, Thieme, Verdonk en Wilders, ter gelegenheid van de naderende Tweede-Kamerverkiezingen op 9 juni. lees verder a.u.b. (25 mei 2010) + Een overzicht van de (non-)reacties tot dusver.

Internet letter to Israel's President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
"... what if you found out that a certain people called the Swej have been carrying a book called the Harot along with them, wherever they go, for the past 3,500 years? ..." please read on (14th May 2013) I got an acknowledgement of receipt from the Prime Minister's Office (14th June 2013)

Internet letter to 27 political parties in Europe
"... I would like to ask you the following question. What is your political party doing against Torahism to prevent it from harming the interests of your people (any further)? ..." please read on (9th July 2013)

Why not show Deuteronomy 15:6, Mr De Poel, instead of that anti-Semitic cartoon?
"... The cartoon shows three people at a dining table. At the left, a man in morning coat is seated. He is fat and sweaty, he has a hooked nose, and his three cuff links have the shape of little Stars of David. Above the man, who is feasting on a variety of dishes, stand the words 'The banks' ..." please read on (10th October 2013)

Mr De Poel, why not show your film to some other friends of Mr Wilders?
"... Now, it is possible that the Jews mentioned above have already been informed about the Wilders-Strache contact, and to leave nothing to chance, I could send internet letters to them about this ..." please read on (29th October 2013)

Internet letter to First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond
"... Can your forthcoming White Paper on independence be expected to have the answers to these questions? ..." please read on (29th October 2013)

Internet letter to UKIP leader Nigel Farage
"... Would you call this line of thought anti-Semitic? ..." please read on (29th October 2013)

My slightly one-sided correspondence with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Germany
New: my last e-mail to Dr Ralf Melzer of November the 9th, 2013 please read on (I sent my first letter to them in May 2013)

A selection from the texts I published on the British Democracy Forum
In August 2010, I sent an internet letter to Britain's main parties; the Conservatives replied ///// On the existence of God ///// Twelve opinions most people have strong feelings about ///// Are you determined never to fall in any sort of anti-Semitic trap? ///// How the media are making us insecure towards the Jews ///// What I find insidious about the expression 'white working class' ///// Is Islam slowly taking over the West? ///// Is it any use to vote for a socalled rightwing populist party? ///// You'd better like the EU. Or else... ///// David Cameron in April 2010: 'I will empower UK Jews' ///// Baroness Kennedy (Labour): 'The people with power are not the politicians' ///// The BBC's tale of two gossiping presidents ///// The idea behind my internet letters ///// How TV makers can make us feel bad about a particular country ///// Internet letter to US President Barack Obama ///// Internet letter to several news media in America ///// and more ///// please read on (24th December 2013)

Yeshua is telling us the saving truth
... "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me" (Yeshua in John 14:6) ... please read on (31st May 2014)

The Ukraine crisis: what does it look like, versus, what is it, most presumably?
"... He sees that this world, in spite of all the sheen of civilization, is still a dog-eats-dog-world, in which a coup d'état isn't internationally condemned, much less followed by sanctions ..." please read on (18th August 2014) With some corrections on 1st September.

Suppose, the reversal takes place next week. Then what?
"... The whole of the anti-Torahist effort has to be carried out in such a way that it positively influences the discussions in the Jewish indoor world ..." please read on (11th December 2014)

Do you know how the British people are portrayed on Dutch TV?
"... In the episode of March the 15th, a journalist of The Times was privileged to present his take on the UK's issues. This journalist, one Sathnam Sanghera, had picked immigration ..." please read on (4th April 2015)

Internet letter to U.S. Presidency candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
"... In 2000, I became aware of the existence of the stunning Mosaic doctrine, as worded in the Torah, by which mentally defenceless Jewish children, as from the age of five, are indoctrinated to develop a supremacist, even genocidal mentality towards the non-Jewish peoples, and by which they are indoctrinated with the fear of their own (!) god, who is said to punish the Jews ruthlessly, if they won’t live by this Mosaic doctrine ..." please read on (4th September 2016)

How the BBC was creating a pro-war mood before the invasion of Iraq
"... In other words, the Newsnight staff edited an introduction meant to make us think that Mr Blair in 2003 is comparable with Mr Churchill in 1940 ..." please read on (December 2003, published as a separate text on 10th October 2016)

A BBC presenter has suggested WHAT ??
"... I reserved the fourth place for the supreme counter-argument. We may be able to do things because the laws of our countries allow us to do so, but I believe that in the final analysis, we are all answerable to God, and although He never calls me up to share His views with me, I believe that the sight of a couple of thousand people, owning firms that make big bucks out of producing pornography, and the sight of tens of millions of people watching pornography, is seriously adding to His ire over mankind, an ever larger part of which seems to be spitting on His commandments in many other respects as well ..." please read on (18th November 2016)

"The Russians even tried to interfere on the Dutch referendum on the Ukraine association agreement...."
.... according to UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon MP, speaking on the BBC on October the 9th, 2016. Related internet letters, in Dutch and in English:

Internet letter to the Dutch Minister of Defence + the Ministry's reaction (last update 31st March 2017)

Internet letter to the Dutch Foreign Secretary + the Ministry's reaction (last update 31st March 2017)

Internet letter to several parliamentary parties in the Dutch Parliament + follow-up (last update 17th February 2017)

Internet letter to several news programmes and newspapers in The Netherlands + follow-up (last update 3rd January 2017)

Internet letter to BBC host Andrew Marr (10th March 2017)

Why I congratulate the President of Russia on his electoral victory
"... So on the whole, I am seeing this eagerness of the Western countries to increase the tensions with Russia, and I am more suspicious of that eagerness than of Russia's allegedly "divisive" and "threatening" and "sinister" intentions, adjectives you often come across in the Western media ..." please read on (30th March 2018)

Internet letter to the city council of Herxheim am Berg, Germany
"... In that Germany, Herxheim am Berg shouldn't be a place then, where the chiming of a church bell gets the almost triumphant ring of a Hitler who posthumously wants to see himself vindicated ..." please read on (9th May 2018)

Thoughts about 9/11, seventeen years on
"... However, in spite of the moments I just described, over the years since 2001, the moments that I dared to think "could it really be...", I have always felt more than one inner obstacle that hold me back from unreservedly saying: "Yes, 9/11 was a conspiracy, but not carried out by Muslims” ..." please read on (24th September 2018)

Do you want to know what I mean by 'psychological war against the whites'?
Do the mini test.
(10th October 2018)

How the Dutch Nieuwsuur programme made America look like two different countries
"... Now, compare this Nieuwsuur report of 2016 with the Nieuwsuur interview of 2018, with the economist ..." please read on (15th November 2018)

My impressions of the Brexit process
"... Combine the EU's mentality and Mrs May's decades-long commitment to the EU, and on the combination of these two factors alone, you could foresee it was always going to be a bad deal ..." please read on (24th November 2018)

The tensions between Washington and Moscow over the INF treaty
"... The fourth possibility is that the true cause of the INF treaty tensions is something very different from what both presidents are saying about these tensions in public ..." please read on (12th December 2018)

Internet letter to Dutch Foreign Secretary Wopke Hoekstra regarding ‘the Rubicon remark’ of the Ukrainian Foreign Secretary
IN DUTCH AND IN ENGLISH "... On the morning of the Russian invasion, Prime Minister Rutte says on TV: “Only Russia is responsible for this, only Putin”. That isn’t right, apparently. ..." please read on (30th October 2022)

Internet letter to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte
IN DUTCH AND IN ENGLISH "...Ukraine itself admits to having deliberately gone too far with Russia. A month later, The Netherlands embrace Ukraine even tighter and behave even more like a brother in arms of that country. I repeat: that’s completely illogical, and utterly contradictory to the interests of harmony and peace in the world, which of course is also a Dutch general good. ..." please read on (20th May 2023) I received a reaction from the Government Information Service. (24th June 2023)

Internet letter to demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte
(28th November 2023)
Plus a reaction from the Government Information Service (RVD) and my comment.
(24th December 2023)

Internet letter to the parliamentary party leaders in the Tweede Kamer regarding the Rubicon remark of the Ukrainian Foreign Secretary
(18th June 2024)


Addition to the ways to confuse a nation (section 5.6 in the main text, part 1)
A presenter is clearly in favour of Method-5 over the years. This can be derived from the questions he's asking and from the reasonings he is pushing his audiences in. His employers, set to confuse the public, are happy with his work. So when he occasionally utters a stance that is logically conflicting with the overall patterns in his influencing, they don't mind. For example, when he publicly says something nasty about something or somebody his employers don't like either, they'll let it pass without any ado.
      Now, suppose the presenter's masters are suddenly worrying that the country might become aware of their confusing activities. They will then jump at an earlier remark of the presenter to make a case for their seeming impartiality. They'll announce they will discontinue the cooperation, and they will show indignant Method-5 influentials who are pleased with that discontinuation. The widely broadcast controversy will become a vivid recollection in many people's minds. It will therefore become harder to explain to the public, a part of which now erroneously believes the presenter is pro-Method-7, that he usually promotes Method-5. Confusion can only be disguised by creating yet more confusion. (no. 49) (22nd January 2004)

I have sent letters to Prime Minister Mr Blair and BBC Chairman Mr Davies
These letters contain diskettes with the text and I am mentioning my full name and address. I mailed these letters on January the 26th. I've marked the envelopes with 'Christian-patriotic initiative'. (27th January 2004)

I have also informed The Guardian, The Independent and The Times
As an introduction to my e-mails, I wrote the following:

To: The Independent, The Guardian and The Times

Dear Sirs,

This is to inform you that as from 25th December 2003 I have been e-mailing the following text to people working in Britain's universities. What I am hoping for is that some brave people will once found a British Christian-Patriotic Party, seeking to change anti-fascist Britain into a Britain that isn't troubled by any totalitarian ideology, including the beliefs and actions of the Mosaicly brainwashed among the Jews.

It is a good thing that Hitler has been defeated, but Hitler's defeat didn't turn the Torah into a comic book all of a sudden, and I hope you will inform your readers about the fact that the Jewish people never distanced themselves from that book, which contains a number of directives to confuse, to dispossess and to slowly destroy all non-Jewish peoples, thus including the British people that lost half a million lifes fighting Nazism and Japanese imperialism.

On the 26th of January I have sent letters to Prime Minister Mr Blair and BBC Chairman Mr Davies, in which I am mentioning my full name and address.


Richard [replaced by as from 30th September 2009]

I have used the following e-mail addresses:

The Guardian:,,,
The Independent:,,
The Times and the THES:,,,
(27th January 2004)

I have received about 15 reactions so far. Most of them were negative. No factual correction or exposure of a logical error in any of them. Some Jews reacted too. They weren't positive either, but it's better than ignoring.
      To those who asked me to remove their names from the mailing list - don't worry, this is a once-only event. To those who asked me other questions: this is not the right time for me to enter into any correspondence, I am really sorry for that. I have now e-mailed more than 8,000 people.
      I was notified by Downing Street that the Prime Minister has received my letter and diskette. The message didn't say whether he has actually read my text or not.
      The BBC and the three newspapers haven't reacted. (3rd March 2004)

I have to wait and see
For half a year now, I haven't received a single e-mailed reaction. And since incoming e-mail is the only way I can find out whether my readers are spreading this website address (I haven't installed a hit counter), I can't say a thing about the effects of my move so far. It's possible that many people do read me, but don't send mail. So do I have an increasing number of readers or not? I haven't got the foggiest idea.
      A comparable tale can be told about the influence of my text, if any, on today's establishment. In the past six months, I have of course noticed some remarkable government policy changes, Tory statements and BBC programmes. In my opinion, they may be (partially) inspired by concern a significant number of potential voters would agree with my views (if these views ever get well-known, that is). However, I have no evidence that such concern does exist, so I will not bore you with any further speculations on the subject. (10th September 2004)

The lesson from the sea
The quiet horizon, dividing the sky and the sea, suddenly revealed to harbour waves of death and destruction. The world mourns for the huge loss of human lives in South-East Asia and Africa, and those who believe in God, are praying for the victims' souls. The organisations of helpers are pleasantly surprised by the quick increase of financial gifts, showing mankind at its best, a family of peoples. But, as the BBC's Mr Omaar rightly said, the world should also keep the needs of the stricken countries in mind, after the camera crews have left the areas of devastation.
      The catastrophe has made people say: 'There is no god, let alone a loving god. If such a god existed, how then could he allow such terrible things to happen?' But if that is true, the reversed reasoning is also true - mankind has witnessed several manifestations of formidable natural violence that didn't demand any casualties, so there must be a God who loves us.
      Ín 1908 a meteorite exploded over Central Siberia, flattening woodlands and causing fires in a wide uninhabited area. Fortunately, this meteorite didn't hit Moscow, London, Washington DC or any other city, so there must be a loving God.
      In 1994 a comet from outer space collided with our solar system. This collision had been foretold and the curious astronomers directed their telescopes and the Hubble space telescope towards Jupiter. The torn-apart comet Shoemaker-Levy caused several gigantic explosions in the thick atmosphere of that planet. Fortunately, the comet hit Jupiter, not Earth, so there must be a God who cares about us.
      Every second of the day, our solar system lies under siege of lethal radiation from, again, outer space. It doesn't affect us on Earth though, since the solar wind, a constant flow of charged particles leaving the sun, is holding that radiation at a distance. Now, this solar wind isn't exactly healthy for mankind either, but we are protected against that protecting solar wind by the Earth's magnetic field, which is deflecting those particles.
      Thank God, I would say.
      So among all these inconceivably great forces of nature, mankind has originated and, relatively recently, evolved into Homo Sapiens, and he wants to figure things out, he hopes to find explanations, because these answers will at least give him the feeling he is on top of things, as if he is seeking compensation for his physical frailty by finding intellectual satisfaction.
      Now, even a minor rearrangement of two tectonic plates on our small planet already causes this much suffering, and it is confronting us with two reasonings which are clearly contradictory, but which both sound rather convincing. Isn't then the first lesson that should be drawn from the tsunami disaster, that we, mankind, should simply be more humble? (9th January 2005)

"Secret Powers Everywhere"
That is the title of an article on conspiracy theories, that was published in 'Scientific American Mind', the December 2004 issue, volume 14, no. 5. On the magazine's cover, the publication is being referred to by the line 'The Truth about Conspiracy Theories'. I am the author of such a theory and I am interested in the truth, so I have read this article attentively. It can also be found at (9th February 2005)

The apostle from Poland has made his final journey
The embodiment of serving leadership, Pope John Paul II was a great Christian guide, because of his unfaltering commitment to values that have defied the storms of millennia and because of his numerous deeds to bring all the peoples closer to the God of Love for all mankind. (9th April 2005)

I've added a new text
It can be found at Fourteen questions to myself. In February I announced that I would update this website in March, but I didn't. I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused. (9th April 2005)

"We do not war primarily with races as such. Tyranny is our foe, whatever trappings or disguise it wears, whatever language it speaks, be it external or internal, we must forever be on our guard, ever mobilised, ever vigilant, always ready to spring at its throat."
     Prime Minister Winston Churchill, University of Harvard, 1943
     Speeches & quotes, Speeches,
     "The price of greatness is responsibility"

( which I don't want to recommend you to spring at anybody's throat. But what I find striking about Mr Churchill's remark, is that he was still full aware that the British people can have internal adversaries, while he was in the middle of a war against tyranny from overseas. 8th May 2005)

It is time to introduce myself
My name is Richard Schoot (1958), I am a Dutchman and I am living in a town near Den Haag (The Hague). Firstly, I owe my readers an apology for trying to make them believe I am a Briton in earlier texts.
      I undertook my first political action six years ago. Out of concern over how Dutch society is developing, I wrote a pamphlet in which I described the moral and social deteriorations in my country since '1968' and I argued there is a relation between the decline and the prevailing opinions in the public debate. Analysing these dominant opinions, it occurred to me they are the extreme opposites of the extremist Nazi ideas, from which The Netherlands as an occupied country had been suffering during five years.
      Some of the examples I gave. Then: the relentless persecution of the Jews. Now: the diffidence of the Dutch to criticise Israel. Then: the total subordination of the individual to the interests of the collectivity. Now: the harping on the rights of the individual. Then: state censorship. Now: the unlimited freedom for artists and media people to use this freedom irresponsibly. Then: the glorification of everything that is white. Now: the glamorisation of everything that is not white.
      While unreservedly condemning Nazism, I went on arguing that The Netherlands are getting into serious trouble as a result of the progressive ideas, and I turned against the standard practice of dragging the Nazi era into the public debate to isolate those with common sense views.
      After the liberation of Holland by the Allied armies in 1945, I wrote, the Dutch are now facing the necessity to free their minds themselves, in the interest of sound government policies to solve national problems.
      In my pamphlet, I proposed to found a new political party called 'Constructief Nederland', that should advance what I then called moderately right-wing nationalist policies. I wrote a concept for a manifesto, I expressed my views on the troubles the new party could be challenged by and on the kind of people the party would need in order to be successful in the long run. I also announced I would ignore the old media as much as I could, partly out of aversion to their biases, partly out of curiosity about the potential of the new media.
      I made it clear that I thought of the world view prevailing in the media as an annoying but benevolent and understandable reaction to Nazism and colonialism. I really found it hard to imagine that any group of people could be willing to sneakily damage a society on purpose decade after decade, and I didn't know about the Painful Passages back then.
      I put my pamphlet on the internet and I spent a small fortune on two adverts in two national newspapers to draw people's attention. These adverts were published on 9th and 10th June 1999. I felt I had made a strong and unique case about the paralysing effects of WW2 on Dutch politics, something that matters to the entire people. Furthermore, I was to the best of my knowledge the first Dutchman who had published a political pamphlet on the internet, and the first Dutchman trying to found a new party with the aid of that medium.
      Because of all of this, I expected at least some media attention, but I didn't get any. That surprised me. Even my announcement to ignore the old media seemed newsworthy to me, in a world where your average politician is constantly struggling to get his or her message in the news. So this media silence meant a setback to me, but I had to accept it, and although I received only very few e-mails of people telling me they read my pamphlet, I began to write articles for my website.
      In 2000, I asked four opinion magazines for an interview, but without avail. Later on in that year, I had a remarkable chance encounter with a man, who after my introduction said he knew my name from the internet. A relative of his had drawn his attention to my initiative, for which he showed sympathy. He told me that his work brought him in regular contact with the editorial staff of a local newspaper. After bringing up my initiative, they told him they knew, but that they weren't allowed to publish about it.
      This encounter made several things clear to me. In the first place, the fact that a man I never met before, knew my name from the internet, was an encouraging indication that people were spreading my website address. In the second place, my initiative had apparently been newsworthy indeed. The only reason why that particular newspaper hadn't paid attention to it, was because its editors had been blocked to do so. In the third place, having found out about Torahism in the meantime, I now understood there were forces at work who didn't want the Dutch people to reflect on my pamphlet. The disproportionately large role which the Nazi occupation is still playing in the Dutch mind, is evidently not something the Dutch themselves, officially a 'free and democraticly ruled' people, should be allowed to discuss.

      My discovery of Torahism and of the New Testament answered all my questions about the developments in the post-1945 West. All the separate bits of knowledge I had gathered by then suddenly fitted together. I saw a clear overall picture and I was overwhelmed by it. I saw the great danger of the Mosaic influence and I was resolved to warn people against it. I immediately began to write again. In August 2001 I decided to go to Britain with this new text after its completion, without having a clear idea about exactly how.
      I had several reasons to take this route. Moses's inheritance concerns all the European nations, so I preferred to word my new insights in the world language that is English. But I was especially motivated to go to Britain because of the indignation I felt. I knew Britain had made great sacrifices to help liberate the Continent from Nazism. I knew that British soldiers and sailors had lost their lives in great numbers all over the world, that British women had exhausted themselves in the war industry, and that many British children had to be evacuated to the countryside to escape the Luftwaffe and the V rockets.
      My own people shouldn't have to accept the psychological misuse of the Nazi era, but the British people rather less so surely, in my opinion. In connection with this, I came to believe that a successful Christian-patriotic movement is more likely to originate in the UK than in The Netherlands.
      Now, I could have told straight off in my English text that I am a Dutchman. Why didn't I? 'Thanks' to its liberal-progressive establishment, Holland obtained an ill reputation throughout the world as the place 'where everything goes'. So were I to reveal my nationality, I expected British readers to think: 'Why doesn't he try to fix the mess in his own country?' I felt I then had to tell about all the ins and outs of my first pamphlet as well. Explaining things could easily become quite complicated, I thought, while my core message was complicated more than enough already. When a writer raises very delicate issues like Jewry and racial differences, all sorts of alarm bells start ringing in the average reader's mind. So to lower the acceptance barrier as much as possible, I decided to pretend being an Englishman. The advantages of this construction outweighed the risk readers would notice that English is not my mother tongue.
      It was an effort to deceive people, but my apology will hopefully be accepted. (9th June 2005)

The London bombings
Innocent people were randomly stricken by ghastly aggression. I am sympathising with the victims and their families, who are now going through something we as outsiders can't really imagine, I feel respect for those who are doing their best helping others in the aftermath, the doctors and the nurses, the emergency workers, the detectives now facing a difficult job, and it's obvious that the terrorists involved deserve nothing but the sharpest condemnation. No perception of God, no anger over the West's double standards, no suffering from injustice, no feelings of humiliation can ever justify such deeds, that are contemptible for their cowardice and repulsive for their cruel fanaticism. The West is far less noble than the West's image is constantly suggesting, but blind terror is quite not the way to make the world a better place. (9th July 2005)

Hurricane Katrina, the stampede in Baghdad, plane crashes....
May God have mercy on the souls of the victims and support their next of kin. (9th September 2005)

Refreshing sounds
Six newly elected Tory MPs have written a letter to The Spectator, saying the Muslims are right about the decadence in the UK. I wonder when they'll say the Muslim indoor world is right about the Torahist influence in the world. (9th September 2005)

Another manipulation technique I've discovered (no. 50)
A polling company can get two different outcomes when they put one and the same question to a random selection of, say, 1,500 people. How? By firstly asking their respondents another question that will influence their mood towards the main subject, and then ask them the main question. The polling company will subsequently only publish that second question and the figures about the outcome of the poll.
      A fictitious example. A certain organisation wants to know how a certain people feel about the French. The pollers know that that organisation is hoping for a favourable outcome for the French. So their first mood-setting question will be something like this: 'The French gave the world champagne, perfumes and haute couture, the Louvre in Paris is annually attracting countless admirers of art and antiquities from all over the world and the Citroën DS became a legendary car thanks to its design and highly innovative pneumatic suspension. How do you feel about these things?'
      The respondents, reminded of pleasant things about France through that question, are then asked how they feel about the French in general.
      The combined reactions to that same question will however turn out to be quite different, if the pollers hope for an unfavourable result for the French and initially ask: 'Only a few months in office, President Chirac ordered nuclear bomb testing to resume in the Pacific, the French were standing aloof while US and UK troops liberated the Iraqi people from an evil dictator and it was a Frenchman who invented the guillotine. How do you feel about these things?' (9th September 2005)

I've added a new text
It is dealing with the opinion climate after the terrorist attacks in London. (9th September 2005)

Prime minister Mr Blair about the BBC
In the Sunday AM programme of September the 25th Mr Marr had an interview with Mr Blair. They came to talk about a confidential remark of Mr Blair's that had been made public by Mr Murdoch. This interview item led the BBC World Service to bring the following Ceefax message:

Blair admits BBC Katrina disquiet - Tony Blair says he "didn't care much for" some BBC reports about Hurricane Katrina, after claims he was angry at the corporation's "anti-Americanism". But the prime minister told the BBC's Sunday AM programme: "I'm not making any great criticism of the BBC - you carry on doing whatever you want." Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch said Mr Blair told him the BBC World Service coverage was "full of hate of America". The BBC said it was committed to "full, accurate and impartial coverage".

'I'm not making any great criticism of the BBC - you carry on doing whatever you want.' It reminded me of what I have written in the main text, 6.6.1: 'In my view, the interests of the old media and the old parties are unhealthily interwoven. The picture of some wordless deal emerges: the old media are allowing the old parties to build an image of decent, reasonable parties for themselves, as long as the old parties never mention Torahism.'

Please also note the 'full' and 'impartial' bits in the Ceefax report. (9th October 2005)

An example of how the Nazi era is politically misused in my country
At the end of September, Dutch railway company NS and the 'Centraal Joods Overleg' (Central Jewish Consultations) launched a poster campaign in 66 train stations. The posters came in two text variations: 'In 1940-45, it were the Jews who had to bugger off. Who now? Don't let the hatred resurge' and 'The train to Auschwitz used to depart from here. When will the world get any wiser?' (Original texts: 'In 1940-45 moesten de Joden oprotten. Wie nu? Laat de haat niet herleven.' and 'Vroeger vertrok hier de trein naar Auschwitz. Wanneer wordt de wereld wijzer?')
      I find such texts utterly offensive. The Jews had to bugger off in those years, yes, but under the orders of the occupying forces of a merciless militaristic police state, not under Dutch orders. Not only had they to bugger off, they were deported to get murdered, around 110,000 of them. Again, under Nazi orders, not under Dutch orders. These posters however maliciously suggest that the Dutch were responsible.
      Furthermore, the question 'Who now?' suggests that other ethnic groups might once become the victims of the alleged Dutch hate, and the campaign got prime time TV coverage. In other words, hundreds of thousands of TV viewers of non-Dutch origin were given the idea to regard the Dutch as potential mass murderers.
      This has nothing to do with sincerely furthering tolerance and respect, this is insulting the Dutch people and I suspect it is deliberate anti-white psychological warfare. (9th November 2005)

Iranian President Ahmadinejad on October the 26th: 'Israel must be wiped off the map.'
This outrageous remark was rightly condemned by the EU under the presidency of Mr Blair in the following statement: "Calls for violence, and for the destruction of any state, are manifestly inconsistent with any claim to be a mature and responsible member of the international community". Well said. The problem is of course that the President of Iran (who reportedly is a good Muslim towards the poor in his country) has now given a golden PR opportunity to those politicians who want to camouflage certain Torahist-imperialistic moves as indispensable actions for Israel's self-defence (by which I am not saying that veritable Israeli self-defensive actions are Torahist-imperialistic.)
      Yet, leaving the predictable lies aside, there is now a State of Israel existing since 1948 and I hope it always will.
      I believe that the Jews are a restless people. They are a restless people because of all the tensions that sprout from Torahism, and because of their awareness that sixty years ago, the lack of a country of their own facilitated Hitler to commit his terrible crimes.
      It is however in the interest of the entire world that the Jews once find rest. It is in the interest of all mankind that its most intelligent part finds rest. So there has to be a secure State of Israel, and the anti-Torahist rollback that Europe needs, has to be carried out for the sake of the existence, sovereignty and well-being of the European peoples, not for the purpose of making life bitter for the Jewish people.
      When a Christian-patriotic movement succeeds in doing that, and thus gains the trust of benevolent Jews, an anti-Torahist movement within Jewry itself will once arise and get increasing influence over the years. It's all much easier said than done, but I am really convinced that that's the appropriate way ahead. (9th November 2005)

The BBC is repeating the series 'Auschwitz - the Nazis & the 'Final Solution'
This series, written and produced by Laurence Rees, was firstly screened in January of this year. When I saw the first episode, I was amazed by the scene in which a bunch of SS guards were singing a song to the melody of.... the Dutch national anthem. I am not familiar with the musical repertoire of the SS, but they surely had dozens of other songs. The makers of the series should have picked another melody. This choice was needlessly embarrassing to their Dutch viewers. (I'll keep another thought on this subject to myself.)
      Noticing the announcement of the re-run, I was touched by the irony of the fact that by producing this series, Mr Rees has been spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' pounds to keep the public vigilant towards the dangers of national-socialism only, whereas I am alerting my visitors to all lethal doctrines by means of a website that doesn't cost anyone a single penny.
      The next episode is scheduled for Saturday the 12th of November at 8.25 on BBC2. (9th November 2005)

David Cameron in 'Sunday AM': 'We need an intellectual revolution'
Yes Mr Cameron, we do indeed, we do need that. (9th November 2005)

The disgusting nihilism raging against France
I'll go into that next month. (9th November 2005)

How to confuse a nation through the old media, Part 51
Newspapers can confuse their readers by publishing articles in which the distinction between facts and opinions has disappeared. The opinion pages begin to welcome clarifying fact-based articles, articles based on muddled reasonings and glib lobbyist propaganda alike. In this way, articles that don't bear the same intellectual weight, are all getting the same status of an opiniating article, which results in undermining the importance of the clarifying fact-based publications. (9th November 2005)

Commemorating the Reichspogromnacht
After a German diplomat in Paris had been killed by a young Jew, the Nazi state stirred up feelings of hate and vindictiveness and staged a night of violence against the Jews on 9th November 1938. Around 90 got killed, synagogues were set alight and Jewish shops were looted and destroyed across the country. (9th November 2005)

I added a new article
It's a critical look at the BBC documentary about the psychological profile of Hitler which the Americans made in 1943. I've postponed the publication of my text on the violence peak in France. I like to wish you an inspiring and merry Christmas and a good, hopeful and healthy 2006. (22nd December 2005)

The Lancet reports: Congo is the world's worst crisis
The report was mentioned in a CNN Text message of 7th January. Some fragments: 'Nearly 4 million Congolese died between 1998 and 2004, the indirect result of years of ruinous fighting that has brought on a stunning collapse of public health services. (...) 38,000 die each month'
      It's heavily tabooised, but I believe that the unbearable problems of this insane magnitude in Africa can only be sorted out, if there is a permanent Christian white presence in these countries, that is empowered by that country's government to make things of vital importance work.
      In my 1999 pamphlet, I already proposed to make barter deals with Third World governments. I wrote:

'Why not replace the existing development co-operation by true development co-operation? Why not seek a form of co-operation that prevents Third World inhabitants from wanting to escape their country, as what is happening now? The huge amounts of money The Netherlands have been spending in the past thirty years, didn't constitute help, but fake help. Because of the fear of being labelled 'paternalistic', the ruling elite gave away hundreds of millions of guilders [billions actually] without demanding proper auditing of the spending. So the result became what you could already have expected - nihil. Besides, don't forget that there is something condescending about help. The helped one can even begin to feel a certain resentment towards the helper. By accepting help, the helped one recognises that he can't manage, that he is conducting the struggle for life less well than the helper does. That is not a very pleasant insight. It isn't for nothing that the Arabic saying goes: 'Why does he hate me? I never helped him, did I?'

That's why I am pleading for development co-operation on business lines. Why shouldn't The Netherlands go look for a limited number of nations, five or six at the most, to construct a kind of international partnership? We come to those governments with a clear proposal. We let you share in what we have, you let us share in what you have.
      We Dutch can bring in the following: telecommunications, management skills, medical facilities, starting capital, enthusiastic young people and knowhow on various domains: civil engineering, agriculture, chemistry, you name it. You can bring in labourers, raw materials, minerals, crops. Surely, that can lead to a barter deal that benefits The Netherlands as well as the Third World country involved?
      Some principles are universal; everyone in the world understands them without further explanation. 'Something for something' is one of them. There is nothing unethical about it.
      And, very important, this principle makes both parties accept one another as they are.
      That's real development co-operation for you. And the influence we gain in such a country, we can apply to effectively do something against child labour and so on, because we'll be present there ourselves. (....) We can go to the countries we've colonised in earlier times and say to them: 'We've long ruled over your country and we did so on the basis of an error, thinking we were superior, but we've learnt from our mistakes, now we are coming to you with a proposal that can bear fruit for both our countries, and that plan is arguably the best way to make up for our wrongs in colonial times.'

What I am trying to get across here, is that we need a far better approach for the solution of Africa's problems than what we get to hear now all the time, this whole media parade of pop artists half a year ago for instance, who were pressing Western governments for 'debt release', which amounts to giving money away that isn't theirs, but the Western taxpayers', who never get any say in this.
      We need an approach based on mutual respect, an approach that on the one hand recognises the racial facts of life, and that on the other hand spares the Africans loss of face, that leaves their self-respect intact.
      Africa's suffering is another reason for me to hope that present-day taboos will once crumble, because I understand what Einstein meant when he said: 'The way of thinking that got you into trouble, can never be the same way of thinking that will get you out of it.' I simply fail to see what is so 'liberal' and 'progressive' about persisting in the untruth that the human races are equally talented, an untruth that, in Congo for instance, is daily contributing to the unimaginable misery of our fellow men over there. (9th February 2006)

The Islamic anger over the mockery of Mohammed
From the multitude of opinions that were privileged to be screened in the past days, a small selection:

1. 5th February, Dutch discussion programme 'Buitenhof'. Presenter Rob Trip tells his guests: 'Die Welt, an authoritative newspaper, and most other European newspapers are writing: Islam can only then be considered civilised, if it's just as easy to make jokes about Mohammed as about Jesus.'

1a. I think it is a great misunderstanding to assume that Muslims will ever go along with this. They don't view the mockery of Christ as progress, as something that should inspire them, as an example well set. On the contrary. That the Christians have allowed this mockery to take place for decades, is something they probably view as an indication of the inferiority of Christianity.

1b. What is it about liberal-progressive people that they never seem to doubt the wisdom of their own positions, that they never account and apologise for the wrongs that came forth from their ideas? Time and again I've read interviews with these people, sighing: 'Since the 1960s we've emancipated the women, we legalised abortion, we're working on euthanasia laws, we've emancipated the gays, but now that the Muslims have moved in, it looks like we have to start all over again with them.' What is it that makes these people so arrogant? Do they ever confront themselves with the possibility, if even for two minutes, that they are wrong, that all the 'progress' they achieved, is based on a lack of respect for life, based on the denial of the existence of female and male qualities, based on the discarding with all the knowledge of life which mankind has accumulated since it learnt to write? Their definition of 'civilisation' will never be accepted by Muslims. And what is so 'civilised' about hurting and offending people in their hundreds of millions?

2. There is something peculiar about the joint statement of the UN, the EU and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, issued by Mr Annan, Mr Solana and Mr Ishanoglu respectively. The statement is meant to show understanding for the feelings of the Muslims, but to condemn the violence. It contains the following:

'(...) But we also believe the recent violent acts surpass the limits of peaceful protest. In particular, we strongly condemn the deplorable attacks on diplomatic missions that have occurred in Damascus, Beirut and elsewhere. Aggression against life and property can only damage the image of a peaceful Islam. We call on the authorities of all countries to protect all diplomatic premises and foreign citizens against unlawful attack. (...)'

'The image of a peaceful Islam', it says.

Apparently, these three gentlemen are only worrying about how Islam looks like in the eyes of the Europeans. I'd say Europe is better served if it's told the truth about Islam.

For the full statement:, click 'Welcome', 'UN News Centre', look for 'Search UN News' in the right column, type: SG2105

3. A poll in my country learnt that about two thirds of the Dutch don't understand the Islamic anger (source: Maurice de Hond). Yet, 1950s Holland would have understood it, as 'holy' was a word most of my countrymen connected well with then, and 2050s Holland will hopefully understand such things too. The sooner, the better, of course. (9th February 2006)

God is Love, says Benedict XVI
Hear hear.... (9th February 2006)

An Austrian court sentenced David Irving for denying the Holocaust in 1989
During his trial last February, the historian pleaded guilty to the criminal charges made against him. He said he erred in saying there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz. He acknowledges that the Nazis have murdered millions of Jews. These statements constitute of course a welcome blow, a welcome wake-up call to those whose neo-Nazi sympathies have always made it hard to accept what has really happened under Hitler's rule.
      In chapter 10 of the main text and in 'Fourteen questions to myself', I've been critical of the way how Mr Irving has been portrayed in the old media, not knowing that he has actually denied the Holocaust. His 2002 reply to me wrongly led me to assume that he has always been a Holocaust revisionist. I would have written differently about this issue, if I had known better. (16th March 2006)

A couple of weeks ago, the BBC broadcast 'The plot against Harold Wilson'
Who says the BBC is shying from investigating conspiracy theories? (9th April 2006)

Confusing technique no. 52: down-imaging by feeding thought associations
An unknown writer has produced a text that is considered a threat by mendacious TV makers. They ignore him. He is however determined to spread his text, so he resorts to photocopying and other means of reproduction. After a while, the TV makers are worried to understand that an increasing number of people are very interested in reading and spreading his writings. Consequently, the hypocrites decide to down-image him in the following roundabout manner.
      They make a programme about a certain celebrity writer, after making sure this famous person will not object to their plan. The texts of this author show a slight superficial resemblance to those of the boycotted writer. The TV makers will make full use of this vague similarity. In their script, they'll put as many hints to the unknown writer as they can think of. The decisive differences between both writers are flatly ignored.
      Furthermore, the TV makers pay a lot of attention to the impressive writing skills of the famous writer, but they plan to explain to the public that these skills have a dark side to them. The celebrity will be portrayed as a great manipulator, an irresistible seducer. He almost magically deprives his readers of their criticising abilities, and they love him for it. It will be suggested they are eager to be submitted to his verbal voodoo.

      The programme is broadcast. Very many viewers don't know anything about the unreported writer. These viewers will watch the programme, logically assuming it's about the celebrity. They can't possibly realise that the programme isn't actually made for them. It is produced to aim at the people who have read the unknown writer's text and agree with it.
      Now, picture one of them, while he or she is watching. The continuous stream of hints has the intended effect. The viewer gets tingled by the similarities. They spark thought associations that lead his mind from the famous writer to the unknown writer. The viewer is not given a chance to reflect on the differences, as the programme keeps on loading his mind with new images, more words, fresh input.
      The emphasis on manipulative, seductive writing has the intended effect too. Before the programme, the viewer felt appreciation for the unknown man's text, because it had clarified several important issues to him. But now, he starts wondering whether the unknown writer has manipulated him in the same way the famous writer apparently goes about it. The viewer begins to doubt the integrity of the unknown writer, and the sowing of that doubt is exactly what the programme makers are after. (9th April 2006)

Thank you
In 'Fourteen questions to myself', I dealt with the phenomenon of negative hints, but I am noticing the opposite thing is going on too. I am in a position that can easily lure me into wishful thinking, but occasionally, I am observing statements that I in all modesty can't interpret as anything else than positive hints to my work, and I've come to admire people's sense of justice, magnanimity and fearlessness. I will and can not go into detail. I may be 95% sure that something is meant as a positive hint, but I can never have 100% certainty, and besides, I don't want to embarrass people.
      Still, if you, my dear reader, recognize yourself in this, if you have made veiled references to my initiative, either in written or in spoken words, if you, by doing so, have signalled that my opinions should get access to what is called the 'public debate', or, a step further, if you've meant to signal that you share my views, then I want you to know I'm very grateful for that. It helps me a lot. It helps fuel my drive.
      By the way, is all the circumspection that I have to exercise now not a sad comment on our times? (9th September 2006)

I can think of good reasons to stop, but I will continue
In the past two-and-a-half years, I have never received any e-mail. The few reactions in early 2004 were the only ones. That means a serious setback to me. At the time, I was hoping that one out of every x number of readers would react, so that if my texts were being spread by increasing numbers of people, an increase of received e-mails would indicate that to me, in course of time.
      I know that my ever-empty inbox doesn't necessarily imply people don't spread the word, perhaps my internet book has already been read by hundreds of thousands of people, telling others about it, yet feeling an inner obstacle to react, but this is nevertheless bothering me. Furthermore, that I never get mail, is not an easy thing to tell to the people around me, as you can understand.
      Then, there are moments of strong doubts over my personal suitability to be a promoter of the Christian message.
      Now, these and other things could of course lead me to stop writing for the website or remove it altogether.
      The reasons to continue however are carrying much more weight. (9th September 2006)

Home Secretary Mr J. Reid MP: "We have to get away from the daft so-called politically correct idea that everyone who wants to talk about immigration, is somehow a racist"
Mr Reid said so a couple of months ago, but he's quite not the first one who said it. In the past decades, I've heard so many of my countrymen say things like: "When you say something about it, you're called a racist!", in a mixture of irony and incomprehension, whenever they feel annoyed by an immigration-related wrong, and I believe that a whole lot of people feel the same way at the British side of the North Sea.
      It has always been daft (and probably malicious too) to stick the 'racism' label on those opposed to the massive immigration of people, whose life-styles would predictably conflict with ours.
      It has always been daft (and probably malicious too) to call people 'narrow-minded' or 'egoistic' or 'nationalistic' when they are worried to see that jobs, that should go to the British and the Dutch unemployed, are taken by foreigners.
      It has always been utterly foolish to make a country like the UK or The Netherlands attractive for lazybones, frauds and criminals from other countries, who simply compare the tough way their own governments are treating them with the idiotic pampering over here, and then obviously understand which way to go. That has never been rocket science.
      And now, Mr Reid seems to want to connect with the many who are fed up with what has become of 'multicultural' Britain. Yet, he seems to be careful to say it in such a manner, as if his party and the daft idea are two completely different things. Mr Reid doesn't mention the huge co-responsibility of the Labour party, one decade after the other, for the pushing of the very idea he's now suddenly denouncing as 'daft' and 'so-called politically correct', and his party isn't accounting to the public for the huge problems that came of it. (16th October 2006)

In May 2005, millions of Britons voted for the party that literally promised them more police, cleaner hospitals, lower taxes, school disciplin and controlled immigration....
....yet, what they got a half year later, is a Tory opposition leader who after nine years of Labour government says: 'I like Britain as it is.'
      I'm watching the BBC's news selection programmes quite often, but all I'm seeing Mr Cameron do is travelling to the North Pole, jumping on a bike, toying with his webcam, proudly showing a sloppily drawn tree as his new party logo and giving speeches I can never remember one sentence of. What happened to "school disciplin"? What happened to "more police"? What happened to "the British values" and "the forgotten majority" Mr Howard claimed to stand up for in May 2005? (It's really as recent as that!) What happened to "the subversion of British values" Mr Howard accused Mr Blair of, back then? That's a rather serious accusation, isn't it?
      Now, that a party is moving in another direction than the one they promised before the elections, is bad enough as it is.
      But how about the BBC? I can't recall ever having seen one BBC interviewer grill Mr Cameron on this direction change, that must have disappointed countless voters. All I'm seeing the BBC do is approvingly saying that the Conservative Party is 'returning to the centre-ground of politics, shaking off the "nasty party" image'. In other words, the BBC is rewarding political unreliability instead of exposing it.
      What I'm in favour of, is the democratic decency of politicians who firstly think through thoroughly what needs to be done, then go the public and tell them clearly what needs to be done, then stick to it, determinedly, consistently, for the duration of the full parliament, and then, in the new campaign, explain to the public what the state of affairs is, mentioning both their successes and their failures. That is the kind of democratic decency that should be shared by all political parties, regardless of their views, and that is something the voting citizen can rightfully expect in return for the sign of confidence that is his vote. (16th October 2006)

In the Sunday AM programme of October the 8th, the BBC's first director-general, John Reith, was said to have been anti-Semitic and an admirer of Mussolini's and Hitler's dictatorial style
So, besides the theory I put forward earlier, this evokes the possibility of another theory on the causes of the BBC's silence on Torahism.
      That second theory is: once the Holocaust was uncovered after the war, the subsequent BBC directors-general became so disturbed and traumatized by the idea of having so politically wicked a predecessor, that the Corporation turned intensely Torahist-friendly on the rebound in the years that followed.
      Yet, whichever theory matches the real situation best, the British people are still being severely disadvantaged by the BBC's quietness about the dreadful Mosaic ambition. (16th October 2006)

Dutch parliamentarian Jan Marijnissen's comment on the many conspiracy theories about '9/11'
The fifth anniversary of the al-Qaeda terrorist crimes gave the old media in my country cause to pay much attention to these theories, in which the Bush administration itself is usually suggested to be the perpetrator.
      In its edition of August the 18th, weekly magazine HP/De Tijd ran a cover story on 9/11 theories and on the kind of people who want to believe in them, as they ignore significant counterarguments or even give a grotesque spin to such arguments to keep their fantasies watertight. The article also mentioned Mr Marijnissen's view on this matter. (Mr Marijnissen is leading a party that holds 9 of the 150 seats in the Tweede Kamer, the Dutch equivalent of the House of Commons. His party considers itself to be an opposition party.)
      Mr Marijnissen, as quoted: 'The belief in plots is a dangerous path to go. After all, with a selective use of the facts, you can make a plot of just about everything' (Original quote: 'Geloof in complotten is een gevaarlijk pad. Immers, met een selectief gebruik van de feiten is overal wel een complot van te maken')
      I find Mr Marijnissen's opinion wise as well as covering only half the truth.
      Suppose, an insincere or paranoid person is set on seeing a conspiracy. He writes a text about it, while omitting the facts that don't convene with his purpose, and he trumpets his views around. If he gains a lot of support for it among the people, feelings of distrust, fear and hatred will rise in society, and that can lead to a dangerous situation indeed. So it's a good thing Mr Marijnissen is warning against that. People who want to see conspiracies, will see them one day, and the less political and media influence they have, the better. The assumption of other people's benevolence and sincerity is a prerequisite for a livable, happy society.
      It is however also true that this assumption should not degrade to risky naiveté. With regard to politics, it is unwise to turn a blind eye to the sort of political ambitions that can only be realised obscurely by definition. The political ambitions of those who know how to pose as good democrats perfectly, but who are anti-democratic at heart. The political ambitions of those who view emotional blackmail, prolonged hypocrisy, anxious conformism and plain calculating conformism as morally acceptable to get their way in the end. The political ambitions of those who will always avoid a clarifying in-depth discussion.
      If such ambitions are left unbarred in a democratic society for a long time, then circumstantial evidence that something worrisome is going on behind the scenes, will almost automaticly mount for the careful observer who leaves no facts excluded, emotionally difficult as it may be to stomach some of those facts. In other words, ruling out the possibility of a plot beforehand can be dangerous too, because conspiracies regretfully do belong to the arsenal of political activities, and conspiracies can be nation-threatening.
      In case the nation becomes aware that such a major conspiracy is likely to exist, it must be made clear that 'likely' does not mean 'proof' and that values like the rule of law and the inviolability of life and property must always apply. On the other hand, the nation can then rightfully expect its leaders to neutralize the perilous situations and developments, that were probably caused by plotters. (29th October 2006)

Commemorating the Reichspogromnacht
The 9th of November 1938 saw a night of violence against the Jews in Germany, that led to the loss of 90 lives, an ominous prelude of things to come. Some disturbing figures from present-day Germany: the number of far-right crimes there rose by 21% to 8,000 in 2006 in comparison with the same period in 2005 (source: ARD, 17th October 2006). The eastern German lands in which neo-Nazi party NPD acquired parliamentary representation rose from two in 2004 to three. (9th November 2006)

Confusing technique no. 53: broadcasting TV scenes, produced to silently deter people from undertaking political action
A group of powerful people are in control of television and film, misusing it for ill purposes, and they are worrying that a growing number of people are contemplating whether or not to undertake political action against that. They would hate to see that happen, so they begin to make programmes with scenes that they trust will let the following ideas pop up in the viewers' minds:
      1) Going into politics will put so many demands on me, it will ruin my private life. 2) Not only I myself, but also my loved ones will come under siege of the cruel media. 3) If you are deemed a serious risk by the establishment or by foreign powers, they might even send in murderers.
      The suggested message will be: 'Stay out of politics. It will only get you into serious trouble.' (9th November 2006)

Confusing technique no. 54: biasing the public against an interviewed person by making an unfavourable allegation about that person without his prior knowledge
Someone gets the opportunity to air his or her views in a newspaper article or in a TV programme, but malevolent media people want the audience to look at that person through an unfavourable filter. They can achieve that by admitting a negative allegation in the beginning of the article or programme, after the interview has taken place. The public will then judge all the statements of the interviewee in the light of that allegation.
      An example. Politician Mr Jones has told his interviewer things like 'As this is a delicate matter, we should take our time to carefully look at all aspects of it' and 'A decision about an important issue directly affects neighbouring issues, mind you'.
      Such statements will get a particular glow over them, when the medium has used the introduction: 'Mr Jones is getting scared'.
      If the media people want you to like Mr Smith who is saying similar things, the opening words will go: 'Mr Smith warns against rashliness' (9th November 2006)

Nazi cartoons are shown on British TV, Nazi cartoons are shown on Dutch TV....
In the episode 'Hess' of the BBC series 'Nuremberg - Nazis on trial', broadcast on October the 9th, a fragment of a Nazi animation film was shown, in which little Jewish caricatures were flying into books, theatres, courts and other buildings, while a German voice-over, speaking in the grim fanatical style so typical of the regime, accused the Jews of harming the German people in all sorts of ways.
      Now, I'm not watching the Dutch TV channels all day, Heaven forbid, but I've recently seen them broadcast fragments of another anti-Semitic animation film on three days on a row. It was produced during the German occupation under the orders of Holland's party of Nazi collaborators.
      Both the BBC and the Dutch broadcasters alike are remaining monotonously silent about the ideology of the Painful Passages, so I'll have to go on monotonously marking their monotony. Because, what is the effect of their selective silence, in combination with the airing of Nazi cartoons and of the pictures of the Third Reich's atrocities?
      In my opinion, this broadcasting policy is strengthening the false idea that says: 'The Nazis viewed the Jews as the source of all evil in the world, so - so - everyone who says something negative about the Jews, is a Nazi, or an anti-Semite at least'. It raises the question: who are the only ones, who can benefit from the general public making that mistake?
      If we'd have old media paying attention to the Painful Passages, and if we'd have old media investigating the political power of Torahism, then you'd get, after an initial shock, a far less troubled opinion climate in the country, and people would feel uninhibited to say: 'It's obvious that the ruthless anti-Semitism of the Nazis should remain a thing of the past forever, but we don't have to tolerate that Torahist Jews and their associates are exploiting and endangering our nation, and we don't have to tolerate anybody's psychological warfare.' (9th November 2006)

I added a new text
It's an internet letter, addressed to ten chief editors in my country. (9th November 2006)

After my letter, I'm waiting and seeing
So far, the ten media haven't put a question about Torahism to Holland's campaigning politicians. They haven't produced a broadcast or article on the issue yet. None of their editors has reacted to my letter up to now. No phonecall, no letter, no e-mail. (12th November 2006)

Still no reaction from the ten media. No counterarguments that weaken my theory. On the other hand, no questions about Torahism to the politicians either. No broadcasts or articles on the subject. (15th November 2006)

Still no reaction from the ten media. No counterarguments that weaken my theory. On the other hand, no questions about Torahism to the politicians either. No broadcasts or articles on the subject. (18th November 2006)

The same story, or should I say: non-story. Holland's most influential media remain silent towards the public, regarding the well-known subject, and they remain silent towards me. By the way, my person can't be the reason why they ignore me. I don't know any of the chief editors personally, this was the first time I tried to get in contact with them.
      The general elections will take place tomorrow. While I'm typing this, I'm listening to the final TV debate, in which the leaders of the largest six parties are participating. They're ping-ponging their arguments, soundbites, facts, denials and reproaches so zealously, one might almost think Holland's future is depending on this-or-that party gaining some seats extra. (21st November 2006)

Ten of the old parties were elected to send representatives to the Tweede Kamer, varying from 41 to 2 MPs per party. At least three parties will be needed to form a coalition government that is backed by a parliamentary majority of 76 MPs or more. The negotations may well take several months. (23rd November 2006)

I just heard that lovely song, 'It's the most wonderful time of the year'
Nothing has changed about my conviction that the reversal will come. Probably somewhere in the course of this decade, the nations will become aware of Torahism, and a number of post-1968 developments, which have been given a 'good' image, will be recognized, exposed, as very problematic moral and social deteriorations. The reversal will usher in a good development for the Jews too, regardless of what any parade of Torahist-friendly 'opinion leaders' will say or yell about it in the old media.
      One day, most Torahists will see Moses and his Painful Passages for what they truely are. I wrote it earlier and I'll write it again: words like 'confusion, expel, dispossess, ruin' have a negative ring to them in Hebrew too, surely.
      I have my moments of doubt and despair of course. There are times the reversal seems further away than ever, there are times I'm thinking 'it's too late, the decline already made us sink below the point of no return', but such negative feelings never really run deep and I think I would have the courage to declare this second initiative a failure, if I believed that to be true.
      So based on everything I've come to discover, understand and learn since 1999, I repeat: I'm sure the reversal is coming. Don't ask me for the exact date, but there is a date. And on that positive note, I like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a good and life-enriching 2007. (19th December 2006)

I added a new text
It's an internet letter, addressed to Mr Griffin of the British National Party. (10th January 2007)

The enemy within
I feel obliged to inform those among you who sympathize about a difficult issue.
      I remain convinced that Christianity will once regain people's hearts and minds. Europe will once reconnect with its best values. I remain convinced Christianity has the formidable potential to roll back Torahism, to roll back its pitiful servant called pseudo-Christianity and to expose the flaws in the God-denying philosophies.
      Yet I find it increasingly difficult to imagine I can be helpful to expedite the reversal. Earlier I already mentioned I have valid doubts as to whether I'm the right man to get involved in a political-evangelizing action, and mine is now the moral dilemma of a man who every now and then awkwardly fails to live up to the Christian standards himself, which he is advocating for the world around him. I'll spare you the details, and long stories about the sorrow and the shame that come with it.
      I decided to mention my dilemma on this website, because the issue is affecting my initiative. I'm noticing my inner conflict is inhibiting me from doing something very necessary, namely going full steam against the immoralizing influences around us, which so many people seem to have accepted as normal and harmless.
      Right now, I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing. I'm facing the possibility it's my own dark side that might silence the writer with ideals in me. I need some time to sort this out. Perhaps it's a matter of summoning up courage. There are those who manage to turn their weakness into their strength, but that road isn't clear to me (yet?). I envy them, actually.
      The whole thing is all the more frustrating, given the texts I am working at and the new internet letters I have in mind. I'll certainly come back to the subject. (26th February 2007)

"You, therefore, who teach another, do you not teach yourself?"
Romans 2:21

"Be the change you want to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi

The end of a dilemma
There are pictures and films a civilized man doesn't want to see. I've seen them, while, paradoxically, always understanding pornography to be an evil. In a bid to clean the slate, I mentioned this in the main text, but in vain. I've done wrong in this respect in the years that followed, including this year.
      I feel forced to reveal this for two reasons. Firstly, I want to carry on writing for the initiative. I therefore have to correct the unbalance in my texts, an unbalance which is caused by my avoiding of writing about sexual morality issues. But if I am to write about those, I have to begin with a clean slate ("yet again", I can hear my enemies laugh), as I don't want to be a hypocrite.
      I have also a negative reason for revealing this. My misbehaviour is knowable to others and I don't want to live with the idea that others are in a position in which they could try to blackmail me, or that others are waiting for the 'right' day to broadcast my misbehaviour as a 'scoop'.
      I've done wrong, but that's behind me now and I expect to begin to write against immoralizing influences like TV obscenities somewhere later in this year.

      Awkward as you may find it to read all of this, you can't possibly feel more embarrassed than I do right now, and please, always realize that the necessity of a Europe-wide Christian-patriotic spiritual counteroffensive isn't in the slightest diminished by the previous. Beware of the deceptive reasonings and suggestive associations in the old media that go like: 'Bad people are in favour of Idea A, so Idea A must be a bad idea, and everyone else in favour of it must be bad too', a trick that is being played many times. Please let this trick never mislead or intimidate you. Besides, who are today's media rulers to determine for the great public who is to be viewed as bad and who isn't?
      Please never lose sight of the things that really matter, the facts I listed in 9.2, the address I made to adolescent Torahist Jews in 7.1, the right that the people have to be protected against psychological warfare. The facts of 9.2 are carrying incomparably much more weight than the weaknesses and shortcomings of some Dutchman, as these facts are negatively influencing the lifes of hundreds of millions of people.
      And if it would ever dawn upon me that my involvement is hindering rather than encouraging good people to found Christian-patriotic parties, I'll back out immediately. The only thing I'm really interested in, is that Britain will once read my book and my articles, followed by other countries. I still believe that that will happen in the nearby future, and then, "the ideological battle of the 21st century" Mr Blair is always talking about, will finally get its long-awaited illuminating extra dimension. (10th April 2007)

A promising future for the people of Northern Ireland
The violence in Northern Ireland was one of those problems that the average outsider like myself only knew enough about to understand that it was a complex and bitterly emotion-laden conflict, but hope for peace proved to be realistic, as Mr Paisley and Mr McGuinness have now taken office. From this place a tribute to those who realized this tour de force. (9th May 2007)

I added three articles
I made separate texts of two parts of the main text, namely my address to the adolescent Torahists and possible reactions to the well-known words of mass intimidation. I also explored the question which religion is influencing President Bush the most. (9th May 2007)

I'm wordless for the time being. (9th June 2007)

I don't give up, but I need to lengthen the pause. (9th January 2009)

My personal problems are laying too heavy a weight on me to be able to write the articles I have ideas for. On the one hand that saddens me, on the other hand it fills me with gratitude, with joy, to think of the texts I published so far and to realize they exert influence. I think it's a matter of time, a matter of remaining hopeful, to regain the mindset necessary to write. My belief in the reversal hasn't diminished and it never will. Someone who admires me for my effort and who isn't Christian last told me contemplatively: 'Faith gives one such life power' and that's true, I wholeheartedly know that. My faith makes me feel great, even when I'm down. (9th October 2009)

Latest addition: I believe
(9th December 2009)

I take back a bad comparison
In chapter 8 of the main text, I reproduced an e-mail I sent to in April 2002. In that e-mail, I wrote: 'The Torah is a 3,500-year-old source of racism and fascism.' I take back the 'fascism'. In the first place, fascism and nazism are the same thing in the minds of many people, so it can be regarded as offensive towards the Jewish victims of nazism, and I don't want that. In the second place, comparing the evils of Torahism to other evils only enhances the very confusion in religious, ideological and political matters that so urgently needs to be diminished. Torahism is a dangerous wrong in a league of its own, momentarily largely unknown to the general public, regretfully - no comparison is either suitable or necessary to emphasize that. (9th March 2010)

Norman Cohn wrote 'Warrant for genocide - The myth of the Jewish world conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion' (1967). A year ago, I bought his book, wondering if and how this author would deal with the Painful Passages
I had already mentioned Mr Cohn's book in chapter 10, but I hadn't read it. I was now curious to face the arguments of an academic, a Fellow of the British Academy even, who dismissed the possibility of an international Jewish conspiracy as a myth. How did Mr Cohn go about paying attention to the Painful Passages, the texts that are the roots of Torahist actions, which need secretiveness to succeed? I found the answer on page 29:

'So [at the end of the 19th century - RS] the new political form of antisemitism came into being. From now on antisemitism was to be deliberately whipped up by ultra-conservative politicians and publicists in their struggle against the progressives. And although Jews were still sometimes accused of such things as ritual murder, these age-old superstitions gradually yielded in importance to the new political superstition concerning a secret Jewish government. This new fantasy was of course just as remote from reality as the old, but it was also just as effective. What Jews really were or did or wanted, or what Jews possibly could be or do or want, had nothing whatsoever to do with the matter. To understand how the fantasy arose and spread it is much less important to know about Jews than to know what persecution-mania means and how, given a suitable situation, it can be deliberately exploited in multitudes of ordinary human beings. This had happened before, during the witch-mania that gripped Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It was to happen again as the myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy began its deadly work.'

The answer: Mr Cohn (1915-2007) didn't inform his readers about the Painful Passages at all. Instead of that, he formulated: 'It is much less important to know about Jews than to know what persecution-mania means' etc. Foul play or not, by doing so, he covered up the existence of the Painful Passages and he diverted the attention of his readers from what everyone must know about Jewry to his next subject, the subject of persecution-mania.

The backside cover of my edition of 'Warrant for genocide' (Serif, 2005) mentions the following recommendations.
The Guardian: 'A scholarly account of a moral enormity.'
Publishers Weekly: 'A well-documented, accessible introduction.'
George Steiner: 'Powerful and important .... There have been previous histories of the Protocols and the mythologies of modern anti-semitism, but this is the most lucid and ironic.'
(9th March 2010)

I added a new text
It's an internet letter, addressed to the parliaments of the EU countries. (9th April 2010)

On the happy occasion of the presentation of the Tory manifesto, Newsnight's Michael Crick went aboard a diesel train in Yorkshire and asked several passengers for their opinion on some promises of the Conservatives. One of the interviewed, a woman with a child, said she didn't vote and when Mr Crick replied 'No?', she said: 'No, we need a miracle to save this country.' It reminded me of a quotation of David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister: 'He who does not believe in miracles, is not a realist.' (16th April 2010)

Concerning my letter to the parliaments
Nothing that's fit to put on my website yet. (30th April 2010)

Part 2 of the main text has an appendix now, in which I am mentioning the names I at first omitted in chapter 5.12. (11th May 2010)

An internet letter to Britain's new Prime Minister. (18th May 2010)

A new internet letter, in Dutch only
Addressing ten No 1 candidates of the old parties in my country, where general elections will take place soon. (25th May 2010)

People of hope
When language is your tool, you can sometimes envy and admire others for how well they put to words the ideas you agree with. I, for instance, feel always strengthened when I think of the two clergymen, on Dutch television some years ago, who were talking about the decline of the Christian faith. One of them said: 'In the 1950s, when church life flourished, people enthusiastically said: this is to stay forever. And now, decades later, we see the decline, the empty churches, and you can hear people say: it's a lost cause. But I am optimistic. What was sown by Luther and Calvin, is rooted too deeply for that.'
      And I also like to think of what Notker Wolf once said. The head of the Benedictine order, he was interviewed in 2008 by Belgian broadcasters VRT. He was asked: 'How do you view the future of Christianity?' - 'Very positive', he answered - The interviewer, quite surprised: 'Yes?!?' - 'Yes', he said, 'because it doesn't depend on us.' (26th May 2010)

Dialogue efforts: status report
With regard to my letter to the 27 parliamentary presidents, speakers and chairpersons: it's too early to write something conclusive about this.
      With regard to my letter to Prime Minister Mr Cameron: so far no reaction, but I think it is too early to expect a reaction already.
      With regard to my letter to the No 1 candidates in the coming Dutch elections: so far I got a personal confirmation of receipt from Mr Rutte of the VVD party.
(1st June 2010)

I have no news to tell. (8th June 2010)

My letter to the parliaments of the EU countries
I haven't received a response from 26 of the 27 addressed parliamentary presidents whatsoever.
      One of them, I will refer to him/her as 'he', had an assistant secretary send me a reaction, dated April the 12th. I returned that reaction with a polite note to the sender and I wrote the dignitary in question again, asking for a personal reaction. I explained I didn't want people I hadn't addressed to become a party in this, and that I couldn't view a reaction with someone else's signature on it as his reaction. I wrote that if my internet letter were not to achieve its primary aim, I hoped it could at least lead to an exchange of thought on my website which my readers might find interesting.
      I then received a reaction from the dignitary's secretary. Ignoring my arguments, the secretary more or less repeated the same message the assistant secretary had conveyed. So I returned his letter to him too, and I addressed the parliament's president again. I wrote that his secretary's letter was beside the point and I invited him again to send me a personal reaction. I wrote I expected his answer would be the same as his assistants'. Yet it was important to me I got it straight from him, I argued, because if that reaction raised one or more questions - and it did - I could directly address him about it, and I repeated that that would hopefully lead to an interesting correspondence on this website. Had he reasons not to react personally, I concluded, I simply had to accept that.
      I sent this letter on May the 25th and I haven't heard a thing from him since.
      My conclusion: the answer that this dignitary judged good enough to be given by two assistants, was apparently not good enough to be given by himself. (15th June 2010)

My letter to Prime Minister Mr Cameron
I haven't received a reaction from 10 Downing Street. (15th June 2010)

My letter to the ten No 1 candidates in the Dutch elections
Besides Mr Rutte's note I got a letter from another party, but it doesn't make clear whether the signature on it is that of the No 1 candidate I addressed. I asked the sender to clarify this and I am waiting for the answer. Two other parties sent indirect reactions. (6th July 2010)

British Democracy Forum (1)
From July 2010 to October 2012 I have been writing and discussing matters on this internet forum. My thread was closed by the hosts for a reason they gave in the last post.
      If you are interested in reading the thread, you'll find it here: > The Lounge: Introduce Yourself > date of last post: 26-10-2012.
      I posted an outline of the contents on thread page 22, post No 220. (That post begins with Previously on my other thread, but you can ignore that.)
      I find it a pity I couldn’t say goodbye to BDF visitors sympathizing with my initiative, but I am grateful for having had the opportunity to confront a random group of people on an internet platform with my initiative and to find out how they would react. At times, my stay on the forum had its rewarding moments.
      I hope to resume publishing as from 9th May 2013 on my own website, as I remain confident that the reversal will come. (31st October 2012)

A new internet letter
This time to President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. (14th May 2013) I got an acknowledgement of receipt from the Prime Minister's Office. (14th June 2013)

Internet letter to 27 political parties in Europe. (9th July 2013)

Internet letters to President Obama, to Mr Romney and to twelve news media in the US
I wrote these in June - October 2012 and published them on my thread on the British Democracy Forum (see above). I didn't receive a reaction to any of my letters. (24th July 2013)

British Democracy Forum (2)
As I was checking whether my uploading had succeeded today, I noticed that the BDF is now requiring its visitors to fill in things immediately. Until recently, you could read the posted texts without any ado, and you only had to register if you wanted to post something yourself. (24th July 2013, 19:20 Dutch time)

So far no reaction from any of the 27 political parties I addressed a month ago. (9th August 2013)

Have you ever started a disastrous war? Blame a dead guy
The other week the film 'W' was broadcast in my country. It's Oliver Stone's film about G. 'Dubya' Bush, America's President from 2001 to 2009. At one point, Mr Stone's actors were playing a White House meeting, at which they were wondering why on earth Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction couldn't be found, after America and other countries had occupied Iraq.
      In that scene, Mr Stone let one of his actors give a peculiar explanation: Saddam Hussein had only been bluffing to own such weapons and had been maintaining that bluff, out of fear that his own people would view him as a weak leader if he would admit he hadn't any WMD, and then ferociously would come after him.
      It reminded me of the BBC's world affairs correspondent John Simpson, who I have also once heard say that Saddam Hussein had been bluffing over the possession of WMD.
      Saddam Hussein was a vicious tyrant, absolutely. But I can remember that before Bush and Blair attacked Iraq, he was trying to convince the world he didn't have such weapons at all. I can remember newscasts of the period showing that he had invited the international media to Baghdad for a press conference, where piles of documents and CD-ROMs, sustaining his case, lay ready to be handed out to the journalists. (25th September 2013)

The NSA scandal
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has canceled her state visit to the US. It had emerged that the NSA had been listening in in phonecalls and that emails of the president and staff had been hacked. Pending the absence of any clarity or explanation over the issue, her state visit can't go on as planned, and in her address to the UN general assembly yesterday, she sharply criticized the US.
      It highlights what we haven't seen the European politicians do, after Mr Snowden revealed the NSA's massive eavesdropping. The Merkels and Camerons and Hollandes of this world should have taken a joint and firm stance against Washington, demanding from the US that this Orwellian e-spying has to stop, and some serious explanations and apologies.
      After all, we are talking about a violation, in a way and on a scale unprecedented in history, of what has always been considered a hallmark of a free country, namely respect for people's privacy. What we did get to see instead, was a mixture of resignedness and, in Germany and France for instance, rows among the old parties calling one another hypocrites, when it came out in the open that the NSA had been working together with the secret services of these countries.

      The NSA scandal also made something disturbing clear about the ICT concerns, whose names and logos have become so familiar in our world, after it emerged that they had been selling information about their customers to Washington's desk spies. That's apparently the true face of these companies, always so successful in selling this seductive image to the general public of 'you, our customer, and we, the brand, together we are the okay people, the cool people of this world'.

      How to judge the role of television and the newspapers in this? After all, you could say we owe it to them the whole world knows about this now. Well, it depends on the follow up they will give to the revelations. Let me explain this on the basis of the following example.
      In June of this year, The Guardian came with the headline: "How GCHQ watches your every move". Now, suppose this headline is telling the truth. What The Guardian then actually is saying, is that the UK has become a police state. A country in which a branch of government is watching their citizens' every move is a police state in my book. So the old parties - Labour, LibDems, Conservatives - are reshaping or have been reshaping Britain into a police state. Now, I don't know whether it has ever been polled, but I think that the overwhelming majority of the British people don't want to live in a police state. A police state is by any stretch of the imagination not what countless young lads died for on the battlefields of two world wars. A police state is not what the British taxpayers paid the costs of defence personnel and material for, billions of pounds worth, during the Cold War with the police state that was the Soviet Union.
      So, come the general elections in 2015, The Guardian can rightfully be expected to carry out some serious grilling of the mentioned parties over this, or at any earlier moment of their own choice of course. Because if The Guardian doesn't do that, while their headline 'How GCHQ watches your every move' was telling the truth, that headline will get a certain sinister whiff about it, in my opinion. The Guardian will then unmask itself as a newspaper that on the one hand is upholding an image of being a newspaper alert on breaches of rights and freedoms, but that on the other hand actually silently wants the current Torahism-friendly political system to remain intact, and that is therefore lending this system a helping hand by printing intimidating headlines.
      Now suppose, this headline was not telling the truth, or it was wildly exaggerated. The question that then rises is whether this kind of massively spreading nonsense, this irresponsibly creating unrest, this pointlessly making the British public feel uncomfortable in their own country, is something that should be covered by the freedom of the press any longer. I wouldn't think so; I find that the role of the old media should be the subject of a truely high quality public debate anyhow.
      Let's see what The Guardian will do in 2015. I predict that this newspaper will not make life too difficult for the wellknown parties, because so far it has always been a participant in the old order's conspiracy of silence on Torahism.

      Quite a witty protest against Washington's grossness took place in Berlin in July, when some people projected the text 'United Stasi of America' on the US embassy there. And a poll in the same month learnt that two thirds of the German people are not satisfied over their government's efforts to clarify the NSA scandal. No wonder that especially the Germans show indignation over this. This is a nation that after the Third Reich and the German Democratic Republic has had its fill of states spying on their own people. (The Stasi were the GDR's state security service.)
      The Berlin protesters were wearing Vendetta masks by the way. You've perhaps seen this film 'V For Vendetta', made in 2005, with Natalie Portman, Stephen Fry, John Hurt and others. It is about a future Britain, oppressed by a far right dictator. One of his evil ways is sending vans packed with electronics through the streets of the UK, to listen in to what the unsuspecting people are saying to one another in their own homes. In the end, the dictator is succesfully challenged by a masked loner called V.
      I could of course suggest to the makers of that film to produce a sequel, only this time not about a future Britain and its fictitious ruler, but about today's America and its real rulers, but then again, since it is as good as certain that both Hollywood and Washington are run by Torahism, neither city is likely to expose the other's misdoings.
      All in all, I view the NSA scandal as yet another strong indication that this whole idea of us living in free countries, with governments that know their place, is nothing more than a deceptive image, and the better alternative is clear to me.
      Because in a society based on Christian values, there will grow mutual respect and trust between the people and their government. (25th September 2013)

Innocent men, women and children are, together with the truth, always the most deplorable victims of any war, as is demonstrated once more in Syria. To woefully add to the 100,000+ casualties and millions of refugees, chemical weapons were deployed, and we have seen a parade of politicians, commenters, reporters and Syrians, with far more air time for those claiming President Assad's troops were the culprits than for those convinced it were the rebels.
      Among those who are sure the Syrian government was to blame, it's of course President Obama who carries the most weight in the current Western opinion climate, but as yet he hasn't shown his evidence to the world. Day after day though, his belligerent language gave one the strong impression that US military action was imminent.
      His promise that it would only be a limited response can only have served the dark PR purpose of talking the American people in yet another war, because even President Obama can't see what the future holds. I mean, militarily intervening in Syria, that hub of strategic interests, is a whole different ball game than, say, invading Grenada. History clearly shows that once a war is started, it easily gains a dynamism of its own, leading to unforeseen calamitous developments.
      I'm not a historian, but the examples of this now coming to my mind are August 1914, when the major European powers were sure the war would be over by Christmas of that year; September 1939, when Hitler was surprised by the British and French war declarations, he had gambled he would get away with invading Poland; and of course the hopeless wars against Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11, that never brought their main protagonists alleged they would.
      But then, in early September, while tensions were rising, US Secretary of State Mr Kerry unexpectedly mentioned a condition that, if fulfilled by Damascus, would chase away the spectre of a looming new war, and Mr Kerry's remark - his own idea, by the looks of it - constituted an opening on the geopolitical chessboard that within hours was followed by a Russian proposal, as constructive as it was alert, to bring Syria's chemical weapons under international control.
      When you add this relieving development to the Syrian Deputy PM's sigh that the war can't be won by either side, an armistice and negotiations are now hopefully within arm's reach, so that this horrendous conflict can come to an end. (25th September 2013)

"EU needs genuine government"
On October the 2nd, this quote was one of the headlines on a Ceefax page of Belgian broadcasters VRT. I looked at the headline for one second and thought: 'That's Guy Verhofstadt. Must be.' I went to the related page and yes! my guess was right. Mr Verhofstadt, a prominent member of the EU parliament, has apparently written a constitution for his ideal, the United States of Europe.
      If his ideal becomes reality - and when you follow the remarks of other high EU officials like Barroso, Van Rompuy and Schulz, it indeed looks like Europe is going down that path - then it's bye-bye forever to the national sovereignty and independence of all those European peoples whose histories go back hundreds and thousands of years; yes, it will even jeopardize the very existence of the European peoples, please read my main text if you want to know how and why;
      One day, TV presenters will joyfully tell us about the nearing inauguration of United Europe's first president, if present trends continue, and a reporter will guide us through a splendid presidential residence, saying: 'It is already being called the White House of Europe.'
      If then, finally, when it is too late, legally speaking, a European nation snaps out of its unawareness, gets over its apathy and starts protesting, not willing to accept 'Brussels DC' as their capital, don't look surprised then if NATO comes into action to violently suppress "the illegal insurgency of destructive nationalists", as television will call it.
      Yet Mr Verhofstadt is entitled to cherish his own ideals of course.

      Are you British? Don't think too much of the conditional EU referendum the Tory PM promised you. Even if your country will say 'out', you'll see that within ten years the UK's EU membership will be back on the political agenda again.
      Please learn from recent history. In 2005, a referendum on a new EU constitution was held in France and in The Netherlands. The opinion leaders in both countries were overwhelmingly on the side of the 'yes' camp, but the newspapers wrote that if only one EU member would vote against it, the whole thing would be blown off. Then, not one, but both peoples, both the French and the Dutch, voted against, much to the dismay of the aforementioned opinion leaders. Did the new EU constitution end up in the dustbin then? No, it didn't. There were some cosmetic alterations inserted, but in essence, the constitution got into effect anyhow, as was admitted by both sides of the argument. (10th October 2013)

Second internet letter to the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Germany. (24th July 2013) + Their e-mail to me. (9th August 2013) + My e-mail of 9th September + My e-mail of 10th October

I added a new article, titled: Why not show Deuteronomy 15:6, Mr De Poel, instead of that anti-Semitic cartoon? (10th October 2013)

Mr De Poel, why not show your film to some other friends of Mr Wilders? (29th October 2013)

Internet letter to First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond (29th October 2013)

Internet letter to UKIP leader Nigel Farage (29th October 2013)

My last e-mail to Dr Ralf Melzer of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (9th November 2013)

Seventy-five years ago
After a young Jew had killed diplomat Von Rath in Paris, Hitler's dictatorship staged a night of lethal violence against the Jews in Germany in the night of the 9th to the 10th of November, 1938, ominously preluding the Holocaust. (9th November 2013)

A selection from the texts I published on the British Democracy Forum (24th December 2013)

I'd like to wish you a merry and inspiring Christmas, and a good, life-enriching 2014. (24th December 2013)

I added a second P.S. to Mr De Poel, why not show your film to some other friends of Mr Wilders? (8th April 2014)

Yeshua is telling us the saving truth (31st May 2014)

Important text alteration
In Yeshua is telling us the saving truth, in the part titled 4. Crucifixion, I have improved a paragraph. It now reads:

"(...) then be saved.

That doesn't mean that Heaven is the place of destiny for practising Christians exclusively. In Romans 10:13 it says that whoever calls on Yeshua’s name will be saved. Even one of the two other convicts who were crucified next to Yeshua, saw the Light in his last moments and died reassured that Yeshua and he would meet again in heaven. In the final analysis, who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, is up to God to decide. There are, and there always have been, phoneys among Christians, and there are, and there always have been, good people outside Christianity.

That the hereafter (...)"

(9th June 2014)

Entering the 16th year of my activism
That's perhaps a good occasion to ask you to read It is time to introduce myself, a text that I published on 9th June 2005, in the above on this web page. (9th June 2014)

The crash of flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine
Two hundred and ninety-eight people, defenceless and innocent, were suddenly and cruelly torn away from their earthly existence by the horrendous event in Ukraine on 17th July 2014. Those who remain, they are the hundreds of families and loved ones, most profoundly appalled and plunged into mourning. I offer my condolences to them and to all other people personally stricken by this disaster, that especially took the lifes of so many fellow countrymen. What furthermore remains, are questions as to what exactly took place, and those questions must get crystal-clear and irrefutable answers.

Yesterday, I wrote the same in Dutch on
(19th July 2014)

The Ukraine crisis: what does it look like, versus, what is it, most presumably? (18th August 2014) With some corrections on 1st September.

The many years of child abuse in Rotherham and other places
Over 1,400 children, some Asian but most of them white, became the victims of all manner of heinous crime, committed mainly by Pakistanis, for years and years on end, while those in authority played deaf, dumb and blind. It could only happen in this opinion climate that forces hundreds of millions of Westerners to watch their steps on the penalty of being trashed as a 'racist'.

One of the scourges of our times is we don't have people in authority who care about their citizens. All they care about are their careers. You read their statements in the press, once this scandal finally broke to the surface, and you realize that the only motives they have is keeping their jobs (one praiseworthy exception there), minimalizing the possible legal troubles their negligence may land them in, and keeping the current political system intact.

Professor Alexis Jay's findings go back to 1997 and it emerged that those who failed the victims belong to the Labour party. That's ironic, because 1997 is the same year in which a Labour leader became prime minister, and Labour always delivered a pristine job in picturing itself as the political champion of the vulnerable and the socially weak.

Not much is left of that deceptive image now, Labour councillors and police officers having been exposed to have looked the other way, letting the vulnerable and socially weak continue to become the victims of crime, for no other reason than that the vulnerable and socially weak in question were predominantly white, and the thugs were not white.

Although not on that scale, we in the Netherlands have had comparable crimes to stomach, with girls, nearly always white, becoming the victims of gang rape, mostly perpetrated by Moroccan youths, or by youths from the Dutch Caribbean, crimes that were once unheard of in my country.

In my main text, I am extensively going into 1) the ways the old media can create an opinion climate in a country, 2) the very important role that a nation's opinion climate plays in politics, 3) the Western opinion climate as from the 1960s and its dangerous consequences, and 4) what the Torah has got to do with all of this. (12th September 2014)

The miraculous rise of UKIP in the Conservatives' esteem
The turning tide for the UK Independence Party.... how fortunes can change in the dynamic world that is politics. Once, UKIP were ignored, attacked and denounced as 'fruitcakes and closet racists' (copyright Mr Cameron), but look at their rising star now! Apologies for the insults, electoral victories, and coveted by many a Conservative. Headlines like the Daily Mail's: 'Panicking Tory MPs plot to do deal with UKIP - and demand Farage is made Deputy PM' (I saw it on your show, Mr Marr.)

I view parties like UKIP as some sort of political lightning conductors, as safety valve parties. I think the rulers are sensing an increasing disgust and revulsion among the British people towards Westminster politics, and that they have been reasoning: 'Let's ease the thought police restrictions a bit on UKIP, let's give the voters the illusion of an alternative to Labour and the Conservatives'. On BBC Newsnight, I've heard BNP members complain that they have been trashed for a long time for saying the same things Mr Farage is allowed to say now.

I also think that in return, the UKIP leadership will keep themselves at a safe distance from the crucial question as to who the true rulers over Britain are. Ask Mr Farage what he thinks of the weather, and he will immediately put down his pint on the bar with a loud 'clunk' and tell you that UKIP has absolutely nothing to do with anti-Semitism.

So I don't think of UKIP as the party that Britain needs, but I feel now obliged to bring forward a nuance. I am sure that among the 'ordinary' UKIP members and supporters, most mean well and are doing their bit out of sincere love for their country, in spite of the trouble they experience while doing so. (12th September 2014)

The Islam and Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer
Since 2003, after the ousting of Saddam Hussein, Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims are bombing and massacring the hell out of each other in Iraq.

The Muslims of ISIS, on the march in the Near East, are filming their murders and put their videos online, as to spread fear and to demoralize their enemies in advance.

In the West, young Muslims are watching murders like those of the American journalists online and are pressing the 'like' button. A number of them also travel to the battlegrounds and, if they survive that, return to Europe, perhaps with horrible scenes in their memories, horrible deeds on their conscience and horrible plans on their mind.

In West Africa, thousands flee to neighbouring countries, on the run for the Boko Haram Muslims.

It were Muslims who murdered UK soldier Mr Rigby in a London street. I shall never forget the comment of an eyewitness who said her first thought was they were coming to his aid after he got an accident.

The Hamas Muslims are executing treacherous Muslims right out in the open, while other Muslims, just leaving a mosque, young and old, are watching and smartphoning it.

More Muslims: the 9/11 hijackers, the 7/7 bombers, the Madrid metro bombers, the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, the US army imam who suddenly turned against his colleagues and shot them, the maniacs who tried to explode a car loaded with petrol in a UK airport, the Afghan policemen and soldiers, suddenly turning their guns on their colleagues and trainers, the murderer who targeted the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

And still, Mr Osborne 'explained' to the viewers of The Andrew Marr Show of September the 7th, that such violence is 'a perversion of the true religion of Islam'.


No, Mr Osborne, this is the Islam, and this has been the Islam as from its beginnings in the 7th century. The Koran is the source of a faith annex ideology that dehumanizes 'infidels' and that approves of violence against them, even incites to do so. There are some positive points in Islam, but they don't balance for the hypocrisy and violence that the Koran presents as holy instructions.

The question should not be: 'Saying such things about Islam, that's islamophobic and racist, isn't it?' That's the question that automaticly rises in many people's minds, as a result of today's poisoned opinion climate. (There it is again.) That's the question that divides the indigenous people, while the Muslims keep on immigrating. The question should be: 'Why are we ruled by people who never informed us about the true violence-related nature of Islam, while allowing Muslims to migrate to Europe in their millions?' That's one of the important questions Europe should start to think about, the sooner the better.

Mr Breivik was not a Muslim, no.

(12th September 2014)

BBC Panorama of September the 8th
I will confine myself to the part in which journalist Mr Sweeney interviewed unidentifiable persons in East Ukraine about the downing of flight MH-17. They said to have seen that Russian speaking military, wearing uniforms with Russian-type camouflage, had been rolling off a Buk missile launcher from a lowloader, in a village near the location that was later to become the crash site.

If Mr Sweeney's contacts spoke the truth, then it is possible that the passenger plane was destroyed by Russian soldiers, instead of by Kiev-loyal Ukrainians or pro-Russia Ukrainians. However, unidentifiable persons don't necessarily make for the most trustworthy of eyewitnesses, and Mr Sweeney didn't produce someone who saw the actual firing of a missile. Mr Sweeney himself has emphasized his findings were 'not absolute fact'.

In the Nieuwsuur programme, shortly after the Panorama broadcast, Mr Sweeney paid attention to the dispute about the cause of the event. According to him, the Buk missile launcher is the No 1 suspect in this, on the basis of pockmarked holes seen in the Boeing's fuselage. That suggests the Boeing was destroyed by a blast fragmentation weapon such as the Buk, and not by a fighter jet's rocket like the Kremlin and the rebels are claiming, Mr Sweeney said. Yet a third explanation remained unmentioned. There is also the possibility of the Boeing having been hit by the ammunition of a fighter jet's board gun. That could also explain for the many holes.

If indeed a surface-to-air missile was launched, whether by pro-Russian Ukrainians or by a Russian crew, then fatally mistaking the Boeing for a hostile army plane may have stood at the basis of the catastrophe.

Comparing two NOS Ceefax reports of July the 18th and September the 9th, I noticed that the possibility of a mistake on the separatists' side was exchanged by the NOS for a depiction of the separatists as to have launched a missile, knowing their target to be the Malaysian airliner.

My Dutch readers can check this for themselves: Separatist meldde neerhalen toestel and Getuigen: bemanning Buk was Russisch (12th September 2014)

Family7 is an organization in my country that describes itself as 'the 24/7 Christian TV channel of The Netherlands'. The other week, I heard one of their presenters, Evert ten Ham, say that there is an 'explosive rise' of the number of Jews who believe in Christ. I find that very good news. It's inspiring, it reinforces my hopes of a better future. (12th September 2014)

Some statistics, showing people's (lack of) interest in my website
In the following, the numbers mentioned behind the years and months signify the average number of hits per day.

2009:    11
2010:    13
2011:    20
2012:    31
2013:    29
January 2014:    36
February 2014:    40
March 2014:    30
April 2014:    33
May 2014:    38
June 2014:    49
July 2014:    48
August 2014:    43
1st to 11th September 2014:   41

The key matter
The key problem of today's politics is the most serious one thinkable. It is complex and it touches a lot of sensitivities, and people should place the highest of demands on someone like me who is addressing it, but it has to be addressed:

Hitler's atrocities have obviously produced a world that is profoundly against National Socialism. The world should be, and I expect the world forever will be. In this, I am on the same side with the Camerons, Farages, Ruttes, Merkels and Junckers. The future of the European nations however not only requires policies that are anti-Nazi, but also policies that are anti-Torahist, as the Torah is the cornerstone of an exploitative, supremacist, vindictive, even genocidal faith annex ideology.

That's where the wellknown politicians and I fundamentally differ, because when you judge them on their deeds and statements, they seem to be on the side of Torahism, and not on the side of their own nations (!). The fact alone that they never talk to their nations about Torahism, let alone warn them against it, is as good as proving they are in the bag of Torahism.

Now, we are talking about government leaders here, so there is every reason to be doubtful or afraid when you think of challenging the existing political order they represent. I am afraid, for one. Yet I am not afraid enough to keep my mouth shut and do nothing, and neither should you. Things will only fundamentally change, when we conquer our fear. The first thing you can do, is read the main text, forgive me my mantra, and when you've done that, and agree with it, and thought things over, and discussed it with people close to you, then please draw my initiative to the attention of others, because becoming aware of its true situation is what Britain needs first. I am putting my hopes on the British people rather than on my own, for the reasons I mentioned in June 2005, in the above. (12th September 2014)

One difficulty after another is blocking me from writing, the last couple of weeks. I hope to publish again within two weeks, or next month otherwise. (12th November 2014)

Suppose, the reversal takes place next week. Then what? (11th December 2014)

A merry Christmas to you, and a good 2015.

Je ne suis pas Charlie, mais néanmoins mes condoléances
I am not "Charlie", but nevertheless my condolences to the loved ones of the victims of the Islamic terrorism that I strongly condemn. Again, I am not "Charlie"; I loathe the cartoons of the Charlie Hebdo magazine (including the anti-Islamic cartoons), I find they are fostering misperceptions, hatred, bloodshed, nihilism. In my view, freedom should go hand in hand with a sense of responsibility and with the voluntary self-control that roots in inner civilization. Either on the 9th or the 24th of February, I hope to publish an article about the events and the reactions, on the basis of a number of TV reports, broadcast in Great Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. (10th January 2015)

Contrary to my earlier expectation, I hope to publish the aforementioned article in March or April. (9th February 2015)

A look at the British Prime Minister’s speech on Holocaust Memorial Day

You’ll find it by googling 'Press release Prime Minister pledges prominent Holocaust Memorial for Britain' (

Several lines in the Conservative dignitary’s speech give food for some serious thought. Mr Cameron begins his speech by telling about the life of a Jew called Jack Kagan, who survived the Holocaust. Mr Cameron then says:

“Like so many of our incredible Holocaust survivors, Jack had been going into schools to share his testimony reliving the most harrowing moments of humanity, so that we should never forget. For years our Holocaust survivors have seen this as their duty to us. Now we must do our duty to them.”

I also think it's good that Holocaust survivors tell school children about what has happened. It has to be and to remain a part of any nation’s education. In The Netherlands lives a Jew called Julius Schelvis, who survived the Sobibor death camp, he is also telling audiences about what he went through.

So Jews reminding Europe of the Holocaust, that's obviously a positive thing. Yet we should also be aware that the Torahist part of Jewry has another duty than the duty Mr Cameron is talking about. The first and single duty that Torahist Jews have, is their duty to the Torahist cause. So a Torahist Jew who tells an audience about the Holocaust is not only airing his grief and anger over his losses, he is also telling it with the intention to make the non-Jews listening to him shy of criticizing anything Jewish, including Torahism. Please note that I am not accusing either Mr Kagan or Mr Schelvis of being a Torahist.

Furthermore, Mr Cameron oddly seems to suggest that the Europeans, if it weren’t for the Jews, would soon forget about the Holocaust. Yet who says that the Europeans aren’t able to remember the lessons of 1933-1945 on their own? This is still the continent that enriched the world with an astonishing array of intellectual, technical and cultural achievements. I find Mr Cameron is underestimating the Europeans here.

And talking of duty, how about the moral duty of a Jew towards the Europeans he is living amongst, while he knows and sees that other Jews in prominent positions are engaged in Torahist activities? Like systemicly disinforming millions of TV viewers in matters of race and religion, for years on end?

How about the moral duty of, let's say, Ed Miliband? In 2010, Mr Miliband, on becoming the Labour leader, held his maiden speech in the House of Commons. In it, he expressed his gratitude for Britain having allowed the Jewish Miliband family to immigrate. Yet what substance does Mr Miliband’s gratitude have, when you consider he too never tells the British people one word about Torahism? Is it not by deeds, like a candid warning against Torahism, rather than by empty words, that true gratitude should be shown?

Duty... Mr Cameron is talking about duty... Can someone explain to him that it is the first and foremost duty of the government leader of any given country to take the long-term general interest of his nation to heart? And talk and act accordingly? The Mosaic obsession is flagrantly, over-obviously conflicting with that long-term general interest, period. It should therefore be addressed and contained, although it has to be carried out with understanding for the post-Holocaust feelings of the Jews, surely, absolutely.

Yes, we should never forget, and all of us have a responsibility, to various degrees, based on our position in society, to make sure a Shoah never happens again. Yet every nation has a natural right of self-preservation and we should therefore not be afraid to think of our own interests too, since there are grave and many reasons to see them threatened by Torahism.

It’s perfectly understandable that politicians and media were wary of criticizing Torahism after 1945, when the unimaginable crimes that the Nazis had committed against the Jews came to the surface. Yet the Mosaic doctrine was and is a dangerous poisonous Jewish doctrine, and it is a doctrine used to marinate the brains of Jews in, from a very young age, and it is therefore a Jewish obstacle for constructive relations between the Jews and the non-Jews to originate, and neither the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in Britain, nor the governing parties in my country and elsewhere, neither the BBC or ITV, nor the NOS or RTL or the rest of them, can have good reasons to eternally keep silent about something this bad.

Mr Cameron presents himself to be the spokesman of a “we” that will do this and that. Yet who on Earth are these “we”? Even from the other side of the North Sea I can tell he can’t seriously mean the whole of the British people, if only they were better informed. Once the facts I'm writing about in my main text would get out in the open, a considerable part of the British people would begin to think differently about today's society the Conservatives are apparently so fond of. Let's have a little thought experiment to illustrate what I mean. You can think of a poll question that I believe the vast majority of the British would answer affirmatively, arguably much to the dismay of Mr Cameron’s “we”.

Picture this poll taking place in the high streets up and down Great Britain, with the surveyers asking members of the public: “Imagine a sect in our country, fearing a god who appointed them elevated above everyone else, and they are stealthily busy subjugating and severely disadvantaging the British people, to increase their riches and power, and because they fear their own god will wipe them out if they don’t. Would you expect the Prime Minister to publicly speak out against that?”

Would turn out to be an overwhelming big ‘yes’, I would think. Besides the people who would reply: “Looks like he is on their payroll”, that is.

(The neutral wording of the question, without the word 'Jews', would prevent the irrational fear to be viewed as an anti-Semite from influencing people's answers.)

Mr Cameron: "We will not allow any excuses for anti-Semitism in our country.”

Good idea. But since Mr Cameron never talks about Torahism, he never tells, like I will do now, that there is a crucial difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Torahism; it's all in my main text and elsewhere.

The Conservative leader continues:

“We [will] not let any form of prejudice destroy the multi-faith, multi-ethnic democracy we are so proud to call our home. We will teach every generation the British values of respect and tolerance that we hold dear.”

Mr Cameron and his colleagues in the EU are all talking like this, and they are of course perfectly entitled to view their multi-faith, multi-ethnic societies as a thing of beauty that begs for eternal protection against evildoers, but the fact of the matter is that the origination of this kind of society is entirely rooted in negative factors.

The buzz words "prejudice" and "tolerance"... Having prejudices about this or that group of people is wrong, we are constantly being told. It's wrong to pass too early a judgement on people merely on the basis of, for instance, their racial origin, we are constantly being told. The very word "prejudice" sounds negative, unattractive. The trouble however is that a nation's collective experience with its minorities is also always denounced as "prejudice". Over the years people may understandably have come to a point not to be very pleased by the typical behaviour of this or that minority. That's something you never hear the old parties about. In fact, I never hear them even use a phrase like "a nation's collective experience with its minorities". The old parties are only always sermoning the indigenous people not to have "prejudices".

"Tolerance" on the other hand sounds positive, civilized, the way to go. But where stops "tolerance" being a laudable attitude, and where does it begin to become the naive self-neglect of a nation? That's again an issue you don't hear the old parties talk about. And that's one of the reasons why an increasing number of patriotic people, everywhere in Europe, are losing their trust in the existing parties - and rightly so, in my view.

There is a lot more to be said about "prejudices" and "tolerance", in careful discussions, but these are not likely to be started by the Conservatives and the other socalled "centre-ground" parties - another term that deserves some attention.

I wrote an internet letter to Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010, but I didn’t receive a reply. Later on in the same year, I wrote an internet letter to the Conservative Party among others, see the texts I published on an internet forum, and then I got a reply, stating the matter would be sent to the Home Office, but in the five years that followed I haven’t heard either the UK’s Home Office or the Conservatives speak one word about the issues I drew to their attention. (5th March 2015, improved on the 6th)

The murder of Boris Nemtsov
A human life was brutally ended by cowards shooting someone in the back. I hope the perpetrators get the punishment that lowlife murderers deserve. The Russian authorities arrested several people, and there are two things I found striking in the newscasts I’ve seen about it, on the NOS and RTL in my country, the VRT in Belgium and the ZDF in Germany.

One, these items all had the same tenor.
Two, this was the tenor they had in common:

“Although arrests have been made now, although someone confessed to having played a part in this, although it may once be known who actually pulled the trigger on Mr Nemtsov, who was an outspoken Kremlin critic, this case won’t be closed soon, as the most important question remains unanswered: who ordered the killing of Mr Nemtsov?”

Given the media bias I am describing in my article on the Ukraine crisis, on hearing that question only one name can and will come to mind in the heads of many millions of European TV viewers. I think I don't even need to mention that name for you to know who I mean.

That’s the achievement of the unilluminated few, Europe’s chief news editors, who apparently believe the profession of journalism should be about prematurely manipulating masses of unsuspecting people into accusatory opinions that bear no relationship with any evidence whatsoever. (13th March 2015)

The BBC’s The Big Questions programme, March the 8th, topic: “Have immigrants become Britain’s scapegoats?”
Now, there is a question that I think a lot of immigrants will say ‘yes’ to, whether they live in Britain or in another European country, because there is already a poisonous atmosphere in Europe, in which problems between the groups are very quickly attributed, by politicians as well as by the media, to the socalled “intolerant”, “discriminatory”, “racist”, "prejudiced" attitude of the indigenous Europeans.

Where do I find the right words to bring home the following?

Both the immigrants and the indigenous Europeans have to realize there is a third party in play in all of this,
1) a third party that was and is most probably the biggest driving force behind the mass migration to Europe;
2) a third party that remains out of sight of the general public, as it most probably controls the mass media and can therefore instruct the mass media to focus people’s attention on everything except that particular third party itself, and
3) a third party that will not hesitate to raise tensions between the immigrants and the indigenous people.
Might violence come from these tensions, Heaven forbid, the current rulers will give the bloody events such a spin that keeping things as they have been the past decades, looks like the best solution – but that would be a very serious deception. Again.

Don’t let these people fool or upset you, by means of their underhanded slogans or underhanded talkshow topics. Don’t let them lure you into trouble, that might only cause you pain, but that will leave the ill interests of that particular third party - yes, yes, Torahism - unchallenged. (13th March 2015)

The same programme, topic: “Is it more important for Christians to do good than do God?”
That’s a false contrast, in my view. Furthermore, we are all under God, and so it’s important for all of us to do good. Besides, I don’t like the phrase ‘do God’. It reminds me of that awkwardly arrogant comment ‘We don’t do God’, attributed to the main PR adviser of Mr Blair, during his time in Downing Street. (13th March 2015)

...and in the meantime, Brussels goes on turning Europe into a single super state

January the 17th: the European Commission wants a uniform tax system for EU companies.

February the 25th: the European Commission presents the plan for its Energy Union: one internal energy market and one power grid for the entire EU.

March the 8th: European Commission President Juncker demands the raise of one European army. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other top politicians in Berlin think of it as a good idea. One of them, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, says she is as convinced that that one European army will once see the light of day, as she is sure her grandchildren will once live in the United States of Europe (source: ZDF). (13th March 2015)

On March the 13th, I changed the closing standard text, see below.

While watching or reading the international news, please remember this rule of thumb
When you're somewhere halfway the TV report or newspaper article, and you hear or read the words ‘Critics say’, the opinion that then follows is nine times out of ten something Torahism wants you to think. Especially so, when the introducing words are ‘Human rights organizations say’ or ‘Civil rights groups say’. That particular opinion is often the closing section of the report or article, so that it will be the last opinion that impresses your mind. It will therefore have the biggest chance to persuade you. (20th March 2015)

Film critics are also saying something loud and clear these days: watch Selma!
It’s a movie about Dr Martin Luther King and what is usually called “the struggle of the African Americans for equal rights”. No positive superlative is left aside to promote this movie. Film critics say (!) it’s phenomenal, electrifying and so on. After having seen so many films and TV fiction involving the relations between the whites and the negroes, I don't have to see 'Selma' to be able to predict it is a movie that will make white cinema-goers feel sick and ashamed of their own race, and that will feed feelings of aggrievedness of the negroes towards the whites, because feeding those negative feelings is what the old media are always doing, in my opinion.

Related text:
* Chapter 5.14 in part 2 of the main text
(20th March 2015)

Bingo on BBC Breakfast
While awaiting Mr Osborne’s budget speech, the programme of March the 17th regaled its viewers with a budget item in the merry setting of a bingo show. Surely, a light note is welcome every now and then, but I think the British people would be better served by an in-depth series answering questions that easily dwarf the annual ins and outs of the budget presentation: why is it that the British people are burdened by a national debt of 1,680,000,000,000 pound? How did it come about, in the past decades? Who were the main warning voices against it? Why were they ignored? To which banks are the constituting debts owed? Who are the people who own these banks?

The other European nations are in a similar predicament. France's national debt is 1,832,000,000,000 pound. Germany's is 1,483,000,000,000 pound. My country's is 357,000,000,000 pound. (Multiply by 1.39 for the amounts in euros. Source:

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(20th March 2015)

I added the article:
Do you know how the British people are portrayed on Dutch TV?
I wish you a happy and meaningful Easter. (4th April 2015)

I'll resume in two months time
After the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January, I announced I would write an article about it and the international reactions. That publication is now again postponed, but not cancelled. (10th April 2015)

South Carolina shooting
Nine people in a church in Charleston, predominantly visited by negroes, were shot dead by what police describe as a white man in his 20s, still at large on the moment of publication. I strongly condemn this despicable crime, the destructive lunacy of it, and my thoughts and sympathy are with the loved ones of the victims. (18th June 2015)

I need more time to find new energy. (9th July 2015)

BBC Bad News At Ten
Have you ever heard people around you say: "I never watch the news. It's only misery"? Have you ever noticed that most of the time, the main headlines in the national newspapers are reporting on something negative? If you would write down the main headlines of say, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Sun and The Daily Mail, in the course of only one week, you would see a collection of problems grow that not even the most able government could solve in twenty-five years. Or take the BBC for instance, let's have a look at the content of the BBC News At Ten of August the 12th:

The enormous explosions in the Chinese town of Tianjin.
A former PM predicting the "annihilation" of his own party in case one particular fellow party member becomes its leader.
The rise of 1 to nearly 2 million EU nationals working in the UK in five year, while unemployment rose by 25,000 between April and June.
China devalueing its currency for the second day in a row, sparking turmoil in global financial markets, with the chance of everyone getting hurt in their wallets.
News reminding the watchers of the bin lorry accident killing six people in Glasgow.
Counter-terrorism squad arresting five members of the same family living in East London.
Police using tear gas against crowds of migrants on the island of Kos.
News about boarding passes on airports, and about savings not being passed out to passengers.
IS beheaded a Croatian engineer in Egypt.
The National Crime Agency reports that organized crime syndicates in big British cities are taking over drug networks in rural and seaside towns.
A row at the Chelsea football club.
The death of Hollywood dog Uggie.
Attention for the Perseid meteors that may be visible at night.

Bad news most of it. Yet there are so many positive things happening in this world too. So why is it that the old media are always over-reporting the negative things, the things that deject or disturb you?

To find the answer to that, it takes two things. Firstly, you have to dare to admit the thought to your mind that the old media are indeed under the control of Torahism. And secondly, you have to know what it says in Ezra 9:12. The book of Ezra is one of Torahism's holy texts.

In that particular passage, the prophet Ezra is instructing the Jews how to behave towards the non-Jews: "Never seek their peace or prosperity".

So there you have it. By over-reporting on life's negative matters, on war and terrorism, on human misery, on strife, on failure, Torahism is deliberately creating a permanent mood of unrest and discomfort in the country. It is what Torahism is indoctrinating itself must do. It fears all sorts of terrible things will happen to itself, if it doesn't, because Torahist Jews live in fear of their own revengeful god. It's pathetic, but it is the reality.

A nation that lets Torahist Jewry get control over its media, will sooner or later find out that the media are not a part of the solution, but a part of the problem. (13th August 2015)

I cancelled the article on the Charlie Hebdo murders after all and I won't announce the next update anymore. (13th August 2015)

Besetzt? Nein, befreit.
Ceefax page 505 of German broadcasters ARD is what they call their 'Calendar Page'. It's updated every day and on that page, the ARD goes back in time and mentions about twenty historical events that took place on the same date through the centuries. Now today, at about 12:30 CET, I saw they wrote the following about something that happened on the 4th of September, 1944:

2. Weltkrieg: Antwerpen wird von britischen Truppen besetzt
(Second World War: Antwerp is occupied by British troops)

Occupied? Surely the ARD, usually horribly politically correct, meant to say that that Belgian city was "befreit" (liberated) by British troops. I immediately agree there are more urgent things going on in the world right now, but I simply couldn't let this pass uncommented. I wonder whether the ARD will improve on their choice of words before midnight. (4th September 2015) They didn't. (5th September)

On the ARD's Calendar Page of September the 10th:

1944: Die Alliierten befreien Luxemburg (The Allies liberate Luxemburg)

The increasing migration from the Middle East and Africa to Europe
A task for the future Christian Patriotic governments, an already immense task, namely the repatriation of most of the foreigners and their descendants, is obviously becoming more difficult each day. I guess that a bad situation will always grow even worse before the tide turns for the better. (16th September 2015)

Labour leader Mr Corbyn would rule out the deployment of nuclear weapons, if he were a war-time prime minister
By saying this in public, Mr Corbyn shows he ignored the option of ruling out in his heart the deployment of those hellish weapons, but to keep quiet about that inner decision in public. I believe he would have rendered Britain a great service if he indeed had kept it to himself. Instilling uncertainty in the mind of a potentially genocidal enemy as to whether Britain, in extremis, would use nuclear weapons or not, is increasing Britain's security towards that potentially genocidal enemy. That is something that any prime minister or PM hopeful, regardless of his political colour, should understand, but the Labour leader apparently doesn't. (1st October 2015)

Most of the time, EC President Mr Tusk would immediately denounce "xenophobia", but occasionally, pandering to "xenophobia" seems to come in handy

For the war in Syria to end, the EU wants a solution that excludes a role for the country's president, Mr Assad. And, um, America wants that too. Let's have a laugh and call it: coincidence.

Mr Tusk said that during his journey in that region, "people" told him that a victory of Assad would only lead to a new exodus of refugees to Europe. (Source: ARD or ZDF Ceefax.) I think Mr Tusk is trying to be "clever" here. I think he is trying to win over Europe's public opinion for the anti-Assad viewpoint, via the concern over the increasing immigration. Because, on hearing Mr Tusk, many Europeans will think: "Well, we already have more than enough foreigners, haven't we, so let them get rid of Assad if that helps, right?"

Yet, that same EU of Mr Tusk has recently granted 160,000 migrants a stay in Europe and it has obliged each EU member state to accept a number of them within their borders (much to the pointless protest of some East European countries who saw their 'no' vote overruled). That surely will sow the plan also to set course for Europe in a bit more than 160,000 heads in the Middle East and Africa.

Now, the Europeans' feelings of unease about such things would normally always be condemned as "xenophobia", "Islamophobia" and as "racism" by Mr Tusk and his fellow EU officials.

But now that the peoples of Europe need to be set up against the Assad presidency, the prospect of even more migration to Europe is suddenly presented as something unwelcome, as something that must be prevented, and we only have to listen to Mr Tusk, because he knows how!

It's an inconsistency that I find typical of the hypocrisy of the EU towards the European citizens.

And why need the Europeans to be set up against Mr Assad? I think it's because the rulers of the West want to see Russia lose its ally in Syria and thus suffer a strategic setback in the region; Navy-wise, for instance. (2nd October 2015)

Helping true war refugees and supporting neighbouring countries that host them, that's the veritable international solidarity Europe should always demonstrate
The EU is reserving 400 million euros to handle the refugee crisis, three quarters of that amount to be spent on centres for Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan (source: NOS Ceefax).
       Now, without going into the size of this financial reservation, I would say that in principle, this is an EU measure I agree with. There is terrible violence going on in Syria for four years now, and numerous innocent men, women and children are of course trying to flee the horrors, and since they arrived in Turkey and other adjacent countries in their millions, it would be unfair not to support those countries in ways the refugees will benefit from.
       True international solidarity should however not be confused with the "international solidarity" that is used as a slogan to deceive the Europeans; to make them accept the current "diverse" situation in their countries and the increasing migration from other continents.
       The best international solidarity any country or alliance or union can bring into practice is of course exerting its weight and influence to bring this war, any war, to an end, better still, to prevent war from beginning.
       The latter will require to focus people's attention on the dangerous role of psychological warfare and propaganda, aimed at distortingly portraying benevolent peace-seeking nations or nations defending themselves as enemies. (10th October 2015)

In the closing standard text (see below), the sentence part 'every sensible and civilized person' was exchanged for 'everyone with a heart'. (10th October 2015)

Yasmin Fahimi, a leading member of the SPD, Germany's Labour Party, wants the country's police and judiciary to take action "as hard as nails" ("mit aller Härte") against the supporters of Pegida

The story is wellknown: as from the autumn of 2014, people in their thousands, sometimes twelve to fifteen thousand, are peacefully demonstrating in the German town of Dresden every Monday. They consider themselves to be patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of this part of the world. The abbreviation of this in German is 'Pegida'. Now, it is true that awkward incidents are happening. An example. Recently, one of the protesters carried a little gallows with him, reserved for Federal Chancellor Mrs Merkel and Vice Chancellor Mr Gabriel, as to imply their immigration policies make them traitors to their country who should be hanged. It happened against the background of a country where the number of arson attacks on migrants' accommodations is rising.

Yet by and large, the overwhelming majority of the citizens taking part in the weekly Pegida demos, come in peace. The important difference between the hateful few and the peaceful many is however lost on the SPD's secretary general Yasmin Fahimi. She wants the country's police and judiciary to take action "as hard as nails" ("mit aller Härte") against the supporters of Pegida (source: ZDF).

But if you would ask for her opinion on Koran-inspired violence, she'd undoubtedly say that the great majority of the Muslims seek peace and harmony, and that the jihadism and the terrorism can only be attributed to a small minority of extremists.

She'd be suddenly full of nuance.

Another ZDF Ceefax message had Germany's justice minister, Heiko Maas, also SPD, say that he would be against forbidding the Pegida demonstrations. He said that "hate can't be stopped by bans". So Minister Maas is suggesting: all Pegida supporters are haters, period. No nuances on his part either. Mr Maas even considers the Pegida supporters to be "morally co-responsible" for the arsonry.

And again, what would he say if you would ask for his opinion on Koran-inspired violence? Let me guess: "The great majority of the Muslims seek peace and harmony, and the jihadism and the terrorism can only be attributed to" etc. etc. Then he would also suddenly be full of nuance.

So I listen to these prominent politicians and I think: they are applying double standards, their double standards are to the advantage of the Muslims and to the disadvantage of the original nation, and besides that, the tone of these SPD prominents towards ordinary German citizens is hardening.

We might well be entering times in which the dictatorial mindset of the rulers will become more and more clear to more and more Europeans.

Speaking of rulers, what would Yasmin Fahimi and Heiko Maas say if you'd confront them with the Painful Passages in the Torah? Probably nothing. Keeping quiet about that is of the essence, if you want to have a political career in this Europe, in which, let me quote Labour's Baroness Kennedy again: "The people with power are not the politicians".

The silence of the Western media about Torahism means that a very important fact can easily be overlooked: for all the justified objections against the increasing presence of the Islam in Europe, it are not the Muslims who made the laws that enable them to migrate to Europe, raise big families, build mosques and dominate neighbourhoods. That should always be remembered.

The likelihood is that the thousands of Pegida demonstraters are representing a far larger number of Germans who stay at home, but who are also worried by the growing number of Muslims and other foreigners. All Germans have seen how their government was surprised by the enormous surge of Asians and Africans heading for Germany. Up until July, Berlin expected 450,000 people to immigrate in 2015, yet hastily raised that expectation to 800,000 one or two months later, and is now reckoning that one million foreigners, often wrongly called "refugees", will have entered Germany this year alone.

By the way, in September, Germany counted 193,000 people not entitled to an asylum status, and 21,000 left the country of their own accord (source: Bild). Where's the SPD's criticism of the remaining 172,000 who should leave but don't?

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(27th October 2015, improved at 14:25 UK time)

Suppose I were a Russian, interested in reading something about Dutch politics....
.... then the column 'Dutch Ambassador shows Western arrogance' on the Russian website wouldn't make me any wiser. First things first: I share the author's criticism of my government's choice of words regarding the events on the Crimea the other year. I also share the author's criticism of the Western attitude towards Russia. For the rest however, it's a very reprehensible article, a tirade against an entire people, my fellow countrymen. It contains not a shred of understanding of the sick, twisted, if not absent relation between the Dutch people and their mis-leaders, the "elites" running my country's politics and media since the 1960s, 1970s.
       It already starts very early in the column with the author defamating The Netherlands as "a country built on piracy on the high seas". Since The Netherlands were and are predominantly built on hard work by honest people, it is as absurd as it is offensive to reduce the origins of Dutch society to that. And speaking of high seas, I'd suggest the author tries to find out which people taught Peter the Great how to build ships. This is actually the only slur I want to go into, I'll leave the remainder, with lines like "spreading filth and disease" and "festering strip of silt", for what it is. The Borodin incident took place in October 2013 by the way, not October 2015.
       An outsider's look at your country can have the benefit of making you look afresh at your own actions and your own history, but this column, brewed by a man who is evidently delighted by his own résumé, goes way beneath constructive criticism and belongs to the unsavoury realm of vulgar propaganda.
       So far for my reaction to that column. Considering as a whole, I want to say that I have been appreciating much of its content, yet not always its tone of voice, since I discovered this website in June 2013. (9th November 2015)

Unjust Nazi comparisons
On November the 3rd, the founder of the Pegida demonstrations called Germany's justice minister Maas (SPD) "the worst psychological arsonist since Goebbels and Schnitzler". (Schnitzler was a TV propagandist in Communist East Germany.) I am against all unjust Nazi comparisons, including this one, aimed at someone I strongly disagree with on a lot of issues (see in the above, October the 27th). To me, belief in democracy also means belief in the duty towards the general public to keep the debate as clean and businesslike as possible, especially because I find that we are living in times in which a whole lot of very sensitive issues need to be talked about. Unjust Nazi comparisons only create or contribute to unnecessary alienation and division among the people listening to that debate. Another reason why I am against unjust Nazi comparisons is that they usually reinforce the idea that political evil and National Socialism are identical. They are not. Nazism was a form of political evil, but not every form of political evil was or is Nazism. (9th November 2015)

Germany on a 9th of November, once: the Reichspogromnacht
Meant as a reprisal, the night of brownshirt violence against Jewish lifes, synagogues and properties, 77 years ago, is in today's Germany commemorated as the Reichspogromnacht. In the old media in The Netherlands, the phrase 'Reichskristallnacht' is often used, the 'Kristall' referring to the broken glass of shop windows all over Germany. Yet I once heard Professor Guido Knopp explain, in a ZDF History programme, that the term 'Reichskristallnacht' was in fact an invention of the Nazi regime. By calling the broken glass 'crystal', Nazi propaganda bizarrely tried to add a touch of humour to the ominous events, to make them look less serious. (9th November 2015)

The fated flight of the Russian passenger jet over Egypt
In October, the Dutch Safety Board released a report about the cause of the crash of flight MH17, above East Ukraine in July 2014. 298 lifes were lost, two thirds of them Dutch. According to this report, a Russian-made Buk ground-to-air missile caused the airliner's destruction and the leader of the investigation team said the missile was fired from rebel territory, without accusing the rebels.
      The findings are however contested by Moscow. One Russian minister described the logic of the Dutch report as disgraceful. This is only one headline of many indicating that the unclarity continues to exist, in a peevish atmosphere between the two governments. It goes without saying that this situation is painful for the victims' loved ones. It's a burden on my heart.
      And then, on October the 31st, above the Sinai, a Russian plane has broken apart, with a bomb being mentioned as the cause. 224 people died. Can anyone of the Russians on board be blamed for that other plane's fate, more than a year ago? No. They were just innocent holiday makers, leaving hundreds of families in mourning, and so I sent President Putin my condolences. (11th November 2015)

For the record
I posted my letter of condolences to President Putin on the 6th of this month.
On the 9th, published an article related to the column 'Dutch Ambassador shows Western arrogance'. I read that related article on November the 12th.
(13th November 2015, rewritten on the 14th)

Murderous Islamic fanaticism claims 127 lifes in Paris, 99 heavily wounded, an entire country in shock and fear

After this night of horrors, after the near-massacre in the Thalys train, after the massacre on the Tunisian beach, what more atrocities are needed before the following dawns upon the European nations? The Islam does not belong in Europe, and the Western nations should only go to war for the sake of genuine self-defence, not for the sake of the geopolitical games of international Torahist Jewry. This is what Torahist Jewry and its non-Jewish helpers are after, if need be by means of war: 1. Oil. 2. Install Torahism-friendly governments in the countries around Israel. 3. Reinforce Washington's strategic position in the Middle East and Central Asia at the detriment of Russia's, China's, India's.

It's because of those wars, that kill countless Muslims, that Muslim terrorists, in accordance with the Koran's instructions, want to retaliate and target Europeans as well as Jews.

Please see right through the crap that the TV crowd will tell you these days. Please see right through the crap they always tell after acts of Islamic terrorism, the crap like: "Islam is not the problem, extremism is the problem" and "It's our fault that high unemployment is pushing young Muslims into radicalization" and "We shouldn't let the far right and the populist politicians make a profit out of this" and "Islamophobia and racial discrimination are not the answer" and so on.

Those are standard lines to talk you into accepting the current situation as an eternal given. Their talk sounds civilized, but it's meant to fog your mind, to make you feel guilty, to make you blind to the true nature of the Koran, to make you passively stand by while more and more immigration is contributing to the slow destruction of the European nations. Ever read the Torah? You must have noticed its vindictiveness then. Ever wondered how Torahist Jewry is taking revenge on Europe for the Holocaust? Well, THIS IS IT! Mass immigration. Confusion. Fear. Together with the immoralizing garbage they spread through film and TV.

I watched the Pauw talkshow in The Netherlands while the bloody events in Paris were unfolding, while the death toll was rising. I watched the hypocrites sitting at the studio table. I saw how they on the one hand were pulling sombre faces, yet on the other hand were thinking of yet another "politically correct" comment to make, to try and keep the thoughts of the viewers within the usual boundaries. At one point, a correspondent said about the terrorism: "We have to learn to live with this". Who the hell is he to decide that for the entire Netherlands, for the whole of Europe?!?

I most strongly condemn this attack and I'll send President Hollande my condolences. I reject President Obama's claim that the "values" of "liberté, égalité et fraternité" are universal; I try to let myself guide by the Christian values, mankind's supreme beacon.

(14th November 2015)

Christmas, the annual celebration of light, life, Christ

I wish you'll have a great time with your loved ones.

If you feel lonely, I wish you'll notice the presence of God.

The Torahist Jews, the Muslims, the Hindus, the believers of other faiths, well, their worship is beside the point, they are troubled by misperceptions of God, their gods are non-existent, but I can respect the sincerity with which they experience their faith, and I hope that the Divine inspiration will bring them to Christ too, one day.

I wish the atheists the courage not to run away from the essential questions leading to the conclusion that God does exist.

And I wish all the Christians to keep faith, and not to get annoyed or disturbed over the label "Christian fundamentalist".

The political power of those who seek to marginalize Christianity is the true problem; not well-meaning people who try to remain loyal to the New Testament's teachings.

Merry Christmas.

(24th December 2015)

God's will be done
If God wants the reversal to take place in this year, it will happen in this year. I wish 2016 will bring you the good things you are hoping for. With regard to my political endeavour, I am intending to continue it. However, a publication pause of several months may occur, occasionally. (1st January 2016)

Project Hurray! The UK has voted to leave the EU
The present is the history of the future, and what a present it is, in the two meanings of the word! No amount of international pressure and high-level scare-mongering has been able to extinguish the British desire for sovereignty. The EU monster has now lost a limb. My congratulations to the Leave majority, and my respect for the wellmeaning part of the Remain minority. (24th June 2016)

The above contains the text 'A look at the British Prime Minister's speech on Holocaust Memorial Day', dated March the 5th, 2015. In that article, I mentioned the Dutch Jew Mr Schelvis. His first name was Jules and not Julius, as I erroneously thought. My apologies for this. Mr Schelvis, who survived the Holocaust, deceased in April of this year. (4th September 2016)

British Democracy Forum (3)
I recently found out that the British Democracy Forum changed its name in 2014, then suddenly disappeared from the internet in October 2015. From 2010 till 2012, I have been posting my contributions on that discussion site. Via this link you'll find a selection of my BDF posts.
       I think of it as an important episode, as it gave me the opportunity to make my case in some sort of public arena. Every politician and every journalist who knew about my initiative at the time, and everyone else for that matter, had the possibility, under a pseudonym if they wanted to, to challenge me on that forum, to point out fundamental mistakes or unsound reasonings to me, in case I had made any, but I never got a response that forced me to reconsider my ideas.
       The number of views that my BDF thread attracted, rose from a daily average of about 25 in 2010 to about a 100 in 2012. See also the texts of 31st October 2012 and 24th July 2013 in the above. (4th September 2016)

And how about people's interest in my writings nowadays?
According to my provider's statistics, I had 181 views in the period of 3 August - 3 September. That's about 6 a day on average. (4th September 2016)

A new internet letter:
To U.S. Presidency candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
(4th September 2016)

U-Turk BoJo

As a prominent pro-Brexit voice earlier this year, Boris Johnson, a man with Turkish ancestry, said about the EU that over the centuries, Europe had always seen efforts of one empire or another to bring the whole of Europe under one centralized government. As examples he mentioned Napoleon and Hitler, whose endeavours had ended in bloody tragedies. Especially his likening of the EU to Hitler's Germany led to a lot of upset headlines and angry reactions.

It's of course impossible precisely to determine if and to which extent his comments have influenced Britons to vote for Leave, but I am sure that by saying so, Mr Johnson successfully tapped into the collective memory of a nation that has victoriously waged war against both the Corsican and the Austrian, and that wants to be its own master.

This, and the displeasure of millions of people over seeing how the mass immigration is turning their own streets and neighbourhoods into places in which they themselves feel like foreigners, has made the majority of the voters decide for Leave on June the 23rd.

Mr Johnson's siding with the Leave camp did not land him in the job a host of media, inside and outside the UK, had said he was aiming for. Yet, serving under Prime Minister Theresa May, he became Foreign Secretary. In that new and important role, he has now offered to help Turkey join the EU in any way the UK government can (source: The Daily Telegraph of September the 27th).

It's the kind of news that can ignite anger as well as a laugh about political absurdity. Britain, fed up with mass immigration, votes for Leave. As one of the results of that outcome, a Leave figurehead becomes a Cabinet member. Then, he uses that position to help Turkey join the EU, knowing that subsequently, millions of more Turks will migrate to European countries, that already are as much fed up with mass immigration as the British are!

I underlined 'more Turks', because there are already millions of Turks living in West European countries - and most of them feel Turkish, much to the pleasure of Turkish President Erdogan, who is known to have said that "the bellies of Turkish mothers are our mighty weapon". Mr Erdogan obviously enjoys the prospect of greater Turkish influence in Europe by sheer birth rates, higher than the average European ones.

Why is Mr Johnson doing this? Why this U-turn? Before June the 23rd, the Leave side warned against "Turks on our shores" and he portrayed the EU as a negative sovereignty-threatening force. He will however now be promoting the ominous fusion of 80 million Turks, most of them dedicated Muslims, and 300 million Europeans, most of whom have been alienated from their Christian faith, and too many of whom are now sheeplike listening to the false TV sermons of the high priests of "progressive liberalism", while in Islam, the "achievements" of "progressive liberalism", like gay marriage, abortion and the fixation on godless materialism are looked upon with horror.

Every Muslim who enters Europe only has to zap along the TV channels of his host country for ten minutes to see that the imam in his village of birth was right about the doomed infidels of the West. What does he know about the misleading influence of the media on the Western mind since the 1960s? How could he know that until the 1960s, many values of the Westerners were similar or comparable to his own? He doesn't know, but he's likely to carry a book with him with a lot of particularly venomous instructions regarding the non-Muslims.

Mr Johnson will now help pave the way for another couple of million people with a Koran in their suitcase to the same continent that never saw as much Koran-inspired violence as in the last couple of years: Paris, Cologne, Brussels, Nice, I'll spare you the long list.

And so, again, why does the UK government want to help Turkey join the EU, obviously so conflicting with common sense, and in stark contrast to Mr Johnson's own pre-referendum statements?

It's to please Washington, I think. Washington - and that's not the same thing as the American people - was disgruntled by the outcome of the Brexit referendum. Before it, President Obama warned against leaving the EU, a meddling in Britain's internal affairs that rightly offended many Britons. A United Kingdom outside the EU should join at the end of the queue, if it wanted a trade deal with the US, Mr Obama said.

And now to show to daddy Washington that Britain is still a sweet obedient boy, despite its naughty behaviour on referendum day, Mrs May and Mr Johnson are supporting Washington's push for Turkey's admission to the EU, because that's something that President Obama is advocating, just like his predecessor George W. Bush.

I think that the East Coast Empire is the true ruler of America (chapter 5.14.4 of the main text), and I think that the US Presidents are carrying out its agenda. I think that by pushing the migration of as many Turks, other Muslims, Africans and Asians to Europe as possible, the East Coast Empire hopes to deliver the fatal blow to what it contempts and hates, namely the Europe as the white man's continent, based on Christian thought, the Europe that in Torahism's blurred view did too little to prevent the Holocaust from taking place, the Europe a part of which was once the Third Reich. (5th October 2016)

Deceived Americans, necessary questions, absent answers
I haven't received a reaction from Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump to my internet letter of September the 4th. Now, it goes without saying that the contenders for the White House are not answerable to someone in The Netherlands; they are answerable to those who work hard or donate money to help them get elected, and to the people who will entrust their vote to them.
       Still, I would like to put the following to the Americans among my readers: the question on the table is whether Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump are on the side of the whole of the American people, or on the side of those 2 percent of the U.S. population who are brainwashed to believe that the other 98% were born to serve them, while talking the 98% into believing they're living in a democracy.
       Given the importance of that subject, and given the leading position of America in the West, does it really matter from which Western country some necessary questions are put to the candidates? Like the question I asked in my letter?
       I leave it to you to judge that. (10th October 2016)

How the BBC was creating a pro-war mood before the invasion of Iraq
(10th October 2016)

October the 9th: Minister Fallon's bombshell that was followed by seven days of intense.... silence??
On that date, the BBC's Mr Marr had an interview with Britain's Secretary of State for Defence, Michael Fallon MP. After listing several accusations against Russia, Mr Fallon concluded by saying that the Russians "even tried to interfere on the Dutch referendum on the Ukraine association agreement".
       Now, one might expect that that led to a burst of MPs' questions and alarming headlines in my country. After all, Britain is a country which The Netherlands are allied with in NATO and in the EU (as yet), and the minister of defence of that country apparently has evidence that a foreign power has been operating in the dark to manipulate the political decision-making in The Netherlands. On top of that, there is quite no shortage in my country of politicians and media people who are critical of Russia.
       Surprisingly however, Mr Fallon's revelation led to.... deafening silence. I watch much of EenVandaag, the NOS Journaal, RTL Nieuws, Nieuwsuur.... but they had nothing about what Mr Fallon said. I googled the search terms 'minister fallon rusland referendum oekraïne' to find newspaper articles: nothing.
       Isn't that strange?
       Shouldn't the Dutch Minister of Defence Mrs Hennis ask her British counterpart for his evidence? Shouldn't the Dutch Parliament ask her to do so, and, once the proof is there, ask why the UK government knows more about Russian meddling in Dutch affairs than the Dutch government itself? Shouldn't the media wake up Parliament? (16th October 2016)

A BBC presenter has suggested WHAT ?? (18th November 2016)

I wish you a merry Christmas and a good 2017.

"The Russians even tried to interfere on the Dutch referendum on the Ukraine association agreement", according to UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon MP, speaking on the BBC on October the 9th, 2016. Related internet letters, in Dutch and in English:

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Internet letter to the Dutch Foreign Secretary + the Ministry's reaction (last update 31st March 2017)

Internet letter to several parliamentary parties in the Dutch Parliament + follow-up (last update 17th February 2017)

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Internet letter to BBC host Andrew Marr (10th March 2017)

I suspend the publishing until the reversal
Under the current circumstances, it has become impossible for me to continue. (10th April 2017)

It was horrendous what happened in Las Vegas, the people attending a concert in the open air who died or got wounded because of the man who opened fire on them with automatic weapons, from a high position in a hotel. This and the earlier shooting sprees, all the other gun crimes, make me wish two things for America. In the first place, that America will remember what President John F. Kennedy once said:

"Just as a man who realizes that his life has gone off course can regain his bearings only through the strictest self-scrutiny, so a whole people, become aware that things have somehow gone wrong, can right matters only by a rigidly honest look at its core of collective being, its national purpose." (Source: Life in Camelot - The Kennedy Years, edited by Philip B. Kunhardt Jr.)

So I wish for America that it will self-investigate, that it will look criticly at all the "accepted" ideas and "values" that stand at the basis of what America has become, in the course of the last five decades.

Furthermore, the demonic event in Las Vegas made me immediately think of a story in the New Testament, I had to look up where exactly, it is in Mark 5, it's the story of a man who was possessed by many demons, but who was cured by Christ. Christ drove these demons out of the haunted man's mind, the demons fled into a herd of swine who then ran into the water and drowned.

I hope for America that it will see the resemblance with today's society, indeed full of demons too:

the demon of personal frustration turning into violent behaviour;
the demon of contempt of other people's lives and happiness;
the demon of mind-altering antidepressiva, source of profit for the pharmaceutical industry;
the demon of thrill-seeking;
the demon of the tons of violence and sadism on TV, in film and in games, turning many of us into adrenaline-addicts;
the demon of making money out of producing and broadcasting truth-distorting 'documentaries' about terrorism and race riots, programmes that spread anxiety and fear, and thus incite people to arm themselves, which is of course also helpful for the weapons' manufacturers to make money;
and, to finish this incomplete list, the demon of the false sense of superiority that people can get from holding a weapon in their hands.

So trying to (re)connect with the Christian values, is what I hope America will once recognize as the better idea. Don't count on the politicians and the media to take a leading or supporting role in this. What they have on offer is just more of the same, because the rulers want to keep things as they are. (4th October 2017, correction on 29th April 2018)

It is 2017, October the 24th.
There is no trace of the reversal in sight.

None of the wellknown politicians, none of the wellknown media has informed the nations about Torahism. I on the other hand have been trying to do so, since 2004, by writing on the internet, in the hope that one day, I would produce a text that will be massively spread and bring about the breakthrough that I am convinced is necessary.
      I have to try it this way, because television and newspapers don't inform the general public about my initiative. In the past years, I wrote to TV channels and newspapers in several countries, so they know of my existence. In 2012 for instance, I wrote to ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, Newsweek, The Nation, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Time and USA Today. None of them replied.
      As yet, my effort has not been successfull; my website attracted 10 hits per day on average, over the past month.
      So there is no reversal in sight. Yet, as you may have noticed three weeks ago, I have begun publishing again, despite my announcement in April. My expectation of some sort of miracle remains alive. (24th October 2017)

July 2017: a horrific insult of Christianity on the Russian website
I will not quote it. If you can't master your curiosity, you will have to look it up yourself. It's in the article Trump's "Western Civilization": The most idiotic speech in history. This article appeared on on July the 6th.
      I know of many important indications that after the fall of Communism, Christ made a comeback to Russia, but the pitch-black spirit of the Antichrist clearly never left the country. (24th October 2017)

What to say in a world in which bad news is being shoved into the living rooms by the carloads?

I was busy writing an article about the Islamic act of terror by an Uzbek, that took the lives of eight people in New York, when the news of the massacre in the church of Sutherland Springs broke. An ex-airforce man, frustrated over his mother-in-law, takes it out on people gathered in the church that she also visits. It leaves one speechless. What will happen next week, is becoming a question you don't like to think of.

America, as the West's most important country, needs to self-investigate, I expressed this wish earlier, on October the 4th. In fact, America should already have begun thoroughly self-investigating itself in 2012, after the Sandy Hook massacre, no, earlier, in 1999 after High Columbine.

It's the mass shootings that get the publicity, but they are of course only the tip of an iceberg of non- or scarcely reported violent crimes.

A courageous and honest look at everything, every widespread idea, every dominant opinion, everything that's always been taken for granted, in order to judge whether it's a genuinely good idea, a time-tested idea, or an idea that just looks good, but that in reality is a bad idea, a phoney value, something treacherous, useful only for the rulers, but not for the socalled ordinary people, who in America constitute the overwhelming majority, as well as in any other country. So it's time to ask questions that matter.

What are all the factors that influence, that educate, that mentally shape the mind of the American, as from the day he or she is born?

What lessons are the parents teaching their children, as to how to behave, how to cope with adversity, how to treat others? Are those lessons time-honoured? Or were they invented in the 1960s, the period that I view as the beginning of a lot of confusion, as the beginning of the decline of the West?

What are the standards America's department of education is imposing on the publishers of schoolbooks? When were these standards implemented by Washington?

How does violence in film and TV influence the mind? Has there already been scientific research into that? If not, isn't it about time to start such research? I mean, I am just as interested in NASA's latest exploration of the outer planets as the next guy, but the need for this kind of research is now far more urgent, isn't it?

Where people forget about God, godlessness will emerge, and all the misery that comes from that. So has there ever been a thorough investigation carried out in America as to why people stopped visiting their Christian churches, since the 1960s? What can be learnt from the categorization of their answers, in other words, what are the main causes of what is poshly called 'secularization'?

Questions like that. (9th November 2017)

79 years ago: the foreshadow of the Holocaust
The 9th of November in 1938 brought a state-initiated night of violence against the Jews in National Socialist Germany, as a reprisal for the murder of a German diplomat by a young Jew. What started with the boycot of Jewish shops and this night of violence, abysmally descended into the Holocaust. Hitler hated Torahism so much, that he turned the German state into a genocidal machine. A predecessor of his, Kaiser Wilhelm II, who ruled over Germany till 1918, also hated Torahism, he has emphasized that the Germans should always be aware of it, but Wilhelm II was strongly opposed to the way the Nazis maltreated the Jews, if I am not mistaken. (9th November 2017)

Opinion climate

I have seen a lot of TV coverage of the campaigns for the U.S. presidency election in 2016, and one of the things about it that struck me, was the bitterness, the enmity between the two sides. I can recall an American woman who said that the mood in the country had never been so tense. As an example, she said that people in her street no longer placed a political sign on their front lawn or behind their window, out of fear for political vandalism. That was something she'd never experienced before during earlier campaigns, she regretted to say.

Even I, as a TV viewer in Europe, realized how high tensions had run, by one surprising moment. You had three TV debates between Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump, and it was during the second or third debate that someone in the studio audience asked the candidates to mention something positive about the other. I can remember how relieved I felt by that question alone, as it formed such a relaxing contrast with all the vitriolic stinging by the contesting sides of the months before and in that very debate, up until that moment.

It even seemed to me that the two candidates were also pleasantly surprised by that question, as if they welcomed a brief moment in which they could say something nice about one another, and, if memory serves me right, Mrs Clinton then praised Mr Trump for the way he had raised his children, and Mr Trump admired Mrs Clinton for never giving up.

But that was just one moment of friendliness in an opinion climate that on the whole is dominated by negativity - and it's that negativity, that bitterness, that eagerness to mock and ridicule and name-calling that is perhaps the biggest political problem of them all in the West, because in such an opinion climate, all the other political issues can never be solved in a satisfying way.

So where does this destructive negativity come from? I think there are two causes. In the first place, over the past fifty years, less and less Westerners feel connected with the Christian values. (It's perhaps worse in Europe than in America.) That's a pity, as Christ teaches us to be modest, honest and fair - and modesty, honesty and fairness are blessings in any political debate, whatever the issue that is at stake, whether it concerns race or gender or Islam or homosexuality, or any other subject that so easily can trigger fierce emotions in people, because they are subjects that lie close to our hearts.

The second cause of the negativity is definitely the influence of television, in my view. Let me give you a rather familiar example. Imagine two groups of people in the street protesting pro and contra a political issue. I don't find it hard to imagine such a scene, because television has shown us protesting angry people thousands of times, in the past decades. Everyone who has always been interested in the news, has this clear image in his or her memory: people take to the streets to loudly make their protests heard all the time.

So we often see groups of people in a stand-off, kept at their distance by police officers and fences, and each group is holding signs with inflammatory texts and a lot of exclamation marks. The camera team then moves in closer, so that you can see and hear some of the individuals in the groups, and you hear the namecalling and the insults hurled over to one another.

All this contributes to a negative mood in the country, because television has this enormous amplifying effect. An angry person disturbs everyone who sees him or her. It affects some perhaps more than others, but when you see an angry person, it upsets you. So if an angry person is filmed by a TV news crew, and those images are selected for that evening's news programme - you always get to see selected images - that one person will upset people in millions of living-rooms.

But you never see the TV crew ask the protester a series of in-depth questions, to establish whether this person knows all the ins and outs of the political issue at hand. So the one whose shouting is transmitted to millions of living-rooms, might very well be a half-informed person, or a hopelessly biased person, or someone who is simply pretty shortsighted.

So the goal of the TV news makers is not to make you wiser, to give you all the ins and outs of a certain matter, no, their goal is apparently to upset you, and to deepen the rift between two groups of people in society - and the more groups in society look angrily at each other, the less inclined they will be to think about who their rulers are. "Divide et impera", divide and rule! It's as old as Rome, but today's rulers are obviously not the Romans.

I am convinced that the West needs some true changes, some genuine improvements, but it won't ever come from or via today's TV makers. Television is in the wrong hands, I'm afraid, but I believe the internet offers the possibility to counter its ill influence on society.

I believe the future will once bring debates on the internet that will 1) make millions of people realize that TV has kept them uninformed about essential facts for decades, and that will 2) truely contribute to constructive solutions of society's problems - in an atmosphere that modest, honest and fair people will definitely qualify as positive. (25th November 2017)

The psychological warfare against an innocent European tradition

Tonight, a time-honoured festivity will take place in many Dutch homes. It's a children's feast about a fictitious bishop called Sinterklaas, derived from 4th-century bishop Saint Nicolaus of Myra. The "main" Sinterklaas arrives by steamboat in a Dutch harbour each November, to be welcomed by a multitude of impressed children and their parents. After that, children live in anticipation of Sinterklaas's birthday on the 5th of December for weeks. Once that evening breaks, a knock on the door may indicate that a bag with gifts has been put there, if the family hasn't the good luck that Sinterklaas has arrived in person. The festivity, that goes back centuries, has its own typical sweets, its own songs, its own rituals like writing and reciting poems for the happy recipient, its own unique and pleasant national mood.

Not however to the liking of those who are obsessed to view racism in even the most innocent things like this annual tradition. Since a couple of years, they take issue with the aides of Sinterklaas, the Zwarte Pieten (Black Petes). The character of Zwarte Piet is based on the Moors, a black people that lived or is still living in North Africa. Now, The Netherlands have seen the immigration of negroes as from the 1970s, and a number of them, or their descendants, bent on misconstruing everything, say they feel offended by the "white supremacism", the "racism", the "stereotyping of blacks in subordinate positions" that according to them is typical of the whole folklore of Sinterklaas.

So they seek to protest loudly and create unrest at the place of Sinterklaas's arrival. Like all fanatics, they don't care about the feelings of the children and the parents that are present. Like other ungrateful immigrants, they don't respect the customs and traditions of the country that opened its borders to them. And like every other group who wants to disturb the majority of the Dutch, who are modest, reasonable and hard-working people, the anti-ZwartePiet-protesters get plenty of opportunity to complain and accuse and talk eloquent nonsense.... on television.

Those who run television in The Netherlands are playing a negative role in this issue in another way too. Regrettably, there are Dutch who, in their resentment of the anti-ZwartePiet-protests, stoop to insults and foul language on the new media - and they get loads of publicity: their insults are shown on TV, their prosecution is paid attention to on TV, the judge's sentence is paid attention to on TV. Why are the TV makers in The Netherlands, like the NOS Journaal, doing that?

My guess is that they want to inject feelings of insecurity into the majority of the Dutch people, the modest, reasonable and hard working people I just mentioned. "Am I on the same side with such people?", many will instinctively think, when they learn of the insults and the dirt spread by the prosecuted persons. And so, they will slowly be troubled by uncertainty about their appreciation of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet. I think that the other objective of the TV makers is to strengthen the irrational feelings of being wronged among the black people living in The Netherlands.

And then, there are of course prominent politicians who want to help push the Dutch in the defensive in their own country. In October 2013, a United Nations official called Verene Shepherd, a Jamaican woman, said she thought of Sinterklaas as a return to slavery, and that the festivity should be abolished. The UN were founded in 1945, but it apparently took them 68 years to realize the Dutch are celebrating something horribly racist each 5th of December. In November 2013, Deputy PM Lodewijk Asscher pleaded for a slow "evolution" of Sinterklaas. In November 2016, Prime Minister Mark Rutte's Cabinet wanted Sinterklaas to be adjusted to modern times. It said that Zwarte Piet could hurt people. And under that pressure surrogates for Zwarte Piet made their entry, next or instead of the original ones: the Green Petes and the Yellow Petes, and the otherwise Coloured Petes, and the white Petes with streaks of soot in their face.

For someone who is not Dutch, such modifications may look futile, too childish to worry about, but I view this whole matter as symbolical for the caving in the white nations have to do all the time, in the past decades. Whether you keep track of what's going on in Belgium, or Sweden, or the UK or Germany, you'll notice that it are always the whites who have to push themselves to the limit as not to offend Arabs, Asians or Africans, and I get the impression that this goes for white America too.

However, the first signs of the turning tide may already be visible. On November the 7th, the NOS Journaal published a Ceefax message about a newspaper's investigation (!) of how Dutch towns would celebrate Sinterklaas's entry: with Zwarte or with other Pieten. The (translated) NOS headline was: Piet remains black almost everywhere, and the closing sentence of the report was:

During its investigation, the newspaper sensed irritation with the committees. They find that the media are preserving the discussion about Zwarte Piet.

Is the media pressure, as massive as it is malevolent in so many issues, finally approaching the point of rebound? Only time will tell. For now, from this place, a tribute to every good-natured Dutch activist and city councillor who wants to honour our country's traditions, and I hope tonight's Pakjesavond (Gifts' Evening) will be a joy again for very many people. (5th December 2017)

Please don't fall for the media trap that is the word "Judeo-Christian"

Obviously, you know this word if you are interested in what's going on in the world, and if you therefore follow the news attentively. Phrases like "In our Judeo-Christian culture..." and "the Judeo-Christian civilization" will then sound familiar to you. The word is of course also used by old party politicians as well as by the media. I think of it as a misleading word. Sure, Yeshua (Jesus) was a Jew and Israel is the Holy Land for both Jews and Christians. But what I find misleading, is that the word "Judeo-Christian" suggests that Torahism (Judaism) and Christianity are more or less similar faiths. It suggests that the faith of the Torah is something like the faith of the New Testament. Now, I don't have an academic degree in studying either of them, and I'm always open to correction, but I see fundamental differences between the two, so much so that they are incompatible, and the incompatibility has to be attributed to Torahism. What are these differences, in my view? The first ones that then come to my mind are:

1) The Torah, written by Moses, is extremely focused on worldly power. The god of the Torah promises the Jews they will take control over the lands of other peoples. In the case of Israel, the Jews, who were coming from Egypt as the story goes, are promised they will take the entire land in their possession, and the original inhabitants have to be dealt with in a way that has very little to do with "tolerance" and "dialogue". In the case of the other countries, the Jews are promised that mega-banking will be the way they can seize control. Please read the Torah yourself, it's the first five chapters of the bible, and you'll find that I am telling the truth. In every synagogue, a very expensive handwritten copy of the Torah is kept, and once a year, the members of every synagogue, all over the world, celebrate the existence of the Torah by dance-like walking behind it in a joyful procession.

On the other hand, in the New Testament speaks God, through Yeshua. The way I understand the New Testament, is that God wants the nations, including Israel, to live peacefully next to one another. Politics, the gaining of power, is important, yes, the world can't do without politics, you need a set of arrangements by which the best people can become the leaders of the country, but worldly power will only be blessed by God if it is applied for good causes. God will not bless worldly power if it's abused for a materialist ideology that denies human nature, that oppresses benevolent people. God will not bless worldly power if it's abused to change democracy into a deceitful show. He will not bless worldly power if it's abused for the intimidation of nations, for wars of conquest, for building a merciless empire at the expense of countless lives.

The systems built on that dark kind of worldly power may last many decades, it may look for a long time the future is entirely theirs, millions of people may be mesmerized and enthused by the system's lure, but one day such a system will collapse, by God's invisible hand. The New Testament teaches us that at the end of the day, God reigns supreme, not man, not money, not even Torahist money.

2) In Torahism, the Jews are indoctrinated to believe, from early childhood onwards, that it is only the personal happiness of the Jews that counts, and that the other peoples have to be confused, weakened, divided among themselves, as much as possible. The sooner the targeted people starts to pine away by loveless short-lasting relations, divorces, childlessness, addictions, feuds, mental problems, euthanasia, abortion, the loss of national cohaesion, the loss of national selfconfidence, the better, because that will make more room for thriving Jewish families; it will create more opportunities for the traditionally very assertive Jewish career-making; it will ease their way to the top and their staying there.

In Christianity, the Gospels are meant for every human being to lead a happy life, regardless of his or her race or nationality. As in Torahism, there is profound respect for the wisdoms of life in Christianity, the learning of the do's and don'ts for a happy life, and that's why the Ten Commandments stand in the highest regard in both faiths. Christians however know that all nations should share in that wisdom, whereas Torahist Jews believe that that wisdom is meant for them only.

3) The Torah's adulation of the Jews as 'the Chosen People' has regrettably resulted in the Torahist conviction that the non-Jewish nations are inferior and must either give way for the Jews or submit to Torahist rule. So Torahism is a racist doctrine; Christianity is not. (Islam, for all its bloody mistakes, isn't racist either.)

4) In Torahism, the enemy of the Jew has to be destroyed. In Christianity, the enemy of the Christian has to be loved (Matthew 5:44).

5) The concepts of Heaven and hell are unknown in the Torah, whereas Yeshua teaches us that they do exist. Life on Earth is not the whole story of man; there is a hereafter, and there is a one-on-one relation between how you spent your life on Earth, and where you will end up in that hereafter. That's difficult to imagine, because our senses inform us only about the visible, audible and tangible reality around us. Yet Heaven and hell are as real as God Himself, and those who want to find God, will find God, and there will come a day in their lives they will see a sign of His that He does exist and watches over those who honour Him.

Now, if little humble me knows these essential differences, the kings of television, the distinguished film directors, the chief editors of the wellknown newspapers know them too, surely. So why do they use that phrase "Judeo-Christian"? Because it's a word that lends something of the gentleness of Christianity to give Judaism a nice shine. It draws many Christians, or people who were raised in a Christian family, into the untruth that they and the Jews, the Israelites, Israel, are on the same side in today's world that is full of threats. It's a phrase that psychologically mobilizes as many Christians as possible, as many Westerners in general as possible, for the (geo)political goals of Torahist Jewry - and those who fall for the term, are either badly informed or a bit foolish, because they can know, they can easily discover that Torahism has in fact an anti-Christian agenda (Exodus 23:24).

It goes without saying that those (geo)political goals are never described as Torahism's. They are called "America's ideals" or "the Western values" or "the Western interests" or what-have-you. It also goes without saying that when the threats in today's world are created or enhanced by Torahism, the old media don't tell that to the general public.

Now, the above is written by a Dutchman you've never heard of, and that Dutchman is writing it on the internet, that hatchery of many a mad conspiracy theory. Furthermore, television never shows you a 12-part documentary or docudrama about the subjects I just mentioned. That absence on the TV screen makes these issues hard to imagine. Add the three together, and chances are you will dismiss my writings as a load of rubbish. Yet there is also a chance you will feel challenged to do your own research, and that would be a good thing. The West needs better informed people more than ever, but a warning is now called for. Whoever gains in-depth knowledge about Torahism, will certainly discover that the Torahist mentality is appalling. There is nothing Torahism is not prepared to do to achieve its objectives. That discovery can easily make you hate the Jews, if you care about the country you live in.

Hating the Jews is however not the answer. Hate of the Jews led to the catastrophic unimaginable crime of the Holocaust, and to the post-war Torahist reflex to take revenge on the entire Christian white world. And remember President Richard Nixon, who in his resignation speech in 1974 said that hate destroys yourself. No, trying to understand how Torahism came into being, 3,500 years ago, and how its ideas have been preserved through all those centuries up until our times, that is the better idea, and I hope you will find the main text helpful there. You'll also notice the main text has more nuance than this short article allowed for. (9th December 2017)

I wish you very pleasant and inspiring Christmas days. (24th December 2017)

The best message I can think of to begin this new year by is to repeat that Yeshua is telling us the saving truth. And by 'us' I mean: mankind in its entirety. (5th January 2018)

I changed the standard closing text on this page
Its first sentence used to begin as follows: "Britain, The Netherlands, the other European countries are in very big trouble, in my opinion, (...)" (5th January 2018)

I added a separate webpage for the corrections. (5th January 2018)

President Trump helped an "enemy of the American people" make money

In February 2017, President Trump tweeted this: "The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!"

That's something I found very strange right away. I mean, how come an enemy of the American people is not an enemy of their President?!? I haven't seen anyone ask him to explain this.

More than ten months went by. Then, I saw he had given an interview to the New York Times in December. Now, that is something that has helped the NYT's publisher make money in several ways. People in the streets pass a newspaper stand, see the headline and think: "That might be interesting, I'll buy myself a copy". So such an interview boosts the newspaper's single-issues-sales. (End-of-the-year interviews like this always attract more buyers anyhow.) People who were contemplating to end their subscription to the NYT read the article, admire the newspaper's tenacity to win the president over to do an interview and decide to maintain their subscription. People who only occasionally bought a single issue feel the same way, and take a subscription. The interview increases the number of hits on the NYT website; the publisher's sales people can now charge higher rates for web ads. Media all over the world mention this interview and the name of the newspaper, thus reinforcing its already very strong brand fame; that is another commercial bonus.

If Mr Trump truely found the media he mentioned to be enemies of the people, he could have said to those media after his inauguration: I am not talking to you anymore, when I have something to say, I'll say it via, to the American people directly, without giving any of you the chance to distort my messages. But he hasn't said that, no, he even helps "enemies of the American people" make money. No, President Trump isn't that great an adversary of the old media as he purports to be.... (9th January 2018, corrected 20th January 2018)

Whether author Michael Wolff is telling untruths or President Trump, America is losing either way

If Mr Wolff's book 'Fire And Fury' tells the truth, and President Trump is really surrounded by staffers who think he's an 'idiot' and a 'moron', then that's bad for America, because it means that the top level of the American government consists of a mentally unfit person and (many?) talented parasites who despise their chief, but want to remain on the White House's payroll nonetheless. That would always be an alarming situation, but especially so in today's world.

However, if the President is right and Mr Wolff's book is indeed a bunch of lies, then that's also bad for America, because that book is then amounting to character assassination with a lot of impact on the world, given the formidable free publicity this book is getting in all the global media. That will diminish America's standing in capitals around the world; it will make foreign leaders with interests opposite to America's take the White House less seriously, which - again in today's world - could also quickly lead to an alarming situation. So either way, America loses.

My guess is that President Trump is as Torahism-friendly as everyone else in Washington DC (see further down), but that he seriously underestimated how much some of his campaign pledges and remarks have rubbed the East Coast Empire up the wrong way. I think that that is why the big media and TV comedians are so vitriolic against him. He is Torahism-friendly, yes, but he is just not Torahism-friendly enough; he is not as Torahism-friendly as Mrs Clinton likely would have been.

Now, why am I calling President Trump Torahism-friendly? Well, it's visible in small things and in big things:

1) His term is still work in progress, but so far he hasn't addressed the conflict between Torahism's 3,500-year-old agenda on the one hand, and the U.S. Constitution and the U.S Declaration of Independence on the other hand. He should do so, because looking after the long-term interests of the whole of the American people is any President's supreme duty. America's most sacred documents seek to guarantee that America is and remains a republic functioning well for its entire people. Torahism however means that a small but brilliant and self-indoctrinating minority, Torahist Jews, will always try to get absolute rule over the entire people that let them in. I am describing this conflict more specificly in the main text, as from chapter 5.15, and I am arguing there that Torahism has probably won.

2) When Mr Trump's campaign turned out to grow successful in 2015-2016, he got the world's increasing attention, including mine. I then wondered how and when Mr Trump would signal to Torahist Jewry that he wouldn't oppose Torahism - call it: cynicism by experience. I didn't have to wait very long. Somewhere in 2016 - I haven't noted either the occasion or the exact date - I heard him refer to Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as 'Bibi'. Now, 'Bibi' is Mr Netanyahu's nickname, used by his loved ones and closest friends. So when Mr Trump said it, it was what they call 'coded discourse'. That is language that has far more meaning than the general public realize, meant to be understood by a selection of listeners only. Please note, there was no need for Mr Trump to use that nickname. Countries can have good constructive relations with one another without their government leaders cosying each other up like that. In fact, a more formal atmosphere among them is to be preferred, because that will make it easier to discuss sensitive issues. So by publicly saying 'Bibi' instead of 'Israel's PM' or something like that, Mr Trump was actually signalling: "I like Israel and I like everything that is Israelite."

3) In December 2017, President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's undivided capital, without even mentioning East Jerusalem, that other nations see as the future capital of a Palestinian state.

4) For nine years, the USA and five other countries negotiated to reach an agreement on Iran's nuclear programme, a complex agreement that must have required iron selfcontrol on everyone's part and the best diplomatic skills before it came about. Now, there is big hostility between Iran and Israel; the latter never stopped rejecting the negotiations and protested its outcome, while the rest of the world felt relieved by it. So when President Obama broke the news about reaching the agreement, in a televized broadcast from the White House, he had Vice President Joe Biden, a Jew, at his side. Politics is full of symbolism; by his mere presence, Mr Biden was silently reassuring Jews worldwide: "Trust me, people, it's a good agreement, Barack Hussein hasn't gone rogue on us".

But now, that agreement is apparently not good enough anymore. President Trump is now sharing in the Israelite discontent; he calls the agreement "the worst deal ever" and wants to discard it, and neither he nor Israel seems to give a damn whether that will increase the chances of a (world) war.

5) It is absolutely impossible not to be Torahism-friendly, while making a career in real estate in a place that Jews are proud to call a Jewish city, when they think no-one is listening: New York!

I'm not talking behind President Trump's back by the way, he knows my initiative and my address, I sent a letter to Mrs Clinton and him, two months before the elections. No reply, alas. (9th January 2018, corrected 20th January 2018)

Israel is to deport law-defying Africans who entered the country illegally
A sensible measure in the interest of the people of Israel. This was perhaps already on Mr Netanyahu's mind in September 2016, when he said that - I'm quoting the NOS - Israel can be an example for other nations. (9th January 2018)

UK newspaper: "Britain could be back in the EU within a generation, hints May's deputy Lidington"
It's on The Telegraph's home page. For my British readers: please read what I predicted on October the 10th, 2013, in the above on this page. (20th January 2018, UK time 12:43)

The BBC then and now

My bookcase holds a copy of 'Allemaal onzin' ('All nonsense'), written by Dutch columnist Simon Carmiggelt (1913-1987). It's the 1973 edition. On page 37 begins a story about his family's attitude towards the Wilhelmus, the national anthem of The Netherlands. Mr Carmiggelt's family were social democrats and they refused to stand up when the anthem was played in public, and the author tells about the trouble that their principle got them into every now and then, in the 1930s. But at the end of the story, Carmiggelt tells how he was moved to tears by hearing the Wilhelmus during the Nazi occupation, when he was listening to the broadcasts of Radio Oranje on the BBC, his radio hidden in the kitchen's cupboard, because the Dutch were forbidden by the Nazis to listen to foreign radio broadcasts.

I am mentioning this, because I realize how much the BBC must once have meant for the Europeans living under Hitler's brutal dictatorship, how much joy they must have felt when they heard a faint English voice of the BBC say that Montgomery's victory at El Alamein meant that Rommel's march through North Africa was put in the reverse. I can imagine how people were thrilled to hear the BBC tell that the Red Army's epic victory at Stalingrad meant that Hitler had lost 250,000 troops, and that he could forget about conquering the oil wells of the Caucasus. I can imagine the massive relief people in occupied Europe must have felt when they heard the BBC report on the awesome event of June the 6th, 1944, taking place in Normandy: D-Day.

But look at the BBC now.... A boost for the anti-Nazi spirit then; a disgusting lackey of Torahism now.... Let me focus on a scene I saw in last Saturday's episode of the BBC's 'Hard Sun'. From memory: a man is threatening a priest, while he's ranting against God. He says that God commanded the slaughtering of seven nations, thus: genocide. "Genocide!", he repeats, yelling at the priest. The latter responds fearfully: "There was a new covenant...." The irate man: "Yes, in which He commanded the torture and killing of His own son!"

I regard this scene as a 'perfect' example of the deceitful poison that malevolent media can inject in the minds of millions of ill-informed people in a few seconds, knowing that it would take better informed people far more time to explain what's so damaging about it, that is, if these media were to invite such a better informed person to their studio, which they decidedly never do in some matters, since they are malevolent. Anyway, here, on the internet, is the antidote for the scene I just described:

1) The bible actually consists of two sets of texts, the Old and the New Testament, and each Testament has its own view on God and mankind. These views differ fundamentally from one another; that was however not said in the programme.

2) The Old Testament is the Torahist part of the bible, the New Testament is the Christian part of the bible; that was however not said in the programme.

3) The commandments to commit genocide are written down in the Torahist part; that was however not said in the programme.

4) The ones who are ordered to commit the genocide are the Jews; that was however not said in the programme.

5) God's motive to let his own Son be tortured and crucified isn't cruelty, but His love for mankind. Please read Yeshua is telling us the saving truth for my explanation.

6) The Christian priest is not portrayed to say proudly and self-assuredly: "You're totally mixing things up. You are mixing up the genocidal god of the Torah and the true God who gave us Christ and the New Testament for the benefit of all mankind, including you". No, the BBC picture the priest as an insecure man who is suggested to be answerable for the genocidal commandments in the Torah. A falsehood can not be more ridiculous than that: it are of course the rabbis of this world, who are drumming the Torah into Jewish children's heads, who have some explaining to do.

7) By letting a fictitious person say these things, the BBC create an possible pretext for themselves. They can always say: "Well, it's not the BBC's own viewpoint, it's what we paid some fiction writers for to let a non-existent person say.... we also broadcast 'Songs Of Praise', you know, which isn't exactly the Devil's cup of tea, or is it?"

So this is the spiritual damage that this BBC scene of a few seconds is causing, in my opinion:

Many badly informed viewers will (even more) mistake the bible for the repulsive book of those strange Christians, a book that from cover to cover seems to be full of a cruel god who is ordering genocide and a hellish life for his own son.

The Christians among the viewers of 'Hard Sun' (there can't be that many) will have felt indignant about the deceitful image of the bible that the BBC have been projecting, and they will have felt pushed in the defensive, will have felt uncomfortable, by the sight of a priest who is outsmarted by a ranting and threatening person.

Such a scene might easily deter young people, searching for values and truths to hold on to, from looking into the Christian message.

The scene has therefore contributed to a deeper division between Christians and non-Christians, and it has contributed to pushing Britain a bit further away from Christianity, which is a pity, to understate it, because it is exactly the erosion of the Christian values in the past half of a century why today's Britain and the other Western countries have become such a mess.

Yet I remain sure the current situation will not last forever. The pitiful souls that run today's BBC may obsessively be convinced that Yahweh, the god of the Torah, is on their side, but God isn't, and Yahweh doesn't exist, but God does. (24th January 2018)

Is repeating the same questions in the BBC talkshow 'The Big Questions' useful for the British people? I think not.
'The Big Questions' of today, that just went on air, will have this topic: 'Is porn damaging to society?' Remarkably, the programme had the same item in 2011. I don't think the British people are well served by BBC programmes that dish up the same question every seven years. The better idea would be a programme that arrives at clear answers and useful conclusions for society. Re-reading my notes of the 2011 broadcast, I saw that presenter Nicky Campbell ended the programme then by saying that a report of the Scottish Ministry of Justice had concluded that pornography did have a stimulating effect on rapists, but that that report was contradicted by other reports. So the interested viewer was left puzzled, but confused is perhaps a better word. (28th January 2018, UK time 10:03)

Immigration and Sir Winston Churchill
At a cinema in the centre of Den Haag (The Hague), I saw a 'coming soon' poster of 'Darkest Hour', with Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill.
      That reminded me of another film about the man who was Great Britain's Prime Minister in 1940-1945 and 1951-1955. That film was 'The Gathering Storm' (2002) with Albert Finney.
      Looking at some fragments of it on YouTube, it came to my mind that Mr Churchill had been PM in the same decade in which the migration from the West Indies to the UK was already going on. I wondered whether he had ever spoken about this, and if so, what. So I googled 'churchill immigration west indies 1950s', and one of the results was this article of The Guardian from 2007: What Churchill said about Britain's immigrants
      The quotes in the newspaper article show that Mr Churchill would view mass immigration of coloured people, attracted by the welfare state, as fatal.
      I find it also interesting to see how The Guardian is describing his concern. The newspaper calls it a reflection of "attitudes of the time". In this way, The Guardian tries to belittle Churchill's assessment of the situation; the newspaper is suggesting "oh well, lots of white politicians were like that at the time, we know better nowadays". In my view however, Sir Winston Churchill deserves praise for his foresight.
      In the above, posted on the 8th of May 2005, you'll find a quote of him about fighting tyranny. (31st January 2018)

No to anti-Semitism, yes to anti-Torahism

There have been several TV programmes in the past weeks that were going into anti-Semitic incidents.

In Belgium, a series called 'Children of the collaboration' was aired by the VRT. In one episode, a former professor in chemistry, a Dutchman, was shown to say that Jews are parasites.

Right after President Trump had announced the Jerusalem decision, a Palestinian smashed in the windows of a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam.

In January, the NOS Journaal in my country showed a video made by the Jewish owner of an Israeli restaurant in Berlin. On that video, a German man, the neighbour of the restaurant owner, was saying: 'Six million of your people were murdered, so what do you want here? All back to the gas chambers.... nobody wants you.... " In the same NOS Journaal, North Africans and Arabs were seen to set an Israeli flag alight, on the square where the Brandenburg Gate stands. On January the 28th, an ARD programme in Germany dealt with the question: 'The Holocaust commemoration: how anti-Semitic is Germany?' The programme showed pictures of neo-Nazi vandalism, like swastikas sprayed on synagogues and on Jewish tombstones. In other broadcasts on German TV, I've seen the controversy over a church bell in the German town of Herxheim. It was a gift of Hitler in 1934; the bell has a swastika on it.

In Austria, a politician of the FPÖ party, engaged in the country's coalition government, appeared to have been a member of a students' club that until recently used a songbook with a line that mocks the Holocaust; the song called for more gas to do the seven millionth.

In the United Kingdom, the media raised the question in 2016 whether the Labour party is troubled by anti-Semitism. That story keeps coming back, recently for instance in the BBC's The Big Questions.

CNN had an article titled 'Poland's Holocaust law should terrify you'. In the article, the journalist writes that a Holocaust denier is the only Republican running for a seat in a congressional district of Illinois.

A lot can be said about each and every of these incidents, but basically I condemn all of them. I am saying 'no' to anti-Semitism. I am saying 'no' to the hate, contempt, insults and violence against our fellow human beings that are the Jews. I am however saying 'yes' to anti-Torahism, because Torahism is the dark side, the destructive side of Jewry and it is a side that television, film, newspapers and schoolbooks never mention, let alone report in-depth about. Thanks to the internet however, peaceful yet resolved anti-Torahist action can successfully be undertaken, theoreticly speaking.

If you're interested in what I understand by anti-Torahist action, please read the main text, or the 10 pages of Suppose, the reversal takes place next week. Then what?

And the sooner the church bell in Herxheim is molten and recast into a proper bell, the better, because Hitler was a manifestation of the Antichrist, and a church bell with a swastika on it is therefore an abomination. (9th February 2018)

Are the BBC still waging a psychological war against the whites?

In today's The Big Questions, one of the topics will be: 'Is Britain still racist?' In chapter 5.6 of the main text, I am describing how a question can contain an accusation, and this is an example of it. The question is suggesting: "Well, the whole of Britain was traditionally racist through and through, everyone knows that, but my goodness, is it really still racist now, is this day and age?!"

Since the British people are still a white people, predominantly, this BBC question is in fact accusing the entire white population in the UK of having a history of racism. The only thing that now needs to be looked at, 'Auntie' has decided, is whether white Britain is still racist today.

The BBC however know that for decades on end, the overwhelming majority of the British people have been voting for parties with pristine anti-racist programmes, namely Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

The BBC know that up and down the country, decent families in their millions are bringing their children up not to be racist.

The BBC know that one racist remark can be enough to break someone's career, block his of her chances of promotion or get violent mobs or internet trolls to harass him or her.

The BBC know that millions of taxpayers' pounds are going to anti-racist schoolbooks, anti-racist theatre performances, anti-racist foundations, centres for anti-discrimination complaints and what have you.

The BBC know that, the Oxfam scandal set aside, there are brave whites volunteering to help people out in disease-ridden Third World countries.

Yet, despite all of this, the BBC are adamant to hurl this insinuating question into the British homes.

In the past decades, the BBC have inundated the British living-rooms with series, films and documentaries full of mean racist whites maltreating, insulting or downright lynching non-whites, but that's still not enough to their taste.

And what will this TBQ topic trigger in Britain's living-rooms, in today's quarrelsome opinion climate? Fruitless discussions and arguments among white people of different generations: children vs. their parents, grandchildren vs. their grandparents. Whites feeling guilty, for the thousandth time. Whites getting angry, for the thousandth time. Many negroes and Muslims, nodding in agreement with those on the TV screen who do find Britain is still 'racist'.

And not very many viewers will think of the subjects the talkshow is not raising, the big questions it is not asking. Like: 'Are Britain's immigrants racist?' and 'Is racial awareness always racism?' and 'Is British Jewry racist?'

I find that the question 'Is Britain still racist?' is dividing the indigenous British people among themselves, and that it is justifying and emboldening a negative attitude of Asians, Africans and Arabs towards the whites in the country. That amounts to a 'yes' to the question I asked in the headline.

The same broadcasting corporation that never informs you about Torahism, is waging a psychological war against the whites in a country inhabited and cultivated by whites from time immemorial. Please reflect on the gravity of this for a few moments.

The programme just went on air. If there will be something in it that transcends its usual confusing bickering without a constructive conclusion, I'll come back to it. (11th February 2018)

A 19-year-old with an automatic weapon killed 17 people in a Florida high school, 15 are hospitalized
Dear Americans, please read my text of October the 4th, 2017, which I wrote after the Las Vegas shootings. These massacres are not going to stop by themselves, people. (15th February 2018)

Anti-Torahist publications: how (not) to write them

Imagine two countries, A and B. Country A is ruled in the way every country should be ruled: by its own people. Country B is ruled by Torahism, but since Torahism is also in control of the country's media, Torahism makes it look like as if country B is ruled by its own people.

Now, country A knows that country B is ruled by Torahism, but it wants to have constructive relations with country B. Country A wants peace, and it wants co-operation for the benefit of both countries. At the same time, country A is well aware that Torahism wants to subjugate it, but the country is determined not to let that happen ever.

This creates a difficult position for country A. On the one hand, it wants to constantly signal a preparedness for dialogue and co-operation with country B, but on the other hand, it has to see off all the attempts of country B (read: Torahism) to force it into submission.

As the stealth ruler of country B, Torahism has all the resources of that country to try and achieve that: it will use country B's publicitary power to falsely depict country A as a source of trouble, as underminers and cheats, as a threat to world peace. It will use country B's economic power to empoverish country A. It will use country B's military power to push back country A's sphere of influence in the world. It will use that military power to encircle country A itself, to intimidate it.

This means that country A also has to signal its determination to be its own master, and thus its determination never to submit to Torahism. So country A decides to let its media occasionally publish articles and broadcast programmes which, rather in the shape of hints than in plain text, relay the following message to the Torahist Jews among their viewers and readers: 1) we know what your people are doing in country B, 2) forget about doing the same in our country.

Country A chooses to issue this message hint-wise instead of calling it aloud, as not to bring matters to a head. It wants to offer Torahism the opportunity to moderate its ways and to snap out of its expansionist dreams, without loss of face.

Regrettably, Torahism is in a place where such a resolute yet benevolent approach has the contrary effect on it. Torahism has in fact always been about the obsession of Torah-indoctrinated Jews to make the other peoples bow for them. Therefore, country A's courageous and self-conscious attitude only triggers a doubling of Torahism's efforts to force country A into a subordinate position.

On the rebound, country A begins to think that publicly speaking out against Torahism might be better serving its national interest than hinting against it, the line it has been following so far. Torahism's intensified actions against country A are in fact solving country A's dilemma. So country A decides to become more explicit about what it knows about Torahism's power in country B - and that knowledge is impressive. Country A has the factual knowledge at its disposal to substantiate that some very grave crimes that took place in country B, are the work of Torahism.

If country A would then honour me to ask for my advice, I would advise against publishing an article or holding a speech that mentions those grave crimes of Torahism, without further context. The context that is a must in my view, goes into the origination, the root of the Torahist mentality. That context should grow understanding for the fact that the Torahist mentality (like I mentioned more than once) is the product of indoctrination of Jewish children as from a very young age. (Please read paragraph 5.8.3 of the main text.)

The appalling things done by Torahism are rooted in the Torahist mentality. The Torahist mentality has been instilled in the Jews concerned without their consent. That explanation is of the essence to prevent the Jews from becoming hated and to push back the already existing hate of them as much as possible. Explaining to the general public that it is the indoctrination of children what's causing the Torahist mentality, is therefore the Christian thing to do. The reader has to be left with the understanding thought: "When you marinate the minds of mankind's most intelligent children by a ruthlessly supremacist idea, it somehow figures they will do bone-chilling things on a grandiose scale once they are grown-ups."

The last thing you want people to say to themselves and to others is: "Those g[xxxxxxx]d Jews were behind this-and-that after all!" That's the hateful mindset Hitler and Goebbels wanted the Germans to have.

A list of grave Torahist crimes without an explanatory context will only fuel the false world view and the propaganda of neo-Nazis (and of Muslims).

Country A also has to take the prevailing opinion climate in country B into account. Since the Torahist media in country B have already been burdening country A with a bad image, an article or a speech that lists Torahist crimes without context will have a contrary effect on too many people in country B. They are after all used to misconceive even the slightest criticism of Jewry as anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism. "I already knew they are up to no good in country A, but now it turns out they are anti-Semites too!" That will be the predictable reaction of many millions of people.

It is also preferable to go into one grave Torahist crime at a time. Mentioning them all at once evokes the risk that the reader will soon give up, in a denying reflex. His or her mind will quickly sense a whole list as an indigestible and implausible overload. I would pick the most decisive one first. The rest can then logicly follow later.

Can't the leaders of country A find it in themselves to resist Torahism in a Christian understanding way? In that case, they'd better abstain from anti-Torahist activities altogether, because God's help in this is indispensable. (15th February 2018)

Ethics, CNN-style
'Watch a robbery go horribly wrong', it says on the CNN homepage. CNN apparently thinks there are robberies that go well. (16th February 2018, UK time 22:43)


A couple of weeks ago, I switched my TV on and I saw on BBC World someone speak with the explaining title: "Indian PM warns against protectionism". There was that forbidden word again: protectionism! I understood I was looking at a broadcast from the Swiss town of Davos, where prominent people from politics and the economy meet each year.

Now, let me begin by saying that I find we are living in a world that is producing far too much junk, as in: stuff consumers don't really need but buy nonetheless. I'm directing that criticism to my fellow Westerners in particular of course.

That set aside, 'protectionism' is always said in a disapproving tone of voice on TV, as opposed to the allegedly wonderful blessings of free trade in the globalized economy. For decades, the televized 'elite' wants the viewers to believe that a government that puts the interests of the country's own workers first, should be frowned upon, because it is guilty of this 'protectionism'. I remember how former EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes was once speaking disdainfully about a plan of French President Sarkozy. He was considering to take some protective measures for the sake of the people working in the car industry of northern France. She explained how Brussels would punish France, if those measures would really come into effect.

But how could those talkshow guests possibly argue against the logic of a young American I once saw who said: "When I look around in Walmart, all the products there are manufactured in China. How can that be good for America?" What could they possibly say to him, if they were truely interested in his concerns that is, which I doubt?

When a product is made in China and sold in America, it means someone in China has a job and someone in America hasn't. It means that someone in China has a salary he or she can spend and that someone in America hasn't. It means that a company in China makes a bit of a profit on each sold product and that a company in America doesn't. Multiply that by millions of products and you'll see a serious disadvantage for America. It's as simple as that, but it is exactly the simplicity of some political problems that makes the current rulers shiver, so it seems.

Since November 2016, it has been said many times that the loss of manufacturing jobs in America was one of the causes of Donald Trump's electoral victory, and I think that's true, I am sure many American workers have put their hopes on him. The other day, I saw President Trump speak in Maryland, on CNN. He mentioned some impressive figures about the improvement of the employment. It looks like he's doing a good job for the U.S. economy, but I still don't think he is on the right track: he has already taken some deregulatory measures to please the Wall Street banks (source: The New York Times, 27th November 2017). Remember the 2008 greed crisis? That was their greed. You can read my text about who are paying the bill for that one here. And who will pay for the next crisis, if nothing changes fundamentally. And that next crisis could mean the ATMs will refuse to give you your money, and the supermarkets will close because the electronic paying is out of order.

Capitalism tamed by Christian values is a blessing; megacapitalism led by the hardly known predatorial agenda of, um, certain people, is a curse.

By the way, the fact that America's workers voted Mr Trump into the White House implies that the Obama administration had let them down tremendously, during those eight years. That is something I never hear the old media say. They showed more interest in reporting which multi-million dollar houses the Obamas have been buying. It is as if these media were suggesting: "See how well you can thrive as a politician, if you are loyal to the system."

People need their authorities, their government to protect them against unemployment. Yet when it comes to matters of life and death, you are talking about a different order of magnitude naturally. The protection of the lives of the individual citizens and of the nation as a whole is the first duty of the authorities. That's what state institutions like the police and the army have been invented for, in the beginning of human history. The protection against criminals, against aggressive nations, against mighty egoists behaving intolerably, against the loss of the national identity, against the corruption of the nation's morale, and I find that many states are failing there bigtime.

But right now, I don't want to point at the useless 'policies' of the wellknown political parties of the West, because of which murderous drugs crime and other crimes have soared out of control in America and Europe, in the past fifty years.

Right now, I don't want to write about the stunning release of killers and rapists, which is one time causing dismay in the UK, another time causing dismay in my country, another time causing dismay in America, where in 2015 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle was shot dead by an illegal immigrant who had been deported back to Mexico FIVE times before.

("Look at that bathroom, Michelle, it looks more like a ballroom, hahaha.")

No, I want to point at a neighbouring country of Prime Minister Modi's India: Bangla Desh. The textile workers over there could have done well with a little more 'protectionism' by their authorities. In November 2012, over 1,100 people (!) lost their lives in a fire in a textile factory in a suburb of Dhaka. Workers had been forced back to their stations in the building by their supervisors, even though smoke was already rising from the first floor. Where were the authorities?

In April 2013, again over 1,100 people (!) perished in a textile factory in Dhaka itself. That building had collapsed. I can remember the TV news reports of the day before the collapse. Workers were desperately pointing at emerging cracks in the walls to convince their supervisors of the looming danger, but they were forced to go back to their work all the same. The police had demanded the complex be shut down, but in vain.

A 2015 report of Human Rights Watch (an organisation I am referring to reluctantly) stated that the working conditions in the Bengali textile industry had hardly improved since (source: VRT).

People all over the world need their governments to be competent enough, energetic enough, dedicated enough, powerful enough to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Yes, you can overdo it, a strong state. Hitler and Stalin clearly overdid it, and I suspect our rulers to overdo it too, sneakily, to tighten their grip on us. You can overdo every good idea, and then it will turn into something nasty, but people need their authorities to do the things they can't be expected to do on their own.

If you have a low income, and you are looking for a home to live in, and you are lucky to get an apartment in a highrise in an attractive city, you shouldn't have to worry whether the cladding on the outside is flammable or not, I am now of course referring to the night in London, June 2017, when 72 people died in the Grenfell Tower fire. I found the images simply unbelievable. People should be able to take it for granted the authorities won't allow any contractor to build a 24-storey torch! (I resented the minorities-glorifying media exertions after the disaster, but that's another matter.)

No, Your Excellency, Mr Modi, with all due respect, but 'protectionism' isn't always bad, it's actually more than welcome in some domains, although there should always be an independently thinking parliament to check if the state isn't exaggerating. (24th February 2018)

A tribute to the Prime Minister of Hungary for his patriotic boldness

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán addressed the Hungarian nation on February the 18th and in a Ceefax message on German TV (ARD), some quotes were given. Mr Orbán, who is against the ongoing migration from Asia and Africa to Europe, is warning: "Nations will cease to exist, the West will fall." And he said that the Christian faith is Europe's last hope.

I've heard Mr Orbán say sensible things earlier. In September 2015, he warned that the Europeans could become minorities in their own countries, after German Chancellor Angela Merkel had allowed migrants, most of them undocumented and most of them Muslims, to enter Germany in numbers of about a million.

Mrs Merkel did so without consulting either her EU colleagues or, worse, her own people first, and German TV is now volunteering to be the living-room loudspeaker for those voices who find that the migrants' relatives should also be allowed to enter. So: many millions more.

Contrarily, Mr Orbán is a leader who speaks common sense and he doesn't leave it at words, but also undertakes action if the longterm interest of his people requires that. The border fences he built make it clear that he definitely wants Hungary to remain Hungarian. His whole stance is in defiance of the mighty forces who want him to take the opposite 'multicultural' decisions. In his speech, Mr Orbán was referring to Berlin, Paris, the EU, the IMF, the UN and to the network of George Soros.

The government leaders of Poland, Czechia and Slovakia have a similar patriotic spirit. They see the problems mass immigration led to in Western Europe, the indigenous people losing their jobs to cheaper immigrants, the unemployment statistics in which other immigrants are overrepresented, the crime statistics in which immigrants are overrepresented, the eternal misunderstandings and rancour between the Muslims and the original people, backhandedly fanned by the media, the acts of Islamic terrorism and the continuous threat of it, and these East European leaders rightly decline to burden their nations by the same misery.

The old media of the West have always been reporting sympatheticly about those in favour of immigration, and negatively about those who are against it (if the latter get any attention at all), and the ARD are no exception.

So, predictably, the ARD used negative wording to describe Mr Orbán's viewpoints.

The headline of their Ceefax report was: 'Orbán wettert gegen Einwanderung'. That means: 'Orbán is raging against immigration'. Do you like raging people? Neither do I, and the ARD know most of us don't like raging persons. So by using such a negative word in the headline, they put Mr Orbán's opinions in an unfavourable light right from the start.

The ARD report also said: 'In seiner Rede zur Lage der Nation entwarf er finstere Szenarien'. That means: 'In his speech on the state of the nation he sketched gloomy scenarios.' By that choice of words, the ARD were downplaying Mr Orbán's realistic assessment of the situation as the fear of a pessimist - and most people aren't easily convinced by fearful men, and most people don't feel attracted to pessimists either. When it comes to what kind of leaders people want, people feel much more inspired by bold realists.

So by depicting the bold realist Viktor Orbán as an unpleasant fearful pessimist, the ARD were making his visionary warnings look like remarks you don't have to take seriously.

I however found Mr Orbán's speech fascinating and informative. It can be found on the website of the Hungarian government,, via the links 'The Prime Minister' and 'The Prime Minister's speeches'.

The original ARD Text report:
Orbán wettert gegen Einwanderung
Ungarns Regierungschef Orbán hat erneut in scharfen Worten über die Einwanderung nach Europa gesprochen. In seiner Rede zur Lage der Nation entwarf er finstere Szenarien: "Dunkle Wolken liegen wegen der Einwanderung über Europa", sagte er. "Nationen werden aufhören zu existieren, der Westen wird fallen." Das Christentum sei Europas letzte Hoffnung. Ungarns Parlament erörtert demnächst ein Gesetzespaket, das Flüchtlingshelfern die Arbeit erschweren soll. Im April stehen zudem Parlamentswahlen an.

(28th February 2018)

February the 26th, German magazine Der Spiegel: "The Hitler church bell will remain hanging"
The city council of Herxheim (Germany) has decided to let the bell of the Saint Jacob church remain in the tower. The church bell was a gift of Hitler in 1934. It has the inscription 'Alles für's Vaterland - Adolf Hitler' ('Everything for the Fatherland') and the bell also carries a swastika. The city council wants people to regard the church bell as 'an impetus for reconciliation and a warning reminder against violence and injustice'. (Original text: 'Ein Anstoss zur Versöhnung und Mahnmal gegen Gewalt und Unrecht.') The city council decided to put a remembrance text on the church building and to let the bell ring again. The bell is the property of the municipality; the Evangelical Church of the Pfalz land had offered to buy a new bell and to pay for the removal of the Hitler bell, but it seems now it will not come to that. I find that Herxheim has taken a bad decision; I mentioned this matter earlier, on February the 9th, and I expect to come back to it. (5th March 2018)

D66 leader Mr Pechtold: "FvD is bothering my children online"

D66 and FvD are two political parties that are represented in the Dutch Parliament. The parties are led by Alexander Pechtold and Thierry Baudet respectively. Both D66 and FvD are as silent about Torahism as the other parties, but in the eyes of many viewers, their political differences may well appear as the most profound in Dutch politics.

Now, on March the 4th in the WNL Op Zondag programme, Mr Pechtold said that FvD had been sending 'follow us' requests to his children's Instagram. He said that FvD must have done its best to find the account, because his children's surname isn't mentioned on their Instagram. He called upon FvD to stop it.

In its reaction, FvD called Mr Pechtold's accusation nonsense. It said it doesn't know who his children are on Instagram, and that it had not been actively searching for his children's account to send its requests to (source: RTL Nieuws). The party implies it was a coincidence.

As a TV watcher, you are too often left with the question who is telling the truth, just like now. If it's Mr Pechtold, I can very well imagine and share his indignation and concern. If it's FvD, it sees itself now wrongly accused, on TV and in several newspapers, of reprehensible methods. It is D66's accusation that is making the headlines, not FvD's response.

I am now curious to see the follow-up of this, as that may clarify the matter. If there isn't any follow-up, then that will also say something about today's politics and the media in my country.

Personally, I am all in favour of democratic decency. I am pro respecting an opponent's family and privacy, and contra the sort of thing I just described. I am pro civilized discourse and contra name-calling and yelling. I am pro battle-of-ideas and contra street battles. I am pro trying to understand an opposite political view, and contra hate campaigns; I am also against hate campaigns that disguise themselves as 'anti-hate'. (7th March 2018)

North Korea's Kim Jong-un and President Trump will meet
That's good news. You'd rather see them talk to one another than exchange unpleasantries. (9th March 2018)

The Moon: Russia and China will work together
I read it on ARD Ceefax this morning. If that doesn't give Hollywood a great idea for yet another sensationalist fear-mongering movie, I don't know what will. Title: Blood Moon. Poster visual: telephoto picture of the red-colored eclipsed Moon, with the black silhouette of the Statue of Liberty in front of it. Subtitle: The day the Moon became Earth's enemy. (9th March 2018)

Down below, I added a link to a number of political texts which I wrote in 1999 and 2000. (9th March 2018)

A new article: Why I congratulate the President of Russia on his electoral victory (30th March 2018)

A tribute to Wil Houben, mayor of the Dutch town of Voerendaal

After he became mayor in 2014, he found out that for 25 years, the local authorities had been messing around and looking the other way, while crime was getting the area in its grip more and more. Intimidation, threats, extortion, violence, the wellknown arsenal.

Mr Houben decided to do something against it, with some success, but has now recently had the terrible experience of looking into the barrel of a gun. A masked person with a weapon in his hands had been waiting for him. Mr Houben drove away to flee from the danger, but has announced he will not succumb to threats. (Source: of March the 16th, 'Bedreigde burgemeester moet '24 uur per dag' op zijn hoede zijn')

So therefore my tribute to him, with the note that the political party mayor Houben is a member of, the VVD, is as much responsible for the decline of The Netherlands as a country where law and order once prevailed, as the other established parties.

That said, I hope he will succeed, I have very much respect for him.

Voerendaal is quite not the only place in my country where asocials and worse are threatening officials and others. News reports I saw in recent years dealt with:

the former mayor of Uithoorn who in April 2013 left her political party, the 'social democratic' PvdA. She did so out of protest, when the PvdA was glossing over the threats Turks had made against her in order to get subsidies;
a public prosecutor and the deputy mayor of Emmen who had to hide, September 2014;
a journalist of newspaper Het Parool who had to hide, December 2017;
an unknown person or group that left a decapitated doll near a mosque in Amsterdam, January 2018;
even police officers are very often being insulted, threatened and attacked, one every hour, the NOS recently reported. In 2014, the NOS reported that police officers are being threatened off duty.

All incidents and developments that were unheard of in earlier decades in my country. It has to change. Where is your plan of action, Prime Minister Rutte? Nick all the ideas from my texts at will, if you can't think of anything on your own, but do something. (4th April 2018)

As rare as true nobility comes

Arnaud Beltrame was the French policeman who voluntarily traded places with a woman taken hostage by the umpteenth "petty criminal" who turned into an Islamic terrorist. What a relief it would be for Europe, if these enormous mass of "petty criminals" of North African origin would be the first group to be repatriated to the countries where they or their (grand)parents came from!

Mr Beltrame paid for his very noble sense of duty with his life, when the Moroccan murdered him during the violent end of the situation, on March the 23rd in Trèbes.

But what bitter contrast between Mr Beltrame's sense of duty and that of the French establishment, thoroughly loyal to Torahism, as far as I can judge it.

Never did the successive French governments inform the people about the many surahs in the Koran that incite Muslims against non-Muslims, even to the degree of lethal violence. Please look these surahs up in an online Koran yourself: 2:190/191 - 4:56 - 5:32/37 - 8:15/17 - 8:22 - 8:38/39 - 8:55 - 8:59 - 9:14 - 9:29/30 - 9:38/39 - 9:123 - 47:4 - 47:34.

Suppose, France's politicians had properly informed the French about the reality of the Koran beforehand, and only then would have asked the French people for their consent to make France 'multicultural', to make it an immigration country for millions of Muslims.... the French would have riposted: 'What a stupid question, of course not!' The same goes for the other European countries as well of course.

So we Europeans have been systematicly kept in the dark about two books that, for centuries on end, have never been boding well for us. The Torah doesn't bode well for non-Jews for 3,500 years (!), and the Koran doesn't bode well for non-Muslims for 1,400 years (!). We can thank the old media for not telling this to us, as well as the socalled "mainstream, moderate, centreground" political parties, and we can thank ourselves for voting for those parties. (I am only partly complicit here; 1998 was the last year a vote of mine supported today's order.)

The average European has been watching TV too long too passively, that's one half of the cause of the trouble we are now in, I believe. You will only discover the grim facts about the Torah and the Koran, if you are politically interested and actively gain more in-depth knowledge.

And mark my words: the great respect that France now feels for this self-sacrificing policeman is something the ruling order will make use of for its own foggy agenda. Mr Beltrame was posthumously made a commander of the Légion d'Honneur, France's highest distinction, but I bet that the French authorities are already silently planning to originate an "Arnaud Beltrame Tolerance & Diversity Award" or something like that, a prize to be awarded to people or organisations that make themselves praiseworthy - in the opinion of the rulers, that is - for the sake of the socalled "multi-ethnic and multi-religious society".

That's the embellishing phrase for today's society, in which Christianity and the whites are supposed to take everything lying down. Such an award would be the perfectly deceitful thing for France's rulers to do, given their cynical mindset.

The memory of Colonel Beltrame will only be allowed to be viewed as heroic, if the heroism is serving the political force that gained power over us in the past half of a century. (4th April 2018)

Not my spokesman

Via a NOS Ceefax message of April the 1st, I found a Reuters report titled 'Erdogan calls Netanyahu 'terrorist' as insults fly after Gaza deaths'. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have (had) an argument. The cause was the killing of at least 18 Palestinians by Israel's soldiers, in the Gaza strip. According to Reuters, this was one of the things Mr Erdogan said to Mr Netanyahu: "You have no one that likes you in the world.” Judging by the context and by the NOS report, I believe that by 'you', Mr Erdogan meant the people of Israel, not Mr Netanyahu personally.

Now, President Erdogan is undoubtedly a man of many talents. His years as the mayor of Istanbul made him very popular. (Imagine you wake up and you find out you are the mayor of Istanbul, a city with 15 million inhabitants. Would you know what to do first?) I once saw a report about Turks living in a village. They said they felt much appreciation for Mr Erdogan, as his presidency meant their village got water supply pipes, something they'd be waiting ages for. Furthermore, I also feel some respect for President Erdogan for the way he fought himself out of an impossible corner during the attempted coup in 2016.

Yet surely, Mr Erdogan can't know what's in all the hearts of the 7 billion people on the planet. However, by saying "You have no one that likes you in the world" to Israel, he acted as if he is mankind's spokesman in matters concerning Israel. He isn't, and he is certainly not mine. If an Israel-related event ignites certain emotions in me, I will tell about those emotions myself, if I think that is necessary.

President Erdogan should more seriously consider his public words before speaking them. A year ago, he made some historically nonsensical yet highly inappropriate remarks about my country and Germany. (4th April 2018)

Perhaps I was wrong about President Trump's attitude towards Russia
On March the 30th, I wrote in 'Why I congratulate the President of Russia on his electoral victory' that the attitude of President Trump towards President Putin's Russia had gone from benevolent to cold, if not hostile. On April the 2nd however, I learnt from ARD Ceefax that President Trump has invited President Putin for a summit, according to a Kremlin statement. The invitation was made on March the 20th. The White House declared that the presidents had agreed to have these talks in the not too far away future. So my comment on this viewpoint of Mr Trump may have been negative wrongly. (4th April 2018)

Today I saw The Guardian have the headline:
Labour has antisemitism problem, 51% of voters say

Now, I don't think that's the right headline.
I think this would have been a far better one:
Multi-media campaign to give Labour anti-Semitic image bears fruit

And then, in the body copy, those 51% of the voters should be mentioned. Because it's a true campaign what's going on for weeks now. In all the national newscasts and newspapers you see pictures and headlines about the failing Jeremy Corbyn, about Lord Alan Sugar and other worried Jews, about a scandalous remark of Ken Livingstone here, and about an anti-Semitic Labour motion there, and you see one columnist after the other publish articles in a now-I've-had-it-with-this-man tone of voice. No wonder many voters have come to believe there is an anti-Semitic problem within Labour.

The very peculiar thing though is that Mr Corbyn and the other Labour prominents keep as silent about Torahism as all those newspapers do. Seen from that angle, Labour isn't 'anti-Semitic' at all - it's definitely considered 'anti-Semitic' in today's society, if you do speak out against Torahism. So what might be the big idea behind all of this?

They have something very important in common, Mr Corbyn and the media that roast him: their silence on Torahism. (9th April 2018)


On March the 29th, President Trump announced he would withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, when he was talking to industry workers in Ohio. I've seen German broadcasters ARD report that this plan came unexpected, that it was a surprise, and that the announcement collided with the views of the U.S. Department of Defense.

We are now eleven days further, and we are now seeing the exact opposite.

An attack with poison gas on civilians has taken place in Syria, in Douma, we've seen terrible images of dead children, I've heard several TV newscasts say they spared us the worst, and now, "all options are on the table", as far as President Trump is concerned, who said America's reaction would come within 24 to 48 hours.

I think it's of the utmost importance to establish who carried out that poison gas attack, if the images are what they purport to be, that is, and if we haven't been fed with scenes purely meant to upset the public in the West.

What I so regret during events like these is that the United Nations never became an organization that could prevent a war, or at least was able to force the belligerent powers in a conflict into a freeze, and to investigate what precisely happened. Instead, we will see the involved powers engage in a fruitless blame game and a war rage on in its seventh year now.

The unavoidable question is of course: who will gain from the West getting more entangled militarily in Syria? Not the industry workers in Ohio, that's for sure. Hint: look at a Middle East map and read Genesis 15:18-21 in the Torah next. (9th April 2018, correction on 29th April 2018)

My congratulations to Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, on his electoral victory
My best wishes for the coming years. (9th April 2018)

North Korea and South Korea to engage in peace talks
That's good news, and quite a relief after the threatening period behind us. The moments on which Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un were together trespassing the border in both directions made an almost surrealistic impression to me, after all those decades in which it was said to be the most militarized border in the world. It reminded me of Egypt's President Sadat going to Israel in 1977, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the peace deal in Northern Ireland. Will the two states on the peninsula once amalgamate into one Korea again? (29th April 2018)

To the Americans among my readers

In October 2017, the shooting in Las Vegas took place, claiming 58 lives. I wrote about this on October the 4th and November the 9th, after the shooting in Sutherland Springs. I concluded the first text by: "Don't count on the politicians and the media to take a leading or supporting role in this. What they have on offer is just more of the same, because the rulers want to keep things as they are."

The sad truth of that was then underlined by what happened a few months later, in February 2018. A 19-year-old gunned down 17 people in a high school in Parkland, Florida. It was all over the news, but what exactly did they bring in the news? Complaints about the availability of guns, predominantly. Now, that easy availability is a major factor, surely, but I believe there are more factors, as I pointed out.

President Trump made an effort to bring the violence in games and films into the debate, but that was directly cut off by the New York Times of February the 23rd, in an article headlined: 'Trump blames video games for mass shootings. Researchers disagree', and the New York Times is, if I am not mistaken, a newspaper with a great influence on America's leading echelons in the state institutions, the universities, the media, the big companies; I think for instance that few U.S. Senators and U.S. Congress members would dare to oppose the New York Times. So that was the end of that and unfortunately, Mr Trump also came with the unwise idea to arm the teachers, something the manufacturers of guns will undoubtedly have applauded.

Then, there was some upheaval about the head of the NRA Mr LaPierre who said that the gun control advocates were trying to 'exploit' the Parkland shooting, there was some fingerpointing at the FBI, I've also seen President Trump announce to raise the minimum age for gun sales from 18 to 21, but later backtrack on it, and that was it, as far as I can see.

So, no-one made the undeniable connection between the massacres and the decline of the Christian vallues in America; neither the president nor a bipartisan committee took the initiative to make a ten-point-plan to address all the factors contributing to the mass shootings, and to mobilize the media and the public, no, not any of that, just more of the same of what you've seen after previous disasters, just like I predicted on October the 4th.

So if the American people wants to see an end to the insane violence, instead of passively wait for the next massacre, the change has to come from the American people itself, may God bless its effort. (29th April 2018)

Mr Netanyahu's government scrapped the plan to forcibly deport law-defying illegal migrants

A setback for the people of Israel, I think, the withdrawal of this plan. When Israel's government announced it a few months ago, a lot of Israelis were in favour of it, surely. Most Jews can be very realistic, down-to-earth people, I believe. So I can imagine that, on hearing the earlier plan, a lot of Israelis were saying:

"Mr Netanyahu is right. I am an Israeli, I work here, I pay taxes, I respect the law and if I don't, I get in trouble with the law. If I, as an Israeli citizen, break the law, they'll fine me or cast me in jail. So why on Earth should foreigners who break the law, be treated any better than me?"

And: "When our grandparents came here in 1948, there was nothing. Only sand, pebbles and thorny shrubs. Everything you see around you now, the houses, the water facilities, the orchards, the vineyards, is what they built with their own bare hands. Let those young Africans stay in their own countries and take that as an example."

And: "It's perhaps the biggest financial scandal of the past six decades: what happened to the development aid those African governments got from the West? They got billions, but still they haven't managed to build countries that offer their youths a positive future."

And: "I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Netanyahu. If we handle the problem caused by these 35,000 Africans naively, you can expect the next 70,000 in the coming two years, and the next 140,000 after that. That would jeopardize our identity as the Jewish state, even if they would all find work and behave orderly, which isn't likely."

And: "A man who slips into your country without any identity documents is like a stranger who enters your home uninvitedly. What's he going to do? What is his plan? He can't be up to much good, can he? They have no ID and they call themselves refugees, but what is simpler than putting your passport in your pocket, if you really have to make a run for it?"

Reasonable, hard to refute arguments like that. (29th April 2018)

Internet letter to the city council of Herxheim am Berg, Germany (9th May 2018)

Israel 70
My congratulations to the people of Israel and its leaders on the 70th anniversary of their state. (14th May 2018)

The suffering in Gaza
On the 14th, I uploaded my congratulations to Israel to this website. Only several hours later on that day, I switched on my TV for the first time and saw the newscasts about the violence that had taken place at the border between the Gaza strip and Israel, the violence that caused the death of 60 Palestinians and injured between 2,000 and 3,000. I don't know how many Israelis were killed or injured, but I think it is just a fraction of the Palestinian losses.
       After seeing the reports of several broadcasters, I asked myself: what is it that I feel, overall? Sadness. Just sadness over the loss of life, the damaged lives, and sadness over the seemingly iron factors that originate these excesses, time and again.
       The blame for the violence lies mainly with the Israelis, I think. They have incomparably much more political and military power than the Palestinians. So it's within the reach of the Israelis, theoreticly speaking, to realize a humane, favourable and safe solution for both the Palestinians and themselves. They however won't, given their current mindset that dictates them to prosper at the expense of others.
       So I expect that only the reversal will once bring about real change in that situation.
       You may find it interesting what I wrote about the security of Israel on 9th November 2005, in the above. (16th May 2018)

People's interest in this website
Over the period 18th April - 17th May, the site was viewed 650 times, that's a daily average of 21. Last time I looked, in early January, that daily average was 8. (24th May 2018).

Entering the twentieth year of my activism
It all began on June the 9th, 1999, when I published Een pamflet op internet. Nineteen years is a long time and I don't have much to show for the results of my effort, see the previous text, but I believe it would be too early to consider my initiative a failure yet. (9th June 2018)

Remarkable insults
Recently, the PR head of Netflix, one Jonathan Friedland, was fired over using the 'N-word' several times during conferences. Earlier this week, Lord Alan Sugar, a UK entrepreneur and TV celebrity 'on the top of his game' as the BBC has lauded him, came under fire after comparing the Senegalese football team to the beach sellers of Marbella. Before that, Roseanne Barr, whose 1990s hit comedy has been revived, sent an insulting tweet into the world about a black advisor of the Obama administration. That costed her her role in her own show, that will now be continued under another name. What I find very notable about this, is that these are three people who have excellent knowledge of the do's and don'ts in today's opinion climate, that became dominant since the 1960s. They couldn't have become very successful in their professional lives, if they hadn't had that knowledge. Yet still, each of them made a faux pas that they must have foreseen would arouse a lot of indignation. I find that remarkable. (25th June 2018)

Alternative für Deutschland

Alexander Gauland of the AfD party in Germany has called the Hitler period 'a bird's dropping' in comparison to the 1,000-years-old history of Germany. In reaction to the dismay that caused, he said he didn't mean to trivialize the crimes of National Socialism, and that mocking the victims of the Hitler system was the furthest thing from his mind. He explained his choice of words as to express his most profound contempt for Hitler and the Nazis. However, a group of AfD members, called the 'Alternative Centre', demanded he make a public excuse and gave this comment (the original first, my translation next):

"Einem Politiker, der über ein Mindestmaß an Fingerspitzengefühl und Verantwortungsbewusstsein für unsere Geschichte verfügt, darf das nicht passieren.“ (Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of June the 4th.)

"A politician with an inkling of sensitivity for delicate affairs and awareness of responsibility for our history can't allow this to happen to himself".

Well said.

In September 2017, Mr Gauland also became the centre of controversy. He then claimed Germany could be proud of the bravery of its soldiers in two world wars. Mr Gauland argued that French President Mitterrand had also said that Germany fought bravely in WW2. I can imagine that a German then argues: 'Why can't I say the same thing, more than seventy years after the war?' I can also imagine Germans are sick and tired of always being confronted with the brown past, especially when the confronting is done by those who want to push more immigration and more "integration" down Germany's throat.

Yet remarks like those of Mr Gauland's make me feel uncomfortable still, not in the least because I'm from a country that was invaded by surprise and occupied by Mr Gauland's brave soldiers in 1940, and the Luftwaffe threw other things on Rotterdam on May the 14th of that year than what birds use to drop.

A balanced view is however due here. I therefore say that the AfD have their merits, they are bringing more common sense and realism into the debates about immigration and the socalled "integration" than the CDU, SPD and other parties, I believe the AfD are giving a voice to many Germans whose justified concerns have been ignored too long, I also acknowledge that being in the public eye as AfD members comes with a whole different class of difficulties for their personal lives than what I have experienced thus far, the AfD also have to endure cowardly slurs, like the one the CDU's secretary-general made, when she accused the AfD of harbouring 'anti-Semitism in all corners and at all sides' without giving one specific example, and without the ARD, ZDF, Der Spiegel, SZ and other influential media pressing her to give one specific example (correct me if I'm wrong), but Germany needs its future leaders to be God-fearing patriots who respect the sensitivities and the memories of the other nations, and comparing 1933-1945 to 'a bird's dropping' is seriously at odds with such due respect.

I am mockingly putting the word "integration" between quotation marks, as I consider it to be a deceptive posh-sounding word for a development that I oppose: the mixing away of the European peoples within their own borders.

Please also read the chapters 6 and 7 of Fourteen questions to myself. (25th June 2018)

Hitler's bell
I haven't received a reaction to my internet letter to Herxheim am Berg's city council about the Hitler bell in the St. Jacob's church. (25th June 2018)

The Times: Fears grow over prospect of Trump 'peace deal' with Putin
I saw it on the newspaper's homepage at around 11:42 UK time. Is it not a very strange headline? As if the prospect of a peace deal between America and Russia is a threat somehow (!) What would The Times write if it was the other way around? "Whitehall relieved as chances of war are increasing"? (28th June 2018)

President Trump: "The EU of course was set up to take advantage of the United States"
This statement of President Trump has been shown several times on Dutch TV now and in other European countries too, undoubtedly. I hope that the Americans realize that the Dutch and the other European peoples have been just as much taken advantage of by their "elites", as the American people by theirs. The European Union is not an expression of the will of well-informed Europeans. It has always been a project of the socalled mainstream political parties over here, and it has always been promoted by the big European media, and the gap between the old political parties and the old media on the one side, and the average European citizen on the other side, is enormous; it's far bigger than most of the Europeans realize. (9th July 2018)

Islam and President Macron's Republic

French President Emmanuel Macron wants to create "frames and rules" for the Islam in France. These frames and rules are intended to ensure that the Islam is practised in a way that is conform with French law. Mr Macron said: "The Republic has no reason to have a problem with Islam, not any more so than with any other religion, but there is a radical and aggressive way of interpreting the Islam that is aimed at questioning our rules and laws" (source: ZDF, July the 10th).

Now, one decade after the other, France’s rulers have been admonishing the French people that they shouldn’t be “xenophobic”, “racist” or “islamophobic”. Yet by announcing this plan, France’s rulers have suddenly turned “xenophobic”, “racist” and “islamophobic” themselves, and in a way that will only have the wrong effect:

1) No true Muslim will ever take advice, let alone a rule, on how to interpret the Koran from the Macrons, the Mays, the Merkels and the Ruttes of this world, because Muslims view these politicians as the leaders of morally depraved nations.

2) How is President Macron going to ensure that his Islam-tempering frames and rules are being maintained? Does he want surveillance every time two or more Muslims are discussing events and the Koranic teachings related to these events? It’s impossible – and the impossibility of Mr Macron’s plan will already have made the Muslims in his country laugh at him.

3) The average European may not be aware of Torahism, but the average Muslim most certainly is, and in a hateful way, alas; in the Koran, the Jews are compared to pigs and monkeys. So on learning Mr Macron’s plan, the Muslims will immediately react: “Why restricting measures for Muslims only and not for the Jews?” When they think about that question, they’ll probably arrive at the same answer as I do: because France is most likely ruled by Torahism.

4) Media specificly aimed at (young) Muslims, like Beur FM, will undoubtedly spend a lot of air time at the complaints of Muslims about this. Hence: more rancour.

In short, by announcing these measures, President Macron is in a veiled way admitting that the dream of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” is bankrupt, and in the same veiled way he is admitting that the presence of millions of Muslims in France has become a problem. Yet rather than openly acknowledging it, rather than initiating a comprehensive remigration plan that does justice to those foreigners who contributed positively to France, and that finally kicks out those who should have been kicked out of the country a long time ago already, rather than doing that, Mr Macron comes up with a non-realizable plan that will create bad blood as a figure of speech, and that, after Paris and Nice and the whole list, may lead to more bloodshed literally.

Now, as a very intelligent man, President Macron knows all of this. There is nothing in this text he doesn’t know already. So what’s motivating him? Political optics. Nothing more, nothing less. I think he wants to be perceived by the French people as a tough president who is sometimes prepared to say ‘no’ to the Islam. He wants the French people to like that kind of an image of him. And once they feel reassured by that image, he hopes, the French people will not think a bit further than that. They will forget, he hopes, about the decades of pro-multicultural propaganda through TV, film, schoolbooks and TED talks. They will forget, he hopes, about how since the 1960s, France’s socalled “centrist” parties made the country a very attractive place for fanatics, lazybones and criminals from abroad. The French will not ask themselves who their true rulers are, Mr Macron hopes.

Furthermore, it’s noteworthy that President Macron isn’t that long in office. He was elected president in May 2017, being the rival candidate of “rightwing populist” Marine Le Pen. I am sure that Mr Macron got millions of votes from French people who are sincerely believing in the wellknown slogans like “we are stronger together” and “no group of people should feel excluded”.

Yet I wonder how many well-meaning pro-Macron voters feel a bit amazed now, only fourteen months after his election, that of all people he is now putting forward this measure. In System Speak, it is nothing else than “discriminatory”, right? May their amazement be the first step on a path that leads them to complete awareness of what really has been going on, all these years.

Imagine Marine Le Pen would have won and had come up with the same plan – the screaming protesters and the outrage and worried statements of the EU and of the UN would have filled the European TV screens for weeks....

“The Republic has no reason to have a problem with Islam”, says Mr Macron. I wonder how that goes down with the people who in revalidation clinics have been struggling to learn to walk again, after their legs got crushed by a lorry, driven by someone yelling “Allahu Akbar!”

The only ones who can’t be insulted by the shameless hypocrisy of Mr Macron’s new policy are the dead victims of Islamic terrorism of course.

(25th July 2018)

Islam and the Jews in Germany

President Macron's statement about the Islam in France reminded me of a Ceefax message on German TV that I saw a few months earlier, in April. Translated, that message went:

Schuster laments anti-Semitism
The chairman of the central council of the Jews, Schuster, has lamented widespread anti-Semitism among Muslims.
       He doesn't want to condemn Muslims generally, it's however no use to close one's eyes to it, Schuster said at the commemoration of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp. The anti-Semitism is being passed on by parents and also by imams, he said.
       Schuster advocated the creation of a countrywide reporting system for anti-Semitic incidents. So far, the crime statistics of the police have been insufficient, according to him.

His remarks raise several questions in my opinion. The Central Council of the Jews in Germany (CCJG) was founded in 1950, in Frankfurt am Main. Muslims arrived as guest labourers in Germany as from the 1960s, but were not ordered to remigrate after the 1970s economic recession set in, strangely enough. The Jews already know for 1,400 years that the Koran is a major source of anti-Semitism among Muslims. So why is the CCJG complaining about Islamic anti-Semitism only now?

Paul Spiegel was a predecessor of Josef Schuster in the function of chairman of the CCJG. In the main text, I've quoted Mr Spiegel as to have said in 2001: "Can't people see the similarity? Between the hostile attitude towards today's immigrants and the Nazi violence towards the Jews from the 1930s onwards?"

So, to summarize it a bit bluntly, at first the CCJG was saying that people objecting to (Muslim) immigration are no good, and now the CCJG is saying that the Muslims are no good. What's the reason for this change of opinion?

I haven't seen Germany's media like the ARD, ZDF, Spiegel, FAZ and Süddeutsche Zeitung ask Mr Schuster these obvious questions. Haven't I been paying attention very well, or have these questions indeed not been put to him? If not, why not?

Mr Schuster says: "I don't want to condemn Muslims generally, but it's no use to close one's eyes to Islamic anti-Semitism". What would Mr Schuster call someone who says: "I don't want to condemn Jews generally, but it's no use to close one's eyes to Torahism"?

Mr Schuster is pretending he is now the first one awakening to a bitter reality, living among tens of millions of Germans who are still keeping their eyes closed to Islamic anti-Semitism. I don't buy it. I think there must be a considerable number of unknown Germans, definitely not neo-Nazis but well-meaning and well-educated people, who on the basis of their knowledge of the Koran have foreseen this kind of trouble - including trouble for the non-Jews! - long before Mr Schuster did address it. (9th August 2018)

The original ARD Text report of April the 29th:
Schuster beklagt Antisemitismus
Der Vorsitzende des Zentralrats der Juden, Schuster, hat einen verbreiteten Antisemitismus unter Muslimen beklagt. Er wolle Muslime nicht generell verurteilen, sagte Schuster bei der Gedenkfeier zur Befreiung des Konzentrationslager Dachau. Es nütze aber nichts, die Augen davor zu verschliessen. Der Antisemitismus werde von Eltern und auch von Imamen weitergegeben. Schuster warb dafür, ein bundesweites Meldesystem für antisemitische Vorfälle zu schaffen. Die polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik sei bislang unzulänglich.

Sorrow will turn to joy (John 16)

Corrie ten Boom was a woman who lived in the Dutch town of Haarlem. During the Second World War, she and her family helped Jews hide from the merciless Nazi persecution, risking their own lives by doing so. They got caught, Corrie ten Boom's sister died in the Ravensbrück concentration camp, but she survived. In 1979, an American film by the title 'The Hiding Place' was made about the family's bravery. At the end of the film, Corrie ten Boom herself made her appearance and she said, among other things:

"Some questions remain, but they are not to be feared. Our Heavenly Father holds all things in His hand, even our questions. As for myself, in the years after Ravensbrück the Lord has sent me to some sixty countries, and I have told to anyone who would listen, no pit is so deep that He is not deeper still. With Jesus, even in our darkest moments the best remains, and the very best is yet to be. I've promised my sister I would tell it, and I tell you"

Every time I read this, I get impressed by her faith and her fearless calm, but the main reason why I wanted to share this with you, is the line "no pit is so deep that He is not deeper still".

I have very recently experienced how profoundly true that is, without wanting to compare my suffering to hers. I felt utterly lost and useless and ludicrous in a seemingly absolute darkness, but God lifted me up, surprisingly, He has magnificently consoled me, again. You will have to forgive me I don't go into detail about this, it's too personal, but it is so overwhelming that I can't bring myself to keep totally quiet about it.

Please take it from me that God does exist, that Christ is right and that the New Testament is the text we, all human beings, should rely upon, regardless of our ethnicity, culture, regardless of the religion or philosophy people may feel attached to right now.

Please read, for instance, Romans 12:9-21. Cut yourself off from the world's noises and distractions for half an hour, from the smartphones, the phonecalls, from the talk about everyday subjects, and give every sentence the attention that it deserves, as I hope it will put your thinking on the road to Faith.

You can turn your back to God a thousand times, but He won't mind, He will be waiting for the thousand-and-first opportunity, and if that makes you find Him, He will then welcome your converted heart. (1st September 2018)

Polling day in Sweden
The CNN website has an article now, headlined Far-right party with neo-Nazi roots surges in Swedish vote, exit poll shows When you read it, you come across twice that according to CNN, "anti-migrant sentiments" are fueling the success of the Sweden Democrats. That suggests the Swedes voting for that party are led by irrational feelings. Yet there is nothing irrational about being angry and indignant over the immigration policy of the traditional parties, since that has resulted in the immigration of criminals who are machine-gunning each other and innocent bystanders in the streets, and who even carried out brazen attacks on police stations. Not a single word about those crimes from CNN in this article, but you can trust CNN to use the deterring term "far-right" over and over again, and to tell the readers the Sweden Democrats have neo-Nazi roots. Well, maybe they have, I don't know. I do know Sweden was neutral during WW2, so I don't think any Nazi atrocities ever took place in Sweden. But what does it tell about the incompetence of Sweden's established parties, with their "liberal values" which CNN so adores, as an ever larger part of this Scandinavian people in their desperation lose their trust in them? A lot, I think, but that's not the angle from which CNN prefers to inform its readers. (9th September 2018, 20:45 UK time)

R-E-S-P-E-C-T the umpire.
(10th September 2018)

A new article: Thoughts about 9/11, seventeen years on (24th September 2018)

A new article:
Do you want to know what I mean by 'psychological war against the whites'?
Do the mini test.

(10th October 2018)

Fake nationalism
We've all come to understand there is such a thing as 'fake news' since 2016, but how about 'fake nationalism'? What's that? What is a 'fake nationalist'? I would say: that's a politician who pretends to act for the wellbeing and prosperity of the entire nation, but who keeps quiet about the power of a minority, although he (or she) can know and should know that the power of that minority has become far too great, to the detriment of the interests of the rest of the population. He may even know that that minority is actually running the country, but he keeps his mouth shut tight about it nonetheless. (24th October 2018)

Out of the blue, Dutch minister Stef Blok has discovered the drawbacks of "multiculturalism"

In July, at what was called a closed meeting, Dutch Foreign Secretary Stef Blok (VVD) has said that he doesn't know a country in which people from different cultures are living together peacefully. He also said people are probably geneticly wired to prefer living within their own group. At the meeting, there were however people with smartphones present - where not, in this day and age? - and so a video showing Mr Blok saying these things, was welcomed by the media and thus became publicly known.

Remarkably, Mr Blok has been feeling very comfortable for ages in the VVD, a political party that is as much responsible for the origination of today's "multicultural" Holland as most other parties represented in the Dutch Parliament. So it's an interesting question to find out when exactly Mr Blok's personal convictions, now out in the open, began to differ from the VVD's overall party line.

Take the general elections we had in March 2017 for instance. I assume that during the campaign, Mr Blok has been handing out leaflets and balloons and other VVD promotional material as enthusiasticly as the other prominents of his party have been doing. Was he already silently thinking then that a peaceful multi-ethnic society is an impossibility? Because if he was, he has been cheating the voters in the 2017 campaign. Yet, important as this question may be, I haven't seen the old media in my country ask him that.

More thunderous silence: there didn't come indignant reactions from Mr Blok's ministerial colleagues in the EU. You might expect that an array of Foreign Secretaries of the other EU countries would negatively comment on Mr Blok's remarks. None of them however said something like: "Speak for your own country, Mr Blok, ours happens to be a fine example of a peaceful multicultural society".

The affaire ended in September with a statement of Mr Blok in Parliament that his words had been careless and unfortunate, and that he apologized for that. His dialogues with the MPs regarding what he had been really serious about at which point became rather time-consuming. Finally, the four political parties that support the cabinet Mr Blok is a member of, kept their confidence in the minister.

That added yet another strange turn to the events, as these are all parties that have been lecturing the Dutch a million times not to be "racist" but to be "tolerant" instead, not to vote for "divisive" politicians, to beware of "the poison of discrimination" and so on. (24th October 2018)

The shooting in the synagogue in Pittsburgh
I condemn this mass murder in the strongest possible terms. From this place, I send my condolences to the bereaved families and I wish the best for the recovery of the wounded. I also pay tribute to the brave police officers. The shooter had been heard shouting anti-Jewish comments. I find that the taboo on Torahism must be broken, but I also find that it has to be challenged in the best traditions of parliamentary democracy. Debate, dialogue, worthy demonstrations, respect for people who think differently. No violence, no intimidation, nothing of the sort. Please also read my reaction to the mass shooting in Las Vegas the other year, that is the text of 4th October 2017 in the above. (28th October 2018)

The coming U.S. midterm elections: Mr Obama attacks President Trump

Doing his bit to help the Democrats win the midterms, Mr Obama is blaming President Trump for creating panic about the caravans of Central Americans heading north. I am not a fan of President Trump (see my text of 9th January 2018), but I wonder whether Mr Obama has already apologized to the American people for letting countless people pour in who didn't come to the U.S. for constructive reasons, to put it mildly, and I also wonder whether he has already apologized for letting countless jobs pour out to other countries.

Has the academic Barack Obama, so full of promising 'change' in 2008, boldly changed one iota in the political correct debate on the causes of the gruesome gun violence in America's cities, including in his own, Chicago? No, he hasn't.

I wonder whether Mr Obama has understood at all the great signal that was the election outcome of 2016: about one half of the American voters showed they had enough of a government that refused to do what most people expect their government to do: to see to it that people can find a job in their own country and to maintain law and order, and many of these disappointed voters voted for Mr Obama in 2008 and 2012, as he knows very well.

Can Mr Obama see what I can see? Trump's 2016 victory fits in a series of events that show that ever more Westerners want another course than the established parties and the TV commentators think is good for them. Just remember the amazement and the dismay these parties and pundits displayed after Trump's victory, after the British people's decision to leave the EU, after the rise of the AfD in Germany, after Marine Le Pen's second place in the French elections; it was the same astonishment the commentators and old parties showed in The Netherlands in 2002, when a new party promising a different direction made its debut in Parliament with 17% of the votes.

So these unexpected events of the past 16 years show the growth of the resistance within the nations against the plans of the rulers of the West. What made Mr Trump's victory so spectacular, was that this resistance now became visible in the United States, the world's most powerful country - and now it's up to him to show he's worth the confidence of his voters, and he can do so by addressing the tabooized root causes of the problems. I don't expect he will, I already referred to an earlier text, and when he's boasting of his economic record, he acts as if he doesn't know that another financial megacrisis can hit the world again, but time will tell.

And to come back to the migrants' caravans heading north, these people can at this point in time know full well that they are not welcome and that President Trump has given his instructions to the border police and the U.S. military.

So if it would come to violent situations, then Central Americans themselves, no-one else, will be responsible for the misery their own unruliness has caused, although an army of TV crews is probably already preparing itself to blame others, to zoom in on crying Honduran children and to zoom in on vulgar white loudmouths, and thus to confuse America once again. (3rd November 2018)

"...beautiful barbed wire..."
I just heard President Trump say that on BBC World.
That man has the spiritual depth of a layer of graphene.
(4th November 2018)

Twelve died in the shooting spree in Thousand Oaks near Los Angeles
Again, America, my condolences, and again, America, please read my text of 4th October 2017. Only the values of the New Testament can help America get out of this ongoing nightmare. (10th November 2018)

80 Years ago: the night of violence against Jewish lives and properties in Germany

The Reichskristallnacht, or Reichspogromnacht as today's German Jews prefer to call it, was the omen of the Holocaust, and the commemoration of the Holocaust must have the eternal value of reminding mankind that the indignation over Torahism, the profound aversion of Torahism, as well as the jealousy of well-earned Jewish successes, must never ever derail again like it did under Hitler.

As for today's situation, a remark of a TV presenter comes to my mind. NGC broadcast the series 'Brain Games' a couple of years ago, and presenter Jason Silva introduced the show by saying: "Nothing is what it looks like until you see the whole picture." Oh, that is so true.

So, by all means, see all the TV reports about the rise of anti-Semitism in this and that country, over 1,400 anti-Semitic incidents in Germany alone in one year, a very bad development, absolutely, I condemn it, I deplore it, another very worrisome development is taking place in France, where anti-Semitic crimes have risen by 69% this year, according to the country's prime minister.

Then there have been the many media reports about anti-Semitism in the British Labour Party, I've heard Jewish MP Margaret Hodge say more than once that Jews always flocked to the Labour Party because of its fight for equality, liberty and diversity, but that under its current leadership, the party really has an anti-Semitism problem. So again, by all means, take notice of all these media stories about anti-Semitism.

And then: read my main text. It's hate-free, and you will discover what the old media are never telling you, and that they are in fact only showing you half of the picture. The same goes for the wellknown political parties by the way, they too only inform you about what non-Jews are misdoing to Jews. They never inform you about Torahism, although that's an issue of essential importance. Torahism - the unreported side of Jewry - is about the brainwashing of Jewish children, mentally defenceless like all children are, it's about the impoverishing of nations, the suppression of nations and much more, and even much worse.

So listen to the media, listen to the politicians, but please, also read me, and then you will see far more than only half of the picture, that I dare claim, and then you will start to listen to the old media and the old parties differently, better informed as you then will be. (10th November 2018)

To my Dutch readers (1)
Have you heard the news that the medical personnel on ambulances will get bulletproof vests? Are there still people who would deny it's going from bad to worse in The Netherlands? We are totally on the wrong track with our country, since the 1960s. Other Western countries are in the same predicament.
       Were you born in, let's say, the 1980s? When the past of our country comes up in the talks you have, please put more trust in what your parents and grandparents have to say about that past, rather than listen to those on TV who will try to blur your view on it.
       Please beware of politically motivated talkshow guests who tell amusing stories about how people can be tricked by their own bad memories.
       Beware of the hypocrites who have always been very "liberal-progressive", but now that the country is a mess because of all these "liberal-progressive" policies, seem to be yearning for the better country Holland once was.
       Be on your guard for political parties that suddenly "reinvent" themselves in a more "patriotic" fashion, as if they bear no responsibility at all for their anti-national decisions in the past decades. (10th November 2018)

To my Dutch readers (2)
Have you seen 'Lucky TV' Friday evening, right after 'De Wereld Draait Door'? I hope you haven't. It was a manipulated video, strongly suggesting that an American journalist was engaged in an obscene activity, in a room full of other journalists.
       Question: did the makers of 'Lucky TV' ask for this American's consent? I can hardly imagine that he knowingly went along with this. Did he really give his consent? In my opinion, he should then be considered an accessory to confronting Dutch families with perverting images. It happened in the early evening.
       Under the current useless laws, he and the likes of him can do that "free" as a bird, but let's hope for a future in which a totally different, far better government and parliament will pass much wiser laws for The Netherlands. (10th November 2018)

This new article:
How the Dutch Nieuwsuur programme made America look like two different countries
(15th November 2018)

The article: My impressions of the Brexit process (24th November 2018)
In the first publication, I erroneously mentioned John Mann MP in paragraph 10, where I should have mentioned Mark Francois MP. My apologies to both. (25th November 2018)
I added this P.S. to the article: In paragraph 14, I overlooked the fact that the Brexit deal has still to be voted on in the EU Parliament and in the House of Commons. (26th November 2018)

"Erasmus was an anti-Semite."
That thorny little observation was made by presenter Jort Kelder in his interview with American journalist Barbara Ehrenreich, who was about to receive the Erasmus Prize in my country. The interview took place in the Buitenhof programme of November the 18th.
       On hearing Mr Kelder's accusation of Erasmus, a medieval Dutch thinker and writer, I wondered what the Dutch Wikipedia had to say about him and his alleged anti-Semitism. The paragraphs 'Erasmus and the Jews' and 'Erasmus as a Christian' make it clear that Erasmus's attitude towards Jewry was more nuanced than Mr Kelder's condemning remark suggests, and I find it reprehensible that a historic personality of this intellectual significance was trashed in this way, in a programme that purports to inform well-educated men and women.
       Naturally, non-Jews feel appalled when they find out about the destructive passages in the Torah, whether they read them in the 15th century or read them in the 21st century, and I will always maintain that there is a fundamental difference between that feeling, and blindly hating all Jews, only because they are Jews. (26th November 2018)

The tensions between Washington and Moscow over the INF treaty
(12th December 2018)

Merry Christmas. (24th December 2018)

In the period of December 8 - January 6, my website had 390 views, that's 13 a day on average. In April - May 2018, the previous period I reported about, the daily average was 21. (7th January 2019)

I need some time to reflect on how to continue best. (24th January 2019)

"Why aren't those who should do it, doing the things I have done?"
(That's the title I gave to paragraph 5.15.13 of the Anglocide text.)

I'm considering to give up. I'm considering to publish a final statement in the first hour of the 9th of June, 2019, Dutch time, and to remove all the texts from this website in the last hour of that day, with the exception of Yeshua is telling us the saving truth. That will then become the only text of the site. In that article, the references to my political initiative, like the standard closing text, will have been deleted. The title of the website, now 'Initiative for the British Christian Patriotic Party --- Initial page', will be changed into 'Yeshua is telling us the saving truth'. So these are the things I will do in June, if I have decided by then to give up the political activism. (9th February 2019)

I will carry on. (9th June 2019, 01:05 Dutch time)

I don't know when I will begin to publish again. (24th August 2019)

Do you see the reward Jeremy Corbyn is getting?
Labour is blocking a no-deal Brexit, despite promising in its 2017 manifesto to deliver on the outcome of the 2016 referendum. Labour is blocking a general election, despite calling for one for years, only because the outcome of a general election in October could still result in a no-deal Brexit. So by its actions, Labour proves it is fullfledged committed to no Brexit at all, or to a May-deal Brexit at best, which will turn out to be a Brexit in name only. Remember the months that television and newspapers were full of upsetting stories about "anti-Semitism in the Labour party"? Where have all those stories suddenly gone? Not a word about it anymore. Nowhere. That relief is the reward Mr Corbyn is getting for obstructing the majority's wish to leave the EU. "I have learnt so much", he humbly wrote some time ago in a Labour leaflet dealing with this "anti-Semitism crisis". I'll bet he has. ( 6TH SEPTEMBER 2019 )

Mr McDonnell: "Labour always said it was against a no deal Brexit"
The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer said so to Andrew Marr last Sunday - and that simply means that Labour has always been weakening Britain's negotiating position towards the EU. To get the maximum out of talks, it's necessary that the other side believes you are prepared to play hardball as a last resort. So when Labour says it's against a no deal Brexit, it's actually saying that it is against a true Brexit. A May-ish deal Brexit will always keep Britain entangled to the EU in ways that will block true sovereignty, true independence. ( 10TH SEPTEMBER 2019 )

Does your love for Britain go far enough to address the problem of Torahism, Prime Minister Johnson?
Mr Johnson seems to be preparing for a no deal Brexit - but such a Brexit is pointless, if the taboo on Torahism isn't broken at the same time. After all, a United Kingdom outside the EU, yet still under the covert rule of Torahist Jewry, won't be its own master either. It wouldn't amaze me if Torahist Jewry is preparing right now to make a massive lot of money out of a Brexit under the auspices of this Conservative PM. ( 10TH SEPTEMBER 2019 )

Let Labour account for its bankophilia of the past decades before Mr McDonnell talks tough about bankers' bonuses

During the Blair and Brown premierships, Labour loved the banks and the banks loved Labour.

Labour governments borrowed carloads of money to pay for this fantasy land called "Cool Britannia" they were presiding over (with the knife crime carnage grimly proving how "cool" Britain has become in reality). Labour governments felt perfectly happy with a Britain in which consumers massively indebted themselves to buy houses, cars and other stuff their salaries could barely sustain. Labour governments kissed the feet of the City barons, hoping that if the City was doing well, the rest of the British economy would also benefit. They had to, sort of; all manner of manufacturing industries had gone down the drain as from the 1970s.

Yet the bankers' greed crisis of 2008 proved that the love affair between Labour and the big banks had actually always been a bit one-sided. Billions of dollars, euros and pounds of the Western taxpayers now had to flow to the very banks that caused the crisis, as they were said to be "too big to fail". That meant that in Britain, the working many now had to pay for the greedy few, the Labour government ordered.

And now, (only) ten years later, the Mail Online had this headline on September the 7th:

John McDonnell warns bankers that ‘change is coming’ as he threatens to END their huge bonuses if Jeremy Corbyn enter No 10

Is Labour's contempt for the memory of the voters really that big?
Does Labour really believe the voters will swallow this kind of cheap election rhetoric that easy?
Or is Labour just speculating that if there is a general election this year, that millions of people will passively say: "What else can you vote for? The others are even worse"?

The fundamental changes that are needed won't come from Labour.
Please think about these headlines:

Corbyn better than no-deal Brexit, say investment banks
(Daily Telegraph, 4th September 2019)

Even bankers are starting to think Corbyn might be the safe choice now
(The Guardian, 21st September 2019)

The fundamental changes that are needed won't come from the Conservatives either.
True upward change will come from people who believe in Christ, who love their country, and who are anti-Nazi as well as anti-Torahist. ( 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 )

A strange museum exhibition and the even stranger NOS news coverage of it

A museum in the Dutch town of Den Bosch has an exhibition called 'Design of the Third Reich'. In early September, the newscast of public broadcaster NOS showed some of the items on display: helmets, a big tapestry of an eagle holding on to a swastika and a cupboard that once belonged to Hitler. I find it a strange and awkward event. It smacks a bit like: 'Okay okay, the Nazis committed atrocities, but you got to hand it to them: they wore smart uniforms while they were at it.'

I found the NOS report even stranger. The reporter on the job was Peer Ulijn. He said he felt "uncomfortable" at the exhibition. Is that truly the real depth of his feelings, given the six million Jews killed by the Nazis? I am asking this, because I believe Mr Ulijn to be a Jew himself.

The director of the museum is Timo de Rijk. When the reporter asked him the stupid question whether the exhibition might attract neo-Nazis, he didn't seem to have a problem with that. I found his answer really very awkward, as I believe Mr De Rijk is also a Jew.

Then, there are some important elements that I missed in the NOS report. No street interviews with some older Bosschenaren, having bitter memories of the five years of Nazi occupation and now disturbed to see such an exhibition taking place in their town. If Mr Ulijn had been filming in the high streets of Den Bosch, he would have gathered ten of such reactions within an hour.

No disapproving or indignant reaction of the Stichting Verzet 40-45*.
No disapproving or indignant reaction of the Anne Frank Stichting**.
No disapproving or indignant reaction of CIDI***.

Thinking back to this report, Mr Gelauff, don't you find it unbalanced yourself? For my other readers: Marcel Gelauff is the chief editor of the NOS Journaal newscast. I believe he too is Jewish.

So I've been seeing three prominent Israelites who were making The Netherlands look like a country that's sympatheticly curious about the Third Reich. That is an absurd portrayal, because the Dutch are an anti-Nazi people. We Dutch have to notice what's going on very carefully.

If you want to know how I (involuntarily) learnt to recognize Jews, please read my address to adolescent Jews.

* Resistance 40-45 Foundation
** Anne Frank Foundation
*** Centre for Information and Documentation about Israel

( 7TH OCTOBER 2019 )

And now some friendly words from our honourable NATO ally in the South-east

A lot of media were bringing the news prominently, on the 10th. The President of Turkey has said: "Hey Europe, if you go on calling our action in Northern Syria an 'invasion', we'll take the easy way. We'll open the gates and send 3.6 million refugees your way!' Big applause from his audience.

I think that Mr Erdogan's remarks will contribute to a growing number of Europeans realizing what a useless bunch those EU officials in Brussels actually are.

The mere fact of the respectless way in which Mr Erdogan is addressing them ("Hey Europe!") is bound to make people think, I guess.

Hoping to stem the flood of illegal migrants, the EU bureaucrats have made the protection of the European peoples wholly dependent on a financial deal with a power that has never had a true rapport with Europe whatsoever.

The Brussels Bunch has totally forgotten that throughout the centuries, protecting the country against intruders has always been a core duty of the state.

If the EU had acted robustly against the first waves of illegal migrants right from the outset, the problem of illegal migration (the pressure on the Italian people, the overcrowded facilities in Greece) wouldn't have added to the wrongs that the 'multicultural' society already is amounting to (Europeans seeing themselves become a minority in their own neighbourhoods, the pouring in of job snatchers, benefits seekers, criminals and terrorists, the growing presence of the Islam in Europe, the growing presence of the negroid race with its own specific problems).

The problem has however always been the bad laws the main political parties have burdened their nations and the EU by. Those bad laws - never called 'bad laws' by the old media though - make it impossible for border guards and police to act adequately against intruders and to deter foreigners with similar ill plans.

Europeans working for the police, customs, border control, coast guard, intelligence services, army, always have to worry that any step considered wrong by the media, will via those same media cause uproar and scandals that will break careers and lead to costly lawsuits, and the old media are not in this for constructive reasons, I believe.

One of the dark roles the old media are playing is behaving as watchdogs in the service of today's rulers. These are persisting to keep the present bad laws and treaties intact, as they - and they alone - benefit from those laws, at the expense of the European nations.

Immediately referring to the extreme inhumanity of the Third Reich is their time-tested method to paralyze people's thinking and to make people feel bad about themselves, when the call is heard for necessary tough measures to restore law and order and to keep foreign intruders out - and so, the wrongs are continuing, no, worsening, one decade after the other.

The EU figureheads however will always refuse to make the dubious ideas that are 'inspiring' them the subject of a public debate that everyone interested can understand, and I simply don't think that that fatal situation will last forever.

Salient aspect of President Erdogan's remarks: the overwhelming majority of the aforementioned 3.6 million people are Muslims, but please note that President Erdogan, who is a Muslim himself, is talking about these millions of his fellow Muslims as a threatening burden. ( 12TH OCTOBER 2019 )

Are you a Westerner?
Do the TV makers in your country also show reports like these?
They do, huh?

The other week, 'De Wereld Draait Door', a prime time programme on Dutch TV, began by showing an American pouring gasoline on a large wooden cross wrapped in textile, while his interviewer was all ears to hear a load of politically incorrect opinions from him. Later on, the American was seen with his comrades, all wearing those macabre Ku Klux Klan outfits. The cross was burning while they were yelling: "For our race! For our faith!" If I were a Torahist propagandist with the intention to make the Dutch viewers abhor from Christianity as well as from the white race (to which most Dutch still belong themselves!), I couldn't have made a better short film myself. The repulsiveness of the scenes reflects bad on Christianity and on the case for the white race. It's psychological warfare. ( 15TH OCTOBER 2019 )

After the terrible find in a lorry at an industrial site in the UK

39 migrants have perished during their illegal transit from continental Europe to the UK. Theirs was a death I don't want even try to imagine, although the graphic headlines of some newspapers forced me to. What I strongly resent, is politicians and media talking about the migrants as if a company of lovely innocent people have died a horrible death.

Realism however commands us to acknowledge that a group of people who wanted to enter the UK out of sight of the authorities have died a horrible death, and it has also to be acknowledged that they themselves have taken an irresponsibly great risk by taking their chances with the criminals that are human traffickers.

Both these two aspects are either underexposed or simply ignored in the overall presentation of the facts I've seen the old media make so far.

Contrarily, I see many suggestions in the old media that others than the migrants themselves carry responsibility for their fateful end. The old media are rife with TV items, articles, casual sentences even, that obscure instead of clarify the situation.

Let me give you some examples.

BBC News at Six, on the 23rd. The news presenter asks:
'What can we do to stop such tragedies?'

That suggests it is on the plate of the British to solve the problem. It's a sentence that denies where the problem begins: in the head of an Asian or African who plans to enter the UK illegally. It's also a sentence that denies the responsibility of the governments of the countries whose inhabitants are in the top ten list of people migrating illegally to Europe. It's up to those foreign governments to warn their people against embarking on such journeys - to impactfully warn them. Yet for the life of me, I have never seen one of 'our' Western media ask for an interview with government officials of those countries, in order to grill them on their indifferent attitude in this matter, although it's their responsibility first and foremost.

Another sentence in the same BBC broadcast:
'We still don't know who put these people on the lorry'

How do you mean, 'who put them on the lorry'? They stepped into the lorry themselves, out of their own accord.

The main headline of the Mail Online of the 24th:
They never had a chance

Obviously the result of some editors competing who could think of the most tearjerking headline.

The Mail Online of the 24th also had an article that began by 'Strong borders save lives'. So a mixed message was sent out by the Mail that day: 1) Oh, those poor people. 2) We need strong borders! Confusing, isn't it?

The Times of the 24th:
The grim trade that exploits the vulnerable

That suggests it are only the human traffickers that are to blame, not the migrants themselves. That is simply a false suggestion. Like I said before, if you throw in your lot with a trafficker, a criminal, you are exposing yourself to a great risk. That has always been true. In all countries. Of all times. Don't forget: there are uncountable millions of people in Third World countries who are living under harsh conditions, but who would never take up with criminals.

The Independent (is it really?) of the 24th:
Expect more bodies. The EU's migrant policy is dangerous
In the determination to stop 'unlawful' immigration, Europe tightens up security and people take a longer way around - a more dangerous way around

This kind of reasoning has found its way to the old media about a zillion times in the past four, five decades and I find it absolutely perfidious. It's suggesting that the authorities are to blame for mischief and death befalling upon lawbreakers, if the authorities are (finally) taking serious measures against lawbreaking.

The suggestion is vile. It's undermining law and order.

The trouble doesn’t start with the authorities, but with people breaking the law and nowhere else, and if one degree of law enforcement and sentencing doesn't help, the authorities have a moral obligation towards the law-abiding people to step up the law enforcement and punishment to a harsher degree, to drum it into the heads of (aspiring) lawbreakers that the state takes its duties seriously. In the long run, this resolute approach, rooted in common sense and in care about the wellbeing of the law-abiding people, definitely helps lower the crime rates. This is how (Western) European governments and states have always been operating, up until the 1960s, when the 'liberal-progressives' took over, may the good God once chase them out of the castles of power.

Also in The Independent (I am afraid it isn't) of the 24th:
Editorial: the deaths in Essex remind us of the bruising reality of immigration

Well, the editors of the 'Indy' may have been in need of such a reminder, but the bruising reality of immigration is something Britons and other Europeans have now experienced in their millions, over the past half of a century.

The BBC and Belgian broadcasters VRT had an interview with someone of an organisation called 'Focus On Labour Exploitation', on the 25th and 24th respectively. She said (not literally):
'Its migration policy makes the UK attractive for people smugglers. The UK is criminalizing people without ID documents. So they have no rights, they have no-one in the UK to turn to, and that makes it easy to exploit them in the shadow economy.'

Again: the total denial of people's own responsibility.

Then: putting the world upside down by pointing her finger at... the UK! She suggests it's a scandal that the UK is criminalizing those people! But it's precisely the other way around: you should know about the law of the land you want to go to, and if you know that that country forbids you to enter without legal documents, but you still go ahead, you are deliberately offending and you can't complain then that you will be treated as a lawbreaker.

Besides: she seemed to be sure that all of these 39 migrants had the best of intentions. How on Earth can she know that? She can't. The 39s' first act towards the country they wanted to enter, the UK, is a negative action - they were trying to slip in without being seen. That's how criminals behave. So it is justified to suspect that at least a part of them may have had criminal intentions.

Neither the BBC nor the VRT brought these perfectly sensible considerations to the fore in their interviews with her.

It's hard to take in rational considerations though, as by now, all media have prominently shown the endearing selfie of the young Vietnamese woman who sent that most tragic and final smartphone message to her parents. It's not the first time that an image that moves our emotions pushes aside every rational consideration - and the old media know like no others that it works that way; hence the prominence they give to that image. People's inner resistance against immigration lies under siege by the old media constantly. ( 26TH OCTOBER 2019, TO BE CONTINUED ON THE 27TH )

The Daily Telegraph's website had this story on the 24th (I am only quoting the headline and the home page intro):

Gangs make fortune from desperation to reach UK
Britain is one of the most popular destinations for migrants fleeing economic hardship, civil war and turmoil (...)

It's a story the old media are telling us so often that you can rightly call it a standard narrative. What is standard about it? Firstly, the use of the words 'desperation, desperate, despair' as to describe the mood, the motivation of the illegal migrants. They are always 'desperate', according to the old media. Now, a number of them undoubtedly will be, but a number of them are also trying to get to Europe for purely materialistic reasons: jobs, benefits, housing. So why then are the old media always calling them 'desperate' and never 'egoisticly calculating to parasitize on European taxpayers'?

That's because the combined chief editors of the mainstream media know something about the Europeans they themselves are hardly aware of. The chief editors know that - even though church attendancy is at a record low - most Europeans still have Christian values, and those values determine the reaction of their viewers and readers, whenever the chief editors confront them with carefully selected images of the world around us.

So because the old media are calling the migrants 'desperate', very many wellmeaning viewers and readers will in a compassionate reflex think: 'These people need our help' - just like the chief editors want them to think that. So these viewers and readers will continue to vote for parties that have been facilitating the ongoing immigration for decades now.

Secondly, the bit that goes like 'migrants fleeing economic hardship, civil war and turmoil' is also a standard line. If you read and watch a lot of news, it must sound as familiar to you as it does to me - and people do internalize it, everywhere around you, you can hear people say: 'If I were living there, I would also try to come to Europe'.

There is a snake in the grass though, when you look at the sentence 'migrants fleeing economic hardship, civil war and turmoil'. It suggests the migrants have nothing to do with the causes of the economic hardship in their country, that they have nothing to do with the causes of the civil war, or with the causes of the turmoil, and that is not true.

There is a direct relation between how people are, how they think, what their values are, how they deal with differing opinions, and how their country as a whole is faring.

The bloodshed of the bombing in the Muslim countries is caused by the hatred between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims. It's a totally other culture than ours. It's totally unforgiving. Africa is what it is because it is inhabited by Africans. It's another race.

So the more non-Europeans come to live in Europe, the more similar trouble we'll get over here; we already have the hellish banlieues in France, the Arab clans imposing their will on German streets, the foreign gangs using heavy weapons in Sweden, African children suspected of witchcraft being murdered in the UK, the acts of Islamic terror, each like a spatter of blood on the map of Europe.

The seed of the economic hardship, the civil wars, the turmoil in their own countries is not something outside the minds and/or the DNA of the migrants - it's in them. That's one of the great taboos of our times, but it is the truth.

The chief editors of the old media however are not interested in the truth. They want the immigration to go on and will thus persist in telling us that 'the desperate migrants, in search of a better life, are trying to escape economic hardship, civil war and turmoil'. It's propaganda and one of the ways to make propaganda successful is repeating it over and over again. ( 27TH OCTOBER 2019 )

The more headlines I see about "Labour's anti-Semitism crisis"....

....the more I get the idea Torahist Jewry is up to something big. Poor Jeremy Corbyn.... An MP since 1983, after having dedicated his whole political life to a party that (together with others) served Torahism's agenda, he now has the bad luck to be Labour's leader in this unique period, in which Torahist Jewry seeks to distance itself from the very party that was always its most useful political organisation as from the 1960s, and this distancing takes place by smearing Labour as.... anti-Semitic (!)

It's the chutzpah of the 21st century.

It have always been these socalled 'social democratic' parties in Europe that were in the forefront of 'emancipating women' (read: setting women against men);
of 'enriching society by multiculturalism' (read: burdening countries by ethnical tensions without ever asking them for their consent with mass immigration);
of 'the fight against racism and discrimination' (read: undermining the inner resistance of the original populations against mass immigration);
of 'globalization and neo-liberalism' (read: handing over the nations to fully profit-obsessed multinational concerns);
of 'understanding the socio-economic causes of crime' (read: denying the reality of ruthless, totally immoral greedy thugs that only understand the state's iron fist).

And now, after all those decades, the old media are showing us this compelling political theatre:

the warning voices of rabbis against Mr Corbyn, the alarming headlines of Jewish newspapers, Jewish MPs leaving after decades of membership, Labour candidates embroiled in scandal, down-imaging pictures of Mr Corbyn in the newspapers, emphasizing his eye movements like never before.... small wonder millions of Britons are beginning to think the Labour party is indeed anti-Semitic.

And so, the cover up of that party's long long subservience to Torahism might even turn out to be successful. Time will tell. ( 9TH NOVEMBER 2019 )

No to anti-Semitism, yes to anti-Torahism
No to the hatred of our fellow human beings the Jews, yes to peacefully resisting the confusion, the empoverishing exploitation, the slow nation-destroying that Torah-indoctrinated Jews have been engaged in for millennia. I used this headline earlier, in February 2018, but it's by all means appropriate to repeat it on this date, 81 years to the day after the ominous night of orchestrated lethal violence against the Jews in Hitler's Germany. ( 9TH NOVEMBER 2019 )

House of Commons, please take a good thorough scrutinous look at yourself

The Mail Online of October the 25th had this headline and intro:

Violence against MPs is a 'price worth paying' to get their way on Brexit say majority of both Leavers and Remainers in 'genuinely shocking' survey - The survey by researchers at the Universities of Cardiff and Edinburgh found a majority believed violence against MPs or the general public being badly injured was a 'price worth paying'

This matter was also discussed in a recent 'Question Time' on the BBC. This is of course a very worrisome situation, although there is a chance the researchers have interviewed a lot of people who were merely letting off steam because of their frustration over the torment that Brexit has become. Many say more than what they actually mean, if they're carried away by a negative mood. Let's anyhow hope that that is it, because political and religious violence is absolutely not the way to go.

In the first place, hurting other people is the wrong, un-Christian thing to do, and the New Testament also teaches us that it is better to suffer from injustice than inflict it.

In the second place, if violence over Brexit might erupt, Britain's rulers will immediately seize upon the turmoil to discard the pro-Leave outcome of the 2016 referendum altogether, especially if the violence would come from a Leave voter. Like no others, the rulers are masters of the art of turning every event into an opportunity to their own advantage. It's their quick thinking and acting upon it that made them the rulers in the first place.

The old parties ought to be ashamed of themselves that things in Britain have come this far, that so many people have come to talk so thoughtlessly about 'violence a price worth paying', but then again, shamelessness is what all the wellknown parties seem to have in common.

Let's for instance take the squabbling about the actual date of Brexit, if it's ever to be.

I think that even a lot of Remainers can imagine it must be utterly annoying for Leave voters to see the Conservatives and Labour push the Brexit date further and further away. At first, it was a thousand times said it was going to be March the 29th. Then a thousand times: October the 31st (you know, PM Johnson boasting: 'No ifs, no buts'). Now Jeremy Corbyn is saying he would deliver Brexit at the end of June, 2020, but how he feels about the EU membership is still anybody's guess, while Mr Johnson is talking about January the 31st with the transition period completed by the end of 2020.

So the Brexit delays are now getting the shape of promises that are hinging on the flimsiest of foundations: election result expectations.

The cynicism of both politicians is remarkable. In last Sunday's Andrew Marr Show, Mr Corbyn literally said he wants the British people to decide on Brexit - as if the British people's decision of 2016 never took place, as if Labour never said it would respect the outcome of the referendum.

Leave figurehead Boris Johnson is Prime Minister now and an independent Britain is on his lips a lot, surely; but is it also in his heart? He presented a BBC programme that was one big long advertisement for the EU, some ten years ago. Airing it any time soon again, Auntie?

Both the Conservatives and Labour have refused to answer whether they want the immigration numbers go up or down, although the immigration problem was ranking very high on the Top Two List of reasons to vote Leave for 17.4 million people.

And at which point during this election campaign are both gentlemen going to account for their parties' failing policies that led to the knife crime carnage?

The Brexit Party then, that hopes to get represented in the next Parliament. Established in the spring of 2019, it looked like the party of new hopes for Leave voters, with its plea for a no-deal-Brexit if need be, and its factual analysis of Mr Johnson's deal being even worse for the UK than remaining in the EU. The Brexit Party however wasted all its credibility by making a 'tactical' pact with the same Mr Johnson whose sincerity they were publicly doubting, without getting hardly any favour in return. Mr Farage is now complaining on YouTube about so much ingratitude (clip title: 'Nigel Farage: change politics for good').

Jo Swinson, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, made a U-turn on respecting the 2016 referendum result, she now simply wants the UK to stay in the EU without further ado, and she was recently seen on TV to be sure she'd make a better Prime Minister than Mr Corbyn or Brino Boris. So her primary drive is not to realize the ideals of her political party, ideals that many Lib Dem party members work day and night for, no, she is apparently in this for her own personal ambitions.

And then there is the SNP. They want Scotland to be independent and have it admitted to the EU. In other words, they heroicly struggle to liberate Scotland from the dungeon that is the UK, only to lock it up in the even deeper and darker dungeon that is the EU. That's undoubtedly one of the most inconsistent political positions ever. I think the SNP are playing a vile little game for years now; I suspect their position has no other goal than to intimidate those who want to keep the UK intact.

Such are the ways of the parties that pretend to be the sentinels of British democracy - and I haven't even mentioned their disgraceful and perpetuated silence on the T-word.

My dear readers in Westminster, please take some well-meant advice from across the North Sea: come to your senses!
If you are really Britain's rulers (which I don't think you are), then deliver the true Brexit you yourselves gave the British people the opportunity to vote for.
If you are not the rulers, then have the guts to end the masquerade and take sides with the British people, peacefully, against its oppressors.
Taking sides with the British people is after all your job. Not mine. ( 21ST NOVEMBER 2019 )

How a simple test exposes the anti-white bias of Europe's mainstream media

On November the 17th, during a football game in the Dutch town of Den Bosch, a number of supporters of the home side have been yelling insults to a black player of the visiting club, Excelsior from Rotterdam, so much so that he had to cry.

On and about November the 20th, in the Dutch town of Gorinchem, five Dutch teenagers, each on their own, were chased, surrounded and heavily battered by a group of foreign teenagers. It was not only the difference in numbers that made the batterings so cowardly and despicable. It is also the fact that when one of their young victims was lying on the ground, they kept on kicking him on the head. Some of the thugs were filming the violence to spread the images online later on, thus adding humiliation to injuries.

In the Dutch media it was said that the insults of the supporters in Den Bosch had given rise to widespread indignation and criticism, in The Netherlands as well as abroad.

That gave me the idea to find out if the media outside The Netherlands have been paying attention to the foreign mob violence against their Dutch contemporaries in Gorinchem.

I thought of these twenty news media: BBC News, ITV News, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Sun, The Independent, Aftonbladet, VRT NWS, Der Spiegel, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Kronen Zeitung, Le Monde, France24, El Pais, Corriere della Sera and CNN.

Firstly, I googled the name of the news medium in combination with 'Den Bosch'. Then, I repeated the search, but now in combination with 'Gorinchem'. I carried this out for each of the aforementioned media.

The result: not one of them has reported on the appalling violence in Gorinchem. Not one - yet ten out of twenty have reported on the abusive language in Den Bosch. These ten are: BBC News, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Sun, Aftonbladet, VRT NWS, France24, El Pais, Corriere della Sera and CNN.

Conclusion: when Dutch football supporters are insulting someone with parents from Guinea, a part of the mainstream media will inform tens, hundreds of millions of viewers and readers about it. Yet when a group of foreign teenagers are isolating, battering and traumatizing single Dutch teenagers, the mainstream media keep quiet.

Many other Europeans will also notice this kind of deceitful imbalance in the reports of the traditional media, but too many are watching and reading the news too trusting, I'm afraid. People's minds are being filled with a distorted view on the world on a scale you can only guess at.

To avoid mistakes: I am against insulting black people or anyone else.

My Dutch readers may be interested in the text Marokkaanse jeugd misdraagt zich in Goudse wijk (Moroccan youths misbehaving in district of Gouda). I published it on the 6th of April, 2000, when I was writing for my Constructief Nederland effort. You can find it in cn-archief. ( 28TH NOVEMBER 2019 )

I am working on an article about the London Bridge attack.
I expect to publish it somewhere next week. ( 9TH DECEMBER 2019 )

May I please bore you for a moment?
The writing is not going very well, my morale and self-esteem are at a lowpoint, the little interest that my website generates is also frustrating me of course, how could it not be, last time I looked, in mid November, it was an average of 20 views a day, but I've been in this sombre place before in the past 20 years, and I've always come out of it, I have every reason to assume I will get out of it again, and I owe a lot to the kindness of the people around me. They don't read me, but they love me. What more could I want for Christmas? In case I don't, um, 'see' you before the 25th: I wish you a merry Christmas. Wait! I'm not done boring you yet, as I hopefully want to ask you to (re)read my Christmas wish of 2015. ( 22ND DECEMBER 2019 )

Anno Domini 2020

If God has designated 2020 as the year of the Reversal,
no man or group of men can change anything about that.
No business leader.
No party leader.
No opinion leader.
No world leader.
No fake world leader, because we have fake world leaders on our planet, who only act as if they are in charge, but they actually are not.
No elites, for all the billions they have amassed and all the power and influence that come with that.
No elites that love to direct the TV cameras but are never in front of the lens themselves.

(I'm suddenly reminded of the late film director Stanley Kubrick, who famously never gave an interview, but that never stopped the old media from providing his films with oceans of free publicity.)

No writer.
No celebrity.
If it must be this year, the Reversal, then it will happen.
Because it would be God's will.

(Now I'm suddenly reminded of the end of the 1970 film 'Cromwell'.
In the final turn of the camera, a close-up makes an inscription on his grave legible:
Christ, not man, is king.
That is completely true, I believe.
But please, don't interpret my quoting him as an approval of his record or as a hint or something like that.)

2020.... I hope you will get the year you deserve.
No, let me rephrase that (I couldn't write it down without laughing), no, let me say I hope you will have a great year, and by 'great' I mean 'great by Christian standards'.
That may include serious setbacks, as they too can prove to be salutary for some people in the long run.

( 9TH JANUARY 2020 )

The pandemic (1)

My thoughts and sympathy are with the victims and their mourning loved ones. On the day before yesterday, 769 people deceased in Spain alone on that single day. Yesterday, Italy lost 919 lives to the virus. It's like you freeze for a moment when you see such a number.

I have great respect for all those who by the nature of their work are running more risk to get the contagion than others: the doctors, the nurses, the emergency workers of course, but also the cashiers in the supermarkets, and many more people in other jobs as well.

It's the height of tragedy when medical workers, to whom so many people owe the curing of their diseases, the healing of their wounds, die themselves from the very malady they are fighting against, and that's what's happening on an unprecedented scale right now, I think of the news reports I saw yesterday about the 39 doctors who died in heavily-stricken Italy so far, and about a 76-year-old doctor who died in the UK. May God make amends for it to their souls.

I am following the coronavirus-related instructions and advices of my government. We shouldn't let distract ourselves by the amazing fact that different governments go about it in different ways; France and Sweden for instance are worlds apart these days. I disagree with the mainstream parties on many important issues, but in this matter, I am with them. I have to be. I am not a virologist, whereas the government is consulting virologists. In fact, I wish the government officials and the civil services all the strength, good ideas, co-operation they need when they are busy containing and ending the pandemic. I'll save my criticism for another day.

If - IF - there sticks more behind this crisis than meets the eye, then the curtailing of our freedom of movement has another and as yet unknown purpose, next to the obvious purpose of pushing back the pandemic. Be careful under all circumstances; we seem to have entered an era in which you can expect just about everything you never expected.

So don't give the old media an excuse to trash you as a "domestic health enemy" or a "coronavirus accomplice" or something flattering like that. Don't give your government an excuse to maltreat you as such. If its measures are becoming way beyond reasonable, I trust that medical experts will find a manner to warn us of that. ( 28TH MARCH 2020 )

The pandemic (2)

On several websites of the old media, like, and, I've seen editors give tips about the 'best' films and TV boxsets to those forced to stay at home. Tips for what is called: binge watching.

Goodhearted people are volunteering in their 100s of 1,000s to help people in need, and this is what these editors come up with? I have to say theirs is a very bad idea, as in Western film and TV of the past 50, 60 years, ideas have been promoted and examples have been set that have had, and still have, an awfully destructive effect on the Western countries.

Just look at today's insecurity of Christians towards atheists and Muslims, the insecurity of whites towards negroes and Arabs, the insecurity of men towards women, the insecurity of adults towards adolescents, and the insecurity of all of these groups towards the Jews - I view it as a direct result of the poisonous influence of the old media, and it's because of that insecurity, I believe, that we have let a lot of bad things happen to our countries, in the past decades.

So I think I have a far better tip for those who have now time to spare: please try to find God, if you haven't yet found Him. Read the New Testament, as the New Testament is the anchor and the compass of mankind's hopes, from the Gospel of St Matthew to the Book of Revelation. I believe in all modesty that my 8-page text Yeshua is telling us the saving truth is a good introduction to the New Testament. I think it's a good idea for those editors too. ( 28TH MARCH 2020 )

In the margin
I will no longer announce the next update. If my repeated delays have annoyed you, then again and for the last time: sorry. ( 28TH MARCH 2020 )

Launching a little charm offensive, are we, ladies and gentlemen in Hilversum?
The publicly funded broadcasters of The Netherlands have their head offices in the pleasant surroundings of a place called Hilversum. These broadcasters have now begun to air 'Heimwee TV' (= 'Homesick TV'). Re-runs of programmes that made for high ratings at the time. It will surely generate a lot of sympathy and appreciation among many viewers for what they regrettably mistake for 'Dutch' TV. Might that coincidentally exactly be the purpose of these re-runs? Make people feel all warm and connected with 'Dutch' TV? And if so, why is this charm offensive launched now? ( 30TH MARCH 2020 )

Mr Hardman of the Mail Online, are you stealthily feeding anti-German sentiments?
The Mail Online is the most viewed newspaper website of the UK, if I am not mistaken, with 3 million views per day. Robert Hardman is the author of an article about the fact that Germany is doing far better in testing on the coronavirus than Britain has done so far. In the headline, he used the words 'efficient Teutonic' and 'ruthless' to describe Germany's approach. By doing so, he suggests there is still something Nazi-ish about that country, although World War 2 is now three quarters of a century behind us, although Israel (founded in 1948) accepted billions of marks paid for by the German taxpayers, and although the few efforts of post-war Nazis to establish NSDAP-like parties have always totally failed to resonate with the German people. The home page headline of the Mail Online article was:

Germany 100,000... Britain 8,000: Disgracefully, that's how many tests each country does a day. The reason for the difference? Efficient Teutonic planning and a ruthless determination to work together

( 2ND APRIL 2020 )

The pandemic (3)
On French TV channel LCI, two French doctors have proposed to carry out coronavirus tests in Africa, where they said people don't have face masks, treatments or reanimations. Being aware their proposal was provocative, they added they wouldn't object to similar studies in Europe or Asia (source: De Telegraaf, Drogba woest op Franse artsen: 'Afrika is geen laboratorium'.) I'm all in favour of breaking the taboo on the fact that the human races aren't equally talented, but I have to say that I'm against this proposal, although I admit it's much easier to discard other people's proposals than to think of a better idea yourself. Yet the prospect of tests going wrong, with the suffering of the involved Africans as a result, and with people then thinking: 'Oh well, it's only Africans', that is an appalling thought to me. This is not the way to go forward against a lethal threat to all mankind. ( 5TH APRIL 2020 )

There is simply no such thing as being too constructive, is there, Mr Starmer?
A loyal viewer of Andrew Marr's BBC programme, I just heard the new Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, tell Mr Marr: "I've said I am for constructive engagement and I've told the Prime Minister that I meant what I said, about my constructive engagement." Let me give Mr Starmer a constructive communication tip from this side of the North Sea. Besides adding 'I mean what I say' when you say something you mean, you can seriously enhance your credibility by adding 'I don't mean what I say' every time you say something you don't mean. It would take away so much confusion among the viewers, and - little bonus - this simple routine would also stretch your speaking time on air. You're welcome. ( 5TH APRIL 2020 )

The Times: British academics sharing conspiracy theories online
I haven't read the article, but the world should always welcome well-educated independently thinking people who refuse to unreservedly buy everything the old media are dishing out to us. It's noticeable how the old media are always writing in a disdaining tone of voice about the phenomenon of the conspiracy theory. Just check it for yourself: when TV or newspapers talk about a conspiracy theory, they always say or suggest that such theories are dreamed up by the wrong kind of people, and that these theories are only believed and spread by the wrong kind of people. That goes also for this article of The Times: when you read the headline and the homepage intro text, you get the impression that this newspaper is a noble truth-finder itself and that The Times has found out about something ominous, something sinister. It's one of the standard narratives of the old media: a conspiracy theory is always a bad thing, and people getting involved with such theories are no good, period (with the exception of course of the old media's own revered heroes Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who did quite a lot of conspiracy theorizing during their journalistic investigation of the Watergate burglary). I am not arguing there isn't a lot of paranoid nonsense out there, but it's the doggedness with which the old media react against the whole concept of a conspiracy theory that I find remarkable and also worrying. I have given the old media many opportunities to comment on mine, writing to them and inviting them to do so, but they never did. ( 11TH APRIL 2020 )

The Independent: Britons 'don't want to return to pre-lockdown normal'
It are newspaper headlines like this one that always make me frown. These let-us-prescribe-to-you-what-you-actually-want kind of headlines. ( 17TH APRIL 2020 )

"Older people would rather die than let Covid-19 harm the US economy"

It's of course not only newspapers that master the art of let-us-prescribe-to-you-what-you-actually-want. Politicians can be 'good' at it too. The worst example of someone who is acting as an unelected spokesman for a whole group of people is in my opinion one Dan Patrick, the Republican lieutenant governor of Texas.

That person had the bloody nerve to say: "Older people would rather die than let Covid-19 harm the US economy" (source: The Guardian of March the 24th, 2020, the quote is in the article's headline).

Instead of telling people the truth, namely that the US economy is the biggest castle in the air ever, waiting to come tumbling down one day, instead of telling that, this Mr Patrick has the shamelessness to speak out in a way as if the lives of the older Americans are his and the likes of him to decide about, and as if senior America is even nodding in approval on top of that.

Why is the US economy the biggest castle in the air ever? Because it is based on 1) insane debt, on 2) the absence of any connection between money and the real value money is supposed to represent, on 3) the cowardly passivity of Trump and other political cowards towards predator bankers and on 4) the old media, telling lies about or covering up 1), 2) and 3) for decades.

The only three things America's rulers want Americans to do is go to work, spend their wages and don't think for a moment about the things I just listed. Only then, the economic madness, from which America's rulers are making their fortunes, can go on. ( 17TH APRIL 2020 )

This evening, Jewish writer Arnon Grunberg will speak during Holland's National Commemoration of those who fell in WW2. The announcement reminded me of two remarks of his.

Arnon Grunberg is a wellknown writer, talkshow guest and columnist in The Netherlands. In October 2004, he held a monologue on TV, broadcast by the VPRO. What I've remembered from that monologue, are two sentences. The first one was this:

      "You are listening to the television set, but the television set is not listening to you."

Was Mr Grunberg gloating over those who know the same thing, who are pointing at the possible danger of that asymmetrical and undemocratic situation, but who are powerless to change anything about it? I can't prove it, but I think Mr Grunberg was.

The second sentence that I remember was this one:

      "A little bit of oppression doesn't hurt."

Was Mr Grunberg implying he is aware that fellow Jews of his are oppressors of some sorts in The Netherlands, and that he is fine with that situation? Again, I can't prove it, but I think he was.

To the best of my knowledge, 1) Arnon Grunberg is a Jew who never spoke out against Torahism and 2), no journalist ever asked Mr Grunberg critical questions over these two remarks.

More than fifteen years have now gone by, and tonight, as from 19:00 Dutch time on the NPO1 channel, Mr Grunberg will give a speech on the occasion of the Dutch commemoration of the war victims. I will be listening to my television set. Perhaps I'll write something about it. In 2035 or earlier.

Finally, a suggestion to the VPRO: perhaps you can broadcast Mr Grunberg's 2004 monologue again some day, as to enable my Dutch readers to judge whether I have wrongly taken the quotes out of context. ( 4TH MAY 2020 )

The original remarks:
"U luistert wel naar het toestel, maar het toestel luistert niet naar u."
"Een beetje onderdrukking is niet erg."

Not everything is important enough to be read aloud on television of course

On May the 8th, Arnon Grunberg participated in a TV discussion, together with another writer and a Rotterdam councillor. The topic was a remark Mr Grunberg made during his speech on May the 4th. During the discussion, he said that he is receiving anti-Semitic mail. He had taken one of those mails along with him, and he read it aloud on TV. It was appalling language indeed.

Since the 1960s, the West has entered this decline of the traditional Christian upbringing that teaches children to behave themselves well. Since the 1960s, the minds of the Westerners have also been flooded by countless TV and film scenes, in which the actors are using obscene and abusive language.

These two factors, the discrediting of the traditional upbringing and the foul influence of the old media, have contributed to the wrong situation of today, in which too many people have too little self-control, manifesting itself in the rise of the trolls and the anonymous writers of hate mail.

So, not only do I condemn the sending of hate mail to Mr Grunberg or to anyone else, I am also strongly in favour of rediscovering the great value of the ideas and ways that nowadays are called "oldfashioned" too quickly.

As I said, Arnon Grunberg read the repulsive insults that were sent to him, aloud on TV. I've seen Claudia Roth, a prominent Jewess in German politics, do the same thing some time ago, in a German talkshow: reading aloud disgusting e-mail addressed to her. I then wondered why she did an anonymous troll the big favour of making his dirt widely known. I mean, he must have been elated with joy and triumphalism to hear her recite his words on national TV!

Yet now I think I understand. I believe Claudia Roth and Arnon Grunberg are playing a tactic here, used in the fight for the minds of the TV viewers. The more people associate criticism of the Jews with the squalor of hate mail, the less people will be inclined to look into the facts concerning Jewry and therefore, the fewer people will find out about Torahism.

The general public knows about the Holocaust and rightly so: the Holocaust should never be forgotten. A world joint in saying 'Never again Auschwitz' will be a world that is delivering Hitler's spectre the decisive knock-out, as necessary as his total military defeat was, in 1945.

The general public however does not know of the existence of the Torahist texts, indoctrination, mentality and subsequently, the Torahist quest for ever more money and political power. Yet if they did know, I am sure most people would see the difference between dumb and coarse anti-Semitism on the one hand, and well-argued sensible anti-Torahism on the other hand.

I think we Westerners could all do well with a bit of anti-Torahism in our thinking, as it is only natural you don't want your country to be ruled (any longer) by those who from early childhood on have been brainwashed to confuse, empoverish and slowly destroy it. ( 16TH MAY 2020 )

UK-based newspaper The Sun: Boris will fight any attempt to remove Churchill statue 'to his last breath'
What has Britain come to when the prime minister of the country has to say something like thát?
( 15TH JUNE 2020 )

Wooden insult
The online version of newspaper The Guardian has an article today with the headline Melania Trump statue set on fire in Slovenia. A picture is showing the statue. By the looks of it, it was taken before the arsonry, but I don't think any fire or other maltreatment could have made this socalled 'sculpture' any uglier than it already was. My goodness, what a waste of precious wood and paint! I have no idea how America's First Lady is thinking about this piece of 'art' in her country of birth herself, and I've never been in Slovenia, but I would be amazed if the majority of the Slovenian people finds this a worthy tribute to one of the country's daughters - and shame on The Guardian, for calling this monstrosity a 'likeness' of Mrs Trump. ( 9TH JULY 2020 )

First publication: 22nd January 2004
Here you'll find texts which I wrote in 1999 and 2000 for my first political initiative, 'Constructief Nederland'. They are in Dutch only.
Although I am a Dutchman, I pretended to be an Englishman in the early texts, like in the main text, which I e-mailed to the UK in 2003-2004. On June the 9th, 2005, I apologized for this and explained why.
Do you want to know what I mean by 'psychological war against the whites'?
Do the mini test.
My e-mail address is:
Thank you for visiting this website

Richard Schoot, The Netherlands

The part in italics below is the standard text by which I usually close my internet letters and website articles.

The Western countries are in very big trouble, in my opinion, as there are solid reasons to assume they’ve turned into Torahist dictatorships. It’s very important to know what Torahism is. Please read my main text

If you come to agree with my views, please remember that the only way out is a patient and peaceful way. Not a single person can be held solely responsible for the present situation. It looks like we are ruled by people who actually can’t help themselves they are misleaders, and we are letting them mislead us on and on.

Avoid confrontations that can easily turn overheated. Don't react to provocations. Please don't view the avoiding as cowardice. It isn't. Be strong, be calm and calm down others, before their anger causes them to do foolish things.

Our countries urgently need new political parties, Christian Patriotic parties, and so the more people will get to know about this initiative, the greater the chance some true, constructive change in politics will ever come about.

So your drawing this website to other people’s attention would be very welcome, but now a warning is due. Since the 2013 revelations about the secret surveillance of our e-mails, phonecalls and internet surfing, sending an e-mail or calling someone up has become something you should think twice about. That’s the bitter and disgusting reality the Western world descended into, in the past half of a century, despite the sacrifice of nearly a hundred million lives in two world wars, and despite the huge defence costs it took to hold our own against Communism.

So I am a bit between a rock and a hard place here. On the one hand, I don’t want to see people land in trouble, and resisting malevolent rule has always been a very short road to trouble for people’s personal lives.

Yet on the other hand my initiative needs people to spread the word about this website, because the old media ignore it, and not for noble reasons, I fear.

If you are in a dilemma, my best advice to you would be to pray, and to ask God to help you choose between passivity and activism.

In my article Suppose, the reversal takes place next week. Then what?, as well as in the main text, I am exploring how the political change can be brought about, once the nations have become aware of Torahism.

Torahism is the forgotten evil in politics. It is forgotten because the Nazis were terribly aware of it, and Hitler’s crimes against the Jewish people were abysmal enough to make everyone with a heart ignore Torahism, let alone criticize it. That however created a unique window of opportunity for Torahism, and it is most probably exploiting that to the full, from the 1960s to the present day.

I sent my digital book to the academic world of Great Britain instead of my own country, for the reasons I put forward in the text ‘It is time to introduce myself’, 9th June 2005, in the above on this webpage.

I am trying to conduct this initiative in the spirit of the Jew I am mentioning in the first line of this website.

Long live the Jews, down with Torahism.